If ever there was a time for the people of the UK to disregard everything the media says…………

Look how they’re treating this good man? If you can’t see what’s going on then you’re blind. It goes without saying the media’s full of shit but I cannot believe the Internet. Type in ‘Corbyn’…… IT’S VIRTUALLY ONE-WAY TRAFFIC! YOU’D THINK THIS GUY WAS 10 TIMES WORSE THAN BLAIR & CAMERON – TWO VERMIN WHO GO OUT THEIR WAY TO PROTECT PAEDOPHILES & LIE TO GO TO WAR! Screw policies. Corbyn is one of the few MP’s who simply yearns to do the job asked of him. Lining his own pocket is the last thing on his mind. This in itself is a godsend! With Corbyn, there’s no hidden agenda. I know he alone cannot get us out of this mess. What I’m saying is THE OTHER CANDIDATES CAN ONLY TAKE US FURTHER TO THE EDGE OF THE PRECIPICE. Corbyn is the man we need to lead the Labor party for one reason – THEY DON’T WANT HIM! DO YOU GET THAT?  


Since 1983, the constituents of Islington North knew what he stood for & ever since have been perfectly happy he remains their MP even though the chances of him ever attaining higher office was negligible. Lo & behold, a situation arose. Over 3 years ago I predicted the election we had earlier this year was already decided. Cameron, the perfect Zionist puppet would be re-elected & the media from the jump were on this. They had to be. I said, they’ll wrap him up in cotton wool, never highlighting obvious skulduggery, while tripping up all his opponents at every opportunity. I even stated they’d make out the election was close right up until the last minute where out of the blue, the man who continued Blair’s war-mongering with zest, the fraudster, the traitor, the man who saved the pedos, would suddenly have a majority. I said they’d cheat & boy, did they!


With the Zionist lobbies giving Ed Miliband no option but to become a sacrificial lamb, a role Nick Clegg accepted with open arms, a power vacuum emerged in the Labor party. Yvette Cooper plonked her name in the hat…… WHO THE HELL’S SHE? So did Liz Kendall……. WHO? WHICH HOLE DID SHE CRAWL OUT OF? Then Andy Burnham entered the fray. ……..WHO? WHERE DID THIS LITTLE PUKE COME FROM? I mean, you’ve got to be kidding me! So naturally, Corbyn throws his hat in the ring & WALLOP – by far & away, he’s the popular choice & rightfully so. Out of that lot, if you don’t believe this then I’ll flat out say you’re a proper twat. I don’t want brainless morons spreading their bile on my blog. Go away & don’t come back!




Needless to say, the proverbial boot of the media was about to rear its ugly head. In my previous post I mentioned one of the key roles of corporate media is that at the drop of a hat, a process of vilification can be put into motion. Does this occur for Paedophiles, war-mongers, rapists, mega-fraudsters? Well, yes & no. It can do. You see these or any horrific crime is perfectly acceptable, indeed encouraged. Those controlling the flow of information are inextricably linked to the very people whose ultimate goal is to become despotic lords of the planet. They already control most senior politicians in Western governments. However, they learned by far the best way to coerce lackeys to do whatever’s asked of them is if they had them by the short & curlies – the more filth the better. This is precisely the reason there exists an inordinate number of sexual perverts & fraudsters in the upper echelons of power. This is why we have illegal wars; this is why our civil liberties are being shredded; this is why we live in a world where what one achieves or does has zero relevance to what’s morally correct or required for the greater good.


Currently in Westminster we have 3 groups – there’s a preponderance of sexual perverts who’ve a penchant for molesting children. Here the corridors of power dramatically distend. How far one goes depends on image & how well one tells a porkie! Then adding to the shitload of good-for-nothing non-achievers are those whose chief goal is to acquire power for power’s sake. Child molestation is a no-no but one thing is certain – the ability to lick arse at the right time oozes from every orifice! What’s left? The Jeremy Corbyn’s of this world. Good people who care. Note, the media rule book on who to take to the cleaners has bugger all to do with right & wrong. All it takes is stepping over a line that is not in accordance what Rothschild Zionists desire. Anyone with a half brain should know only too well – in our parliament, in terms of integrity & decency, there are scant few Jeremy Corbyn’s. If ever there was a time for the people of the UK to disregard everything the media says…………


Fair play to JC for sticking to his guns with that bastard Blair –


same again –


Austerity my arse –



“Our timeless task in the Labour Party is to stand up against injustice wherever we find it. That notion has driven me throughout my political life – and it’s what drove me to stand for Parliament in the first place.” JC

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