I wonder – this terrorist threat. If we stopped bombing other countries…..

Cameron, you lousy, lying mass-murdering toe-rag. Wanting to bomb the hell out of people – saying you’re fighting terrorism, when all you’re doing is creating it! You’ve been at it for 5 years yet by your own admission you’re efforts have merely resulted in our national security being compromised further. We’re at even greater risk? You said it, not me! Well, since you’re responsible, at what point might you consider – MAYBE I’M NO BLOODY GOOD AT THIS?


Better still – how about having a debate over foreign policy. You see we stopped doing that in order to have these illegal wars & I just got a funny feeling that if we stopped bombing countries, you know, effect a 180 degrees turn-around on foreign policy, there wouldn’t be nearly as many terrorists! You’re creating this myth to bring in laws so that you Zionists can kill whoever you want.



  • The film was done very well and should be seen by everyone with a brain. However, it has Putin as one of THEM. He is not one of THEM. THEY are creating Universal FEAR to get absolute CONTROL over peoples thoughts and actions. …and it is working. One staged “terrorist” attack After the other. I PREDICT the next staged attack(s) will be many locations at the same time, most likely in the U.S. THEY will stop at nothing. THEY are counting on the FEAR method.

    • Absolutely Jack. I’ve always said the big worry for me – after 9/11 those really responsible passed the point of no return. They can’t stop now. It’s all or nothing. They’ve already committed the most gargantuan crimes against humanity. If they were to stop at any time, the truth about 9/11 & this fictitious war on terror would slowly but surely come out. Already many people are saying this was a Zionist plot to destroy the Arab & Muslim world. Now they need to eliminate all the dissenting voices, literally millions of people. If they get us out the way then all these idiot sheep who couldn’t wait to use the term conspiracy theorist are going to be in for a rude awakening.

  • Abubakar Dabo

    They’re all responsible for causing terrorism to evolve in most countries they intevened either covertly or openly. They are also all involved in arms transfer-agreements with developing world promoting local wars and specific conflicts. All the major arms-exporting countries cynically have been exploiting developing nations regardless of the human cost. There is a lot of blood and death, and destructions in the third world that is being fed by these people who claim to have certain intrinsic values anytime they’re hurt for which they are all to be blamed. All of them want to make the money, non want to take the pinch. And when they are really attacked or they even in turn, in their own clandestinely ways staged the attack(s), they run around all over the world taking photos in hypocritical solidarity with each other, seeking support to deploy the most lethal weapons; and use excessive force to counter these hoax attacks on innocent people. Creating victims on both sides in their own made circle of violence and blaming it entirely on terrorism. The Islamic world has never and would not ever appreciate any further brutal actions against their people based on the pretext of fighting terrorism. In absolute certainty, it is the prospect of these arms deals dying that makes the merchants emotional, and they’ll have to die someday soon.

  • Abubakar Dabo

    …clandestinely ways (reads) clandestine ways…

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