How to end the war on terror? Tell people what they’re far more likely to die from

Today I did an interview for Press TV & one of the things I said was media barons & war-mongers are both sides of the same coin. Not that it would make much difference if everyone was aware of this for I’m sure these megalomaniacs would find a way to get what they want. They’re doing it now by making people believe there’s a real chance they could be a victim of a terrorist attack. Well, what most people need to be told is there’s a real chance you could get run over by a bus! Be vigilant because you never know when one of those nasty double deckers come bearing down on your sorry arse! 


War is big business


Well, even though our politicians have done their level best to push disenchanted Muslims over the edge, the truth is one is far more likely to be killed by a policeman than a terrorist. This is an undeniable fact but you will never read this in a newspaper or hear this on the news. Now I was spoilt for choice. I could have picked any number of crazy comparisons where the uninitiated would say…… ‘REALLY?’ The reason I chose this one is because on the basis of this alleged terrorist threat, they want to give a group of people who statistically are far more dangerous than terrorists ……… EVEN MORE POWER! Now if you can’t see how illogical that is then you really do deserve what’s coming. 


Odds of Death


ISIS founded & funded


Refugee problem


Terror stats


  • Abubakar Dabo

    Playing politics with the war on terror. Rejecting the warm handshake, which would inhibit all sorts of worldwide turmoils, is depressing and disheartning. After all, the cold war is over long ago. The problem is the Western countries don’t recognize that fact, and they’ve been playing with fire in this messy century world. You see, there are these Western imperialists demanding their own liberties to do anything they wish-including violating the sovereignty and destabilizing other countries, while they’ve already have theirs well secure, peaceful-and they want now to deny that to others? This is ludicrous!

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