Humanity vs Insanity

There’s no question we’re in murky waters & so fast-approaching what could well be a pivotal point in mankind’s history. The problem is, even though it’s patently obvious our leaders couldn’t be more crooked if they tried, way too many folk remain oblivious. I’m not going to say ‘of the dangers’ because what we’re heading for here is uncharted territory. What we could be facing has never occurred. Once again I quote what I said to my uncle in Switzerland in 1986 –



Qualifying this statement, I went on to say what the key factors were –
i) The greatest problem facing mankind is over-population.
ii) Moreover, the fact our very existence relies on growth means there has to be a point of no return. Our planet can give only so much.
iii) The wealthy & powerful will never relinquish what they have. 


Lucy Parsons


There are 3 steps……
1) Realising all is not right is merely the first obvious step in understanding just how crooked our leaders are.
2) The next step is far more crucial – realising precisely what they’re up to & significantly, what their intentions are.  
If you want to have a better idea of what could be on the horizon, this edition of Humanity vs Insanity hosted by Ian R Crane is well worth watching. Always bear in mind, whatever the media says is utter crap because those who’ve engineered, yes – engineered whatever disaster may befall us, have done so because THEY OWN THE MEDIA! Ian is joined by activist Max Igan & financial expert Daniel Dungate. I can put my hand on my heart & say these guys are bang on the mark. Thanks to Catherine Szajer for sending me this –


The Crane Report


But what of the 3rd step……
3) Knowing what the hell to do & how we can possibly turn this around…….
This is the question I’m forever asked – ‘what do we have to do? What’s your solution?’ Each time I say the same thing – knowing what has to be done is a piece of cake. If I had a magic wand, it’s a done deal. 100% Guaranteed. I’ve long since felt, single-handed, I could sort out all the planet’s problems. The problem is, doing it is another story because to do anything, one has to have the power. Sadly, I’m bereft of magic wands.
Since what we’re seeing today is the end play of a plan formulated in the 1770’s by Adam Weishaupt at the behest of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, & since these megalomaniacs were allowed to keep their ill-gotten gains & flourish, even though influential folk were quite aware of the Rothschild Illuminati plan to bring about a New World Order, to now expect to somehow conjure a plan to rectify 250 years of neglect & apathy is a touch more than wishful thinking. We permitted this cancer to fester. Why do you think I refer to Zionism as a ‘most virulent carcinogenic strain that’s rampaging through mankind?’ BECAUSE THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT IT IS!
I thought I’d include this edition of UK Column News which featured one of my favorite political commentators Patrick Henningsen. Trouble is, I feel like a bleedin’ parrot when I plug these guys. Look, if you really wish to become clued up, in the UK at least, give up 4 lousy hours a week! Make the time to watch their shows. Breaking this edition down –
ON 4 MINS – more of Cameron & Osborne’s lies over the EU. Their desperation & the fact they’re going to cheat whatever we vote for. The truth about the heinous TTIP!
ON 10 MINS – the truth about Libya. What these guys don’t say is the plan all along was to do exactly what they did – TO SIMPLY DESTROY LIBYA – PERIOD!
ON 12 MINS – Small wonder. Russia is making it absolutely clear – there’s a limit to how much can they tolerate the pure unadulterated bullshit NATO is coming out with.
ON 13 MINS – GET THIS BEAUTY! The CIA admitted they somehow managed to accidentally erase a 6700 page report on torture! Taking the piss has taken on a new meaning!
ON 27 MINS – something I’ve recently highlighted though I put the current troubles in Brazil down to Dilma Rousseff antagonizing the Zionists. The boys put it down to the fact the last thing Western power-brokers want is the BRICS alliance taking off. I believe we’re both right – ultimately, it doesn’t matter if a government is democratically elected – if the Zionist bankers want regime change, that’s what they’ll get, no matter what!
ON 31 MINS – if it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable – potential ISIS attacks in the UK in order to give our police even more weaponry & power.


UK Column news 17th may


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