If Cameron declares war on Syria, make no mistake, he will be undermining our security

I believe all Labour Party members received an e-mail from its leader Jeremy Corbyn. He said – 

I do not believe that the Prime Minister made a convincing case that British air strikes on Syria would strengthen our national security or reduce the threat from ISIS. 

When I was elected I said I wanted Labour to become a more inclusive and democratic party.

So I am writing to consult you on what you think Britain should do. Should Parliament vote to authorise the bombing of Syria?

Let me know your views, if you are able to, by the start of next week:


So I clicked the link above & wrote this –


This is what I said on Press TV regarding Cameron’s claim that his intention was to fight ISIS & not overthrow President Assad –




Please listen to the video as opposed to reading the article for I’m not pleased with the job Press TV did.
I will say that there is absolutely zero justification for becoming embroiled in a war zone of our making, most especially when the Russians are doing such a sterling job routing the terrorists. Since Cameron is lying about fighting ISIS & he still claims he wants to see the back of Assad, it is abundantly clear our involvement here could lead to crossing swords with a super-power that can destroy us many times over.


I truly believe there is no doubt ISIS is being aided by the Allies simply because it’s patently obvious they are selling oil to Turkey. If the West was serious they would have had very stern words with the Turks. Instead Turkey sidesteps protocol & blatantly shoots down a Russian jet which incidentally crashed in Syria & instead of the West pouring scorn over Turkey’s dreadful, at best, knee-jerk reaction, we continue to stand at Turkey’s side.


Do not let Cameron have his war-mongering way. You know the truth & the vast majority of the British public are with you on this. Syria has done nothing to us & if the West was serious about getting rid of despotic rulers they should have started with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Qatar – not Libya & Syria.


Here’s what Brian Gerrish said about this on UK Column news yesterday. Listen from 22.30 – 44.30 where Gerrish is absolutely brilliant, giving it to Cameron with both barrels. 




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  • Beryl

    NO!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!
    Do not bomb or arm or put a foot on the ground in Syria…..

      • Louise

        Thank you sir, for putting into words that which was bubbling to the surface of my consciousness.

        It also occurs to me that some Israelis might have a chip on their shoulder about Europe and might find it very satisfying to see us over run by refugees to the point of destroying our way of life and our comforts.

        Certainly Trump’s idea to mark Moslems in much the same way that Jews were identified comes right out of the big book of revenge.

        There is also the spectre of George Sorros and his group W2eu playing a massive part in all of this.

        Thank god we have Jeremy Corbyn!

        I am also finally going to have to relinquish my love for the BBC as it is clear they are not accurately reporting and never miss a chance to snidely undermine Corbyn and/or misreport the truth about Putin’s words. I guess they really lost credibility when they reported building 7 collapsed in front of a live screen where it clearly still stood, but I still loved aunty Beeb.

        It is clear we are being played and every day we are not dragged into this war, it becomes more clear to those of us paying proper attention.

        I fear if we do not volunteer our young fighters, a similar false flag will occur in England as did in France!

        The very important point of the French having massacred 1.5 million Algerians, thrown 200 of them bound hand and foot into the Seine in 1960 and generally treated them like shit ever since is perhaps less important that in a declaration of war, one gives ISIS the status of statehood.

        Call it retaliation, call it justice, but please sir, don’t call it war!

        My father was raised by a war traumatised father, as was I – must I now fear for my fighting age sons?

        I am an atheist, but I find myself praying that I will see Corbyn our PM.

        I also pray that we will remember that Russia was and is our ally.

        Peace out.

  • jill

    ISIS is selling the oil to ISRAEL. Enough said.

  • michael Munday

    I used to be proud of being Australian but now with the implementation of U.S.policy of bombing Syria with no concern for the * collateral damage *to innocent Syrians like we did in Viet Nam under the same government to innocent Viet Namese I am angry that the world can and does vilify us for the acts of the right wing government who go *all the way with U.S.A.*To the Syrian people caught in the middle of this disgusting conflict between two evil powers .ie.Assard and ISIS,on behalf of the MILLIONS of Australians who abhor the bombing by our government……WE ARE SINCERELY SORRY..,!!

    • It’s truly tragic how mankind has arrived at a position where war-mongers have so much power & influence. They have engineered all of the suffering in the Middle East & there seemsw no stopping them. Thanks for your comment Michael.

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