If Dr Norman Finkelstein can be treated so disgracefully, what’s is store for the rest of us?

This is despicable. Bad enough having the law oscillate in favour of the wealthy & influential, today we live in a world where billionaire mafiosi gangsters can wreak havoc on the lives of truly remarkable folk whose only grievance is for justice & what’s right. Merely stating this should not be happening; merely saying we cannot allow these roughshod, intimidatory tactics to continue is hardly appropriate for in any kind of fair & just world such shenanigans would never be tolerated. Somehow we need to return to a day where those responsible for making diabolical decisions are in no doubt serious consequences will abound.
However, quite how we can go about creating an environment where this would be the case I’m not sure. What I do know is the ramifications for allowing certain people to get away with such outrageous criminality & then simply use the law as a tool to crush anyone brave enough to speak out, couldn’t be more grave. Years ago I wrote an article ‘war has already been declared on us’. This was anything but tongue-in-cheek. We are all in very serious danger.






  • Albert Lal

    The world is upside down. The criminals go free and those who speak against it are harassed and demonized. Norman Finkelstein is one of my heros. Years ago we contacted him and I have never met a more humble man who continues to stand for the truth and continues to face the consequences of going along with the sick sick system. If you don’t stand up for this injustice you stand for nothing. Thanks for posing Michael.

  • Lynne

    You always do the most amazing posts Michael and I see why you and Norman are penalised for doing so. Any hint or mention of ZJ’s and you are penalized and thrown in FB jail. I tried to respond to a post via FB a while ago and I was told to contact you in a PM and could not comment. I took a photo screen shot of this and will post it to you if you wish. FB really do censor. My comment was open and free and not offensive in any way. I so admire you and all you do. Please keep posting and never give up

    • Thank you so much Lynne. Sadly I have to admit the censorship I’ve had to endure has been so profound it’s literally knocked the stuffing out of me. Before I could write for 6-10 hours a day. Some pieces took even longer. I did it because I had a large following & so I felt it my duty. Now I don’t receive 1/20th of the feedback. It’s so hard to motivate myself to write more under these conditions. I need to re-think my strategy perhaps. One thing for sure – I won’t ever give up x

      • venner

        Screw Facebook and Zuckerberg he’s all about the surveillance state.
        Would you like me to code you a gmmuk android app? You could host it on Google play and on your site. Let me know.

  • One would have thought that the barbaric persecution of Dr Finkelstein would be covered by the “liberal” mainstream media, but no….then again, they are slaves to the Israeli lobby, hypcrites par excellence, banging on about identity politics while turning a blind eye. Meanwhile, Bibi gears up to make Israel a fully-fledged apartheid state in all but name.

    • Yes indeed Gordon but this is the problem of having the entire mainstream media owned by the same people – they decide what’s news. As for Israel – I believe it’s always been far worse than Apartheid South Africa ever was.

      • Nasroedien

        Yes Michael you absolutely right Israel aparheid makes South African apartheid look like a walk in the park…but South African oppression was more like a superior ideology ..keeping the white afrikaner race pure..and stay the masters. ..the aparheid regime in South Africa never wanted to exterminate a nation ..they just wanted control…their fear of extermination was greater…coz living at the point of Africa with a whites only population would have never lasted long anyway…Zionism is more dangerous because their ideology is based on world denomination and that makes it so dangerous….The American regime already has a 1/4 of zionist within their ranks…Britain the creator of this vicious monster called Zionism has their blood mixed with Zionism for over a hundred years….Dr Feinkelstein a man of integrity has always been a man who fought injustice were ever it is…his humbleness reminds me of our greatest leader Nelson Mandela ….and with great men like Dr Finkelstein on your side..you are much more stronger than what you think

        • Thank you Nasroedien. Yes. The South African version was nasty but the Zionist brand is far worse. I often say – Zionism is to mankind what the most virulent carcinogenic strain is to a human.

  • neil unwin

    I agree with all of your comments.. Unfortunately this worl is now (largely) governed & controlled by criminal corrupt immoral people & authoritarian dictatorial regimes, of which Israel is just one. But definitely one of the worst, as we all know…. Good people can only continue to stand up for the vulnerable & oppressed, & at least achieve some limitation of the terrible damage caused by all forces of evil.. & hopefully, the occasional victory.. Please carry on doing your best Michael, as you always have.

  • Alaa Fareed

    One brave Human being who happened to be a Jew speaks the truth regardless of the zionists bullies of the New york times…

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