How in the blazes can a charity that somehow wangles tax-payer money GO BROKE? Alan Yentob says: ‘Kids Company allegations are disgraceful’

A week ago this charity received a £3m government grant. THAT’S OUR MONEY! But yesterday it closed its doors as it was beset by allegations of financial mismanagement, leaving thousands of children without the services that the charity provides…….

I don’t want to hear excuses! All I want to know is – WHERE’S THE GODDAMN THREE MILL?


Yentob said “I am not remotely considering my position at the BBC. I have not abused my position at the BBC.” You can rest assured, the Zionist controlled media & the BBC will hush this all up as quick as they can.


Let me make one thing absolutely clear. If I was in calling the shots I wouldn’t give a shit about anything else. The Rothschild’s could scream all they like for all I care. As for those pedophile-loving scumbag Zionists in the BBC – slinging them out by the ear would be the first thing i’d do with or without any charity scandal! That lot would be history whatever! However, I’d want to know where every last penny of that 3 million went. Then I want to go over their books with a tooth pick & pair of pliers because I’d like to bet every last tanner that, once again, this is simply just another Zionist scam.




Years ago I realised most charities were rackets. More like launch pads for mega fraud. The few good charities suffer because of the con tricks that are open to these fraudsters. I’ll tell you now, charities that regularly advertise on TV know they have a huge advantage because they’re directly connecting with you & the one thing these professional fraudsters know is how to get to your heart – with the piano playing that oh so sad tune while they show you starving babies……. Give me a break! So you give your £3 a month. I promise you’re lucky if 20p gets to some starving child in Africa. As for the tigers & snow leopards? They don’t give a shit about these animals.


If you really want to help, do your homework. There are loads of good charities who’d never dream of advertising on TV. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY! Years ago there was a massive scandal involving one of the BBC’s mega charities, Children in Need, Red Nose or Comic Relief – they’re all the same. Several million was raised that night but lo & behold, a few weeks later a story began to surface – the people who were supposed to receive the money had only been given a Mars bar! Then, the story died a death so rapid, James Cagney would have been spinning in his grave! I smelt a rat – a very large Zionist one!


What a scam


This encouraged me to do some research & about 3 years ago I posted an article on FB. Well, well, well. If you thought it was bad here, in America CEO’s of charities were paying themselves in excess of $2 MILLION A YEAR! From what I learnt about charities, MOST ESPECIALLY ONES ASSOCIATED WITH THE BBC, they are pretty much all Zionist scams. Hardly any of the millions raised & the millions in diverted tax payer money goes to where it should. One country, as per usual, does particularly well – ISRAEL!


Here’s another link –

32 charity bosses paid over £200,000 last year

……………are you happy with that?


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