Freedom of speech is sacrosanct. Nobody has any right to tell you what you can or cannot say. Not even David bloody Cameron!


The good news: 6 months on my website now & I’ve managed to rack up 1.31 million hits. One post got an astonishing 175,000+ shares. It’s been bloody hard work & very time-consuming but now that I’ve almost learned how to use all the gadgets, I have to say it’s been very rewarding. I thank you all for the support & I only wish critics would be more constructive. If you’ve got an argument, tell me what the hell it is & stop coming out with the same regurgitated garbage. I’m not against Jews or anyone. I’m merely opposed to war & evil people. I will never bow to such people.


And to all those, mainly on my website, who time & again accuse me of being anti-Semitic (ironically most don’t even know what it means), I would like to bet I’ve actually helped prolong the lives of Jews & many other people. You see for 25 years I’ve given blood & the last 10 years, every 3 weeks or so I get hooked up to a machine which extracts my platelets. These platelets usually end up in those who’ve had to undergo the rigors of Chemotherapy. This treatment destroys Platelets & therefore drastically reduces the patients healing abilities. These donations provide the boost these people need & have been instrumental in raising cancer survival rates. The mere thought of not allowing any group of people the benefit of my platelets is something quite abhorrent to me – SO PLEASE. STOP CALLING ME RACIST!


I was finally persuaded to open up my site to advertising. I never wanted to do this because I literally have no ambition to make money. But as we all know – you’ve still got to pay the bills. Because posts take a lot longer to assemble on the website, I was putting in 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. So I succumbed but before I ever got the chance of saying I’m not advertising any Zionist product, they pulled the plug on me. Adsense told me ‘your site contains inappropriate material.’ I wrote back to them & said “OH! IS THAT WHAT YOU CALL THE TRUTH?” I then went into GMM rant mode Defcon 1, finishing off with a beautiful line “BUT OY VEH! WHAT ABOUT ALL THE ADVERTISING REVENUE YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE? IF YOU’RE DOING THIS TO EVERYONE WHO SPEAKS THE TRUTH, YOU MUST BE DROPPING LUMPS! OY VEH!” So I rather grudgingly put up a Donate button & I’d just like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thanks to all the lovely people who’ve helped out.  


Ahead of time!


But then there’s the bad news: Ever since I’ve had my website there have been various teething problems. Not that the people who built the site haven’t burst blood vessels trying to get everything to work smoothly – it’s just you fix one thing & then there’s something else & it goes on & on. And worst of all, since June, all the way through there have been problems either with people not being able to subscribe or when they do, they don’t receive the email notification when I make a post. Recently we managed to find out why.


It looks like the Zionists paid Trolls, shills – I prefer to call them vermin or the scum of the earth – are earning their keep. They subscribe, only to then report my email notifications as spam! How do you like that? When that happens, lo & behold, I get black-listed. End result – several subscribers don’t receive the emails they should. So my great trouble-shooter, Nicky Nelson, spent hours trying to get to the bottom of this, phoning up my Domain Registrar GObloodyDADDY. Now Nicky had good reason to do this – she was a subscriber yet suddenly the email notifications to her had ceased.




When she discovered exactly why I’d been black-listed, naturally she told Go Daddy to damn well un-blacklist me! Now here’s the beauty but since I’m the one taking it up the gearbox I’m going to tell you how it is my way – the Anti Defamation League more commonly known as the ADL – it really should be called ‘DON’T SO MUCH AS LOOK AT US BOSS-EYED. IF YOU DO, WE’LL PROPERLY SHAFT YOU! The ADL’s head is this great big lying sack of shit ABE FOXMAN, who’s straight out of the Netanyahu school of pure, unadulterated nastiness.


Apparently the ADL is seeing to it that all the Domain Registrars are under their thumb. That means, once again, we have the typical Zionist playing field – not just lopsided but 100% stacked in their favor. They can spew out all the hate they like, YET WE CAN’T SAY THE TRUTH! FB never censor anything Zionists say & their filth is infinitely worse than anything I ever write. Now these are mere words but the actual reality is those responsible for nearly all the pain & suffering are deliberately heaping blame on Muslims. The media itself is guilty of an outrageous crime – inciting Islamophobia & it’s truly sickening to see how so many people are falling for it. Yet woe betide if we try & tell people what’s happening.


The irony of it all is – the vast majority of the people who will disagree vehemently with what I am saying, will themselves pay a colossal price for their ignorance. We all will.


Freedom of Speech


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