MAJOR NEWS: The wheels are falling off. As Luke Radkowski says the moment the Iraqis began making noises towards the Russians, the Americans knew it was another ‘YOU’RE EITHER WITH US OR YOU’RE AGAINST US’ scenario. Well not that it wasn’t patently obvious ISIS is an Israeli terrorist organisation which the US funds but with damning video footage showing the US was resupplying ISIS with ammunition & the fact an Israeli officer was captured recently, the Iraqis have had enough.




  • Linda Morrison

    Fantastic news!

  • Sharon

    Fantastic ☺

  • Someone

    Cause the US forced their way into those places. They were not wanted there in first place. So of coarse they turn their back on the US that was forced upon them. I am happy Russia stepped up to the matter. More done in a short period time to stop terrorist than we can say we done in years. Well done Russia.
    stop whining about the money. It was forced on innocent people against their wishes. A fake war only for the sake of more power for US. And did you know Isis was started by the US just grew out of control. Just research for ur self from many sources not just one.

    Don’t get me wrong I love my country to a sense. But this repeat saying of how all that money and time going down the drain crap made me comment.

    • I make you right Someone. I think as you do. The worst thing about this is that none of this was in the interests of America. All these wars were pushed by AIPAC & the war-mongers in the Zionist PNAC group.

  • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    Yes, please, Putin, send all ISIS Muslims to hell to meet their demon moon-god Satan-Allah-Lucifer!

  • Nunya

    And I am the tooth fairy.

  • Royan Khalil

    You are an amazing writer! Keep up the good work (y)

  • steve lansley

    Thank you Michael for your continual relentless unmasking of the truth. There comes a time when ignorance can no longer be accepted as an excuse for tacit complicity with this “synagogue of satan” and its lackeys across the western world. The sooner people wake up to these unpalatable truths, the sooner the participants can be held to account for their heinous crimes and then, with luck, humanity can return to coexisting as it did before the zionist entity reared its filthy ugly head. More power to you Sir, again, i thank you.

  • Keep on winning and flatten them into nothingness, and forget the Yanks help, they just do not want to be left out of the glory!

  • Deb

    I think this is great news and Thank you for the update, but I wish everyone would stop blaming the “United States”…..and address it as “The Obama Administration”….Good citizens of the US have nothing to do with their evilness!

    • You are most welcome Deb. I think when people blame America or the US they are not blaming it’s people. You can be sure they all are blaming those in the upper echelons of power. Any American who thinks any different is really barking up the wrong tree. The problem for me is, most people who blame the US stop woefully short. They rarely state the obvious that the US government, the judicial system & the entire corporate media is totally in the hands of Zionists. I keep telling people, both the US & UK are occupied territories of Israel. You can include Canada & France; soon to be included in their entirety are Germany & Australia. The proof is in the pudding – all the foreign policies of this country just happen to unconditionally support the most vicious, evil regime on the planet – Israel! When are people going to ask WHY?

  • Abubakar Dabo

    The major problem for the US is, to get people around the world to accept your assertion. Understandably, another way that the President Barack Obama administration has tackled inflation is vuewed as positive action by most Americans. These factors combined will not absolve Americans from blame, due to the erroneous foreign policies.

    • Very true Abubakar – but as I tried to explain to Deb, the US media is so totally in the hands of Zionists – not only are they being told lies 24/7 but much of the REAL news is being withheld. And if it doesn’t make the news, then it’s not news!

  • Lydia

    US funds Syrian rebels and supplies them with weapons and we have hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria and other Middle East countries heading to the European Union which now refuses to accept them, builds walls on their borders, and leaves Western Balkan countries to deal with these unfortunate people!!!!
    Western Balkan countries were already destroyed with the Yugoslav war in 1990s and Serbia was sent 40 years backwards after the NATO bombing in 1999, and now Europe wants this country to accept and take care of the refugees!
    I hope that the world will finally see who are the bad guys here…let me give you a hint: it`s not the Russians…

    • I agree with you Lydia & it’s not the American or UK people either. All this is being instigated by the Zionist puppets who claim they represent their people but in fact their allegiance is entirely to Israel & the Rothschild Zionist bankers. Immigration into Europe was pushed upon both political parties so that immigration on a mass scale would never stop even though the people of every European country did not want this. Whenever anyone complained they were branded racists by the Zionist controlled media which is so rich because Israel is the most racist state on the planet. This is their policy of Divide & conquer & thus the method used to weaken all the countries in Europe from within. You used the very words – “Serbis was sent back 40 years.” Imagine how many years Iraq, Libya & Syria have bneen put back?

  • goeorge

    Lets face it, the American people are lazy and dont care, and it will bite them in the ass soon!
    When they dont care what senator Mckinnon found out about 2.5 trillion dollars went to, and she wasnt allowed to question the perpetrators further, that told you the zionists were in control of the congress, as well as ALAN GRAYSON QUESTIONING OTHERS IN A COMMITTEE AND WASNT ALLOWED TO FINISH ABOUT “WHERE DID 9 TRILLION GO”

    • Exactly right George though I believe you mean the great Cynthia Mckinney. And true to form the moment any member of Congress breaks ranks to reveal the truth the Zionist lobbies & media see to it that re-election is impossible!

  • Farouk Wookey g

    All I can say is that Americans are deaf dumb and blind. They have no idea what’s happening to them , as if they don’t have a soul and carry the status of slaves or as the Zionists refer them as goyim, a bunch of second class people to be used as beasts of burden and brutes for war. You have a lot of awakening to do before it’s too late.

    • It’s very sad Farouk but I have to say it’s much the same for the people of the UK but then what most people have no idea of is the sheer level of Zionist skulduggery – both intensity & longevity.

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