Every so often the phrase ‘most powerful man in the world’ is bandied about, invariably referring to the American President. Such falsehoods typify the media’s appalling standards but then misleading the public is what it’s all about. The mere notion the President can do as he pleases is naive to say the least. Of course we know where the real problem lies – who controls him & all the high ranking Western politicians. But then, see what happens when you say, ‘the most powerful man is the one who can print money’, 9 times out of 10 there’s an adverse reaction. People will look at you thinking, ‘here we go again. Another conspiracy nut!’ 

Okay. Let’s say your goal is for your family to one day rule the world, the long & the short of it is this – if you’re not the one printing money then someone else is more powerful than you….. a lot more! So you can forget everything else – media control, politicians, religious leaders, royalty in your pocket – it isn’t worth a bar of soap because when it comes to knocking out ‘the green’, the guy that ultimately flicks the switch has the capability to buy you or anyone out, any time, any day!  

Today my good friend, the V man, put up a comment & it acted as a catalyst for this post. He said….

I am certain UKs immigration policy was all part of a plan to crush the last bastions of socialism in Britain, notably the national health service and the welfare state.
It doesn’t seem possible successive British Governments, along with other EU states, were not aware that open borders would lead to untold pressure being placed on the NHS, the welfare state & the general infrastructure. They damn well had to know this.

Absolutely right V. Mass immigration WAS part of the plan. Why? Because in the final analysis, the banksters aim is to establish a New World Order. Now only blithering idiots aren’t aware of this. Believe it or not, this is all one actually needs to know. It’s just a case of working back from this one undeniable fact. So, let’s do that by asking this question –


I believe this is more or less the correct order in terms of objectives –

1) Seize control of all central banks so that only you can print money.

2) Start lending money & charging interest, that is, just so long as plenty of collateral is provided.

3) Buy up all forms of media outlets so that you control the flow of information, effectively rendering the news to soap opera status. This allows you to –

a. report only what you want.

b. conceal truth that may be damaging.

c. make it up as you go along.

4) Commence a process of incorporating the most powerful, influential officials all over the world into secret societies like the Freemasons while nurturing new recruits into positions of power.

5) Do this through bribery, coercion & granting sexual favours. Give child molesters & perverts preferential treatment, after all, anyone with such filth in the closet will surely do all that’s asked of them. Small wonder, the most able vermin ie the most convincing liars, breeze through the corridors of power. This is precisely why there are an inordinate number of sexual deviants in Westminster & indeed Capitol Hill & most Western parliaments. 


7) Provide both sides with finance so that they continue to purchase machinery, weapons & ammunition from Armament companies that you & your fellow conspirators control.The more bombs dropped, the better, destruction being the byword.
The formula is a simple one – while war inflicts incalculable harm to nations, the power-brokers reap enormous profits, thus expanding their power-base at an exponential rate.
8) Create organisations like the UN, NATO & the EU in order to amalgamate power. 
9) Instruct politicians to sell off state owned assets.
I feel I have to go off in a tangent & elaborate on this. The unsuspecting public have no idea they’re about to be taken to the cleaners. This is because, once again, the media neglects to highlight any of the glaring downsides & instead feeds the public a pack of lies in order to fool them into believing, ‘this wholesale sell-off of public assets is a good thing. It’s something we should have done long ago!’ 
Here’s the actual truth: What we owned through years of investment of our taxes – British Oil, British Gas, British Electric, the Post Office, our water supply, not to mention the colossal sum we invested setting up the infrastructure for British Rail & British Telecom – SUDDENLY IT ALL BECAME THE PROPERTY OF MULTI-MILLIONAIRES & BILLIONAIRES!
At one time we owned all this. What we got now? More importantly, what did we get out of it? 30 odd years have passed & I’ve yet to hear anything remotely resembling an adequate answer. Where’s all the wonga gone? I guarantee, I never got a Mars bar out of it! The media kept saying privatisation is the way forward. So tell me. How did we benefit? Last I heard the UK is around a trillion in debt & public services are still being cut.
So we got well & truly shafted while the super wealthy filled their boots. Then to add insult to injury, the cost of energy went through the roof even though there’s never been a shortage of petroleum. If anything, for years, OPEC has had to set limits in order to curtail oil production. Guess what? Profits went through the roof too. In fact, profits are so enormous, actually obscene, the media had to stop reporting how many billions BP or SHELL make. So….all good. Now…. believe it or not, here’s the bad news…..
Even though untold billions are involved here, money is hardly the reason the Rothschilds directed their puppets to privatise public assets. This family is worth between 3-500 trillion, the later being half the world’s wealth. No other family possesses one trillion, not even the Saudi Royal family. So what difference another billion or two? It’s chicken feed to them. No. The only conclusion I can draw is what they wanted was control of our essential services – gas, electricity, telecommunications & crucially our water supply.
Now I don’t know about you but I do not like the idea of this one little bit. Like I said at the start of this piece, once you’re cognisant of the plan for a New World Order, then isn’t it reasonable to assume a natural extrapolation for these people is the necessity of controlling water & energy? Isn’t this as good as any state-of-the-art weapon? Better I’d say! You know, I’m not sure if people ever ponder the prospect of life without electricity & water. Ask the Palestinians. They know what it’s like & the very same people are involved here. Think about this for a while & then ask, how in the blazes did we get conned into relinquishing control of our essential services to a bunch of billionaires psychopaths?
And finally the reason for this post –
10) Instruct politicians to open borders. Why? Because as well as providing cheap labour & thus maximising profits, mass immigration serves to create divisions within nations, weakening them further still. Here we have the Zionist prime directive –  


But before I go any further I feel a need to say I am not against asylum seekers or those who wish to make a better life for themselves. In fact I applaud them. Immigration is not a question of racism or nationalistic pride as the media so desperately tries to make you believe. However, I feel it is also important to say human beings do not prefer to integrate. It is a fact – we tend to stick with our own. Now this is not the way for me. Nonetheless, isn’t it common to see communities of different nationalities & cultures clump together as separate groups? This is not to say we can’t all live as one. We can but there’s another major factor involved here – THE MEDIA!
And here we have it again – we know about the Rothschild plan for a NWO. If so, we also know the same people own the media. This means they will use the media for their own nefarious objectives. Sure enough, the media constantly drives wedges between various cultures & groups so that there always exists an underlying tone of mistrust & hatred. This is all entirely deliberate. I know from my own experiences. I never trusted the media & as a result I get on with everyone. I couldn’t give two hoots if you’re black, pink, yellow or white. As Hendrix once said, ‘we’re all families far apart.’ I guarantee – if the media wasn’t there to stir the pot, we’d all be living together in harmony. Instead we have precisely what they want – fear, hatred & division.  

So let’s quickly examine the media’s actions whenever anyone questions immigration. It goes something like this – ‘HOW EVIL CAN YOU BE! SHUT UP YOU RACIST!’ In short, the media plonks its moral high-hat on at light speed! Rather like the Holocaust, anyone exercising what is an unalienable right to question, is immediately ambushed. Whenever a gargantuan lie has to be protected or a hidden agenda pursued, it’s essential never to allow serious debate to ever take place. YET ANOTHER ZIONIST M.O. Of course, if one bothers to apply simple logic, one quickly discovers just how we’re being taken for the almightiest of rides. And I exaggerate not when I say this, for it literally beggars belief….

i) We have a Zionist banking hierarchy which is responsible for creating Israel, a country that proudly declares – ONLY JEWS OR SHOULD I REALLY SAY, ZIONISTS CAN LIVE! No one else. Now whichever way you cut it, how can any nation be more racist than this? Oh but hang on….


iii) And to cap it all, they control the media. In other words –


Wow! You know, I used to have a lot of Jewish friends. I realise now, most are not real Jews but that’s another story. However, what I did notice is they possessed an uncanny knack of erroneously accusing others, OF THINGS THEY DID! Talk about sending hypocrisy into the stratosphere! Like I tried explaining with immigration – the Chutzpah is off the Richter scale!

So a few points worth mentioning, not only was the British public conned but this was the case in almost all of Europe’s wealthiest nations. How could such a major policy decision occur & remarkably apply for so many nations all at once? Suddenly, Europe opened its doors to mass immigration yet there was no debate regarding whether this should be so. It was as if on this issue, democracy was swept under the carpet. However, someone somewhere had to want this bad. So once again we arrive at a point where questions abound –

Who had the power to push through such a thing? The answer lies in the fact the media never raised any of these points. In fact, they went along with the whole coup as if nothing untoward was occurring. How could the mass-media fail us so miserably? When these immigration policies were announced, the media never once said – 

‘hold the goddamn phone. This decision, right or wrong, will radically alter life in Britain. Therefore, the British people have to have a say. Even contemplating such a move behind closed doors is tantamount to treason. At the very least, this is making a mockery of our democracy.’ 

What on earth is the point of having election manifestos & political parties if politicians on both sides of the fence ignore the public? Ask yourself: Am I being unreasonable here? What possible reason would politicians have to not put this before the British public? This is an entirely relevant question yet it’s never been answered. And here’s the coup-de-gras.

For over 50 years in the UK, a cast-iron guarantee for the party in opposition to win the next election was to adopt one pledge – TO END MASS IMMIGRATION! Now this applied for BOTH the Conservative & Labour party. The saying, ‘they’ll do anything to get into power’ indeed is fair enough…. yet did any party ever contemplate to win the election this way? IT WAS NEVER AN OPTION! Moreover, whenever any peripheral party adopted an anti-immigration stance, the media kicked into overdrive bombarding the messenger with accusations of racism & hatred – another Zionist M.O. 

What we have to grasp is damning evidence stares us squarely in the face. What’s critical for people to fully understand is in every European nation that opened its borders, people were never given the opportunity to vote on it. Know why? WE WOULD ALL HAVE SAID – ‘NO. WE DON’T WANT THIS!’ Do you honestly believe they didn’t know that? That’s why we weren’t given the choice. 


  • zakimar

    It was actually pretty easy to take over the world. You bribe corrupt politicians into allowing you to install their jew central banks and then use those countries to murder/overthrow the honest politicians in the resisting countries. Soon almost every nation is enslaved to the jew banksters.

    Thankfully the ultimate judge will send these jew and their minions to eternal Hellfire. #BDS #BDSusa

  • CB

    500 trillion is about as realistic as 6 million.
    Don’t you want to be taken seriously?…

  • Lynne Purdy

    Thanks Michael for your genius skills in writing this post. It is the truth of what is going on and people just can’t see / notice it. The whole media is fake / false. If a copy of your post were to be put through every single persons letter box in this country then every one would ‘get it’ and understand this huge problem we have. If I share this on face book it will be hidden as usual. I am hoping and praying for a miracle to emerge and surprise everyone or 100th monkey effect.

    • Thank you so much Lynne. You’re very kind

    • Unfortunately the victors in any war write the history & not the vanquished.
      So,that gave the zionists the freedom (post 1945) to spread their web of lies & half-truths throughout the education system in many countries & of course throughout the news/entertainment media ever since !
      I was one of the many who were duped,until just around 5 years ago,when i first started to read articles like this !
      How are most of us to even know the truth,when it’s not taught to us in history lessons at school ?!
      I among many others in many countries worldwide were taught in history classes that 6 million jews were slaughtered in the (supposed) death camps !
      I have even heard that Red Cross inspectors were allowed into the camps in the Axis occupied territories to inspect them !

  • John

    This is article is a masterpiece in summing up the root of our woes. All your articles hit the spot but this one is out of the park.

    • Thanks John. It took a long time & I had to edit it a lot. However when I felt it was ready I reread the whole thing & thought….. I really do like this. Whenever I’m thinking of posting something I feel it has to reach a certain level before I click post. There’s a lot of stuff that never made it. I nearly gave up with this one but sometimes I persevere enough & on this occasion I’m very glad I did.

  • Venner

    Michael. If my comment, even in a small way inspired you to write stuff like this, I’ll write you more often because that piece is litterally on fire!!
    I Loved the part where you talked about what happened to all OUR stuff!! I mean seriously no one else asks that question! Yet we were litterally robbed blind !!
    All our industries that WE owned, the government was elected to take care of it all for us and we all just stood by and watched them palm it off to their cronies, in exchange for currency and wtf is currency when THEY ARE THE ONES WHO OWN IT, PRINT IT AND CONTROL IT!!

    They litterally handed to them what generations of our people had worked and invested their lives into building and with it went all our secure jobs that gave people a real standard of living and a future, such things as proper paid vacation so people had some time with their families. Sick pay, Overtime for people who wanted to work extra hours to get ahead. ALL OF It GONE to be replaced with corporate minimum wage slavery.
    It makes me so angry.

    • Damn right. It’s funny how when I made my list of 10, I originally intended to just write an accompanying piece on immigration. However when I got to No 9, I saw red. I was against privatisation from day 1. Honestly, from day 1. I used to always say to people how can we be selling our essential services? British Leyland & British Steel I could understand but the rest? For crying out loud.
      But I was really pleased with the piece & typically FB have hardly allowed anyone to see it. It’s a real shame because you’re right – it is right up there with my best work. Thanks for inspiring me.
      PS Did you like my editing of your comment?

      • Venner

        Yes absolutely, your edit looks good. Anything you think will help to get the point across I defer to your judgement.

  • Venner

    You know, there is another way to reach people on FaceBook, I dont even use FB, I never have so I dont know if this is common knowledge amongst FB users, but a while back I found that if you send an email to their FB account they will receive it in their messages.

    • Thanks V. I’m computer illiterate but I’ll get my man to look at this – Cheers

      • Venner

        I have a background in infosec, and I.T. Also ask him to look at why your website is not https.
        It is rare today to find any website that does not use https because it is more secure.
        Also ask him to set you up with an email account at is one of the most secure email account providers in the world and it is free.
        No one, can access your email on their servers without your password, not even government surveillance because it uses a special way of applying encryption that even the operators of cannot know your password.
        Messages between users of are fully encrypted at all times except on the users computer.

        Everyone, trust me on this, if you are using a regular corporate email account, it is under surveillance right now.
        Dump it immediately and start using tutanota (tuta nota is latin for secure message).
        Like I said it is a free email service, it is based in Germany it works on smartphones as well as windows. You can get the tutanota smartphone app on google play or from their website.
        and use a secure password at the minimum 30 characters, and change it every month.
        Ideally use a password manager app to generate secure passwords, but if you dont want to do that, a line from a song or something similar and some numbers is better than nothing.
        Make no mistake, they have no intention of allowing any of us to say or do anything without them knowing about it we are all under surveillance. Lets not make it easy for them.

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