“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear” – George Orwell

I’m sorry if this post appears rather self-indulgent. I see why some may think so but it’s not meant to be. I can assure you the last thing I want to talk about is me. This is about censorship, something which I believe isn’t just an affront to democracy, indeed our ability to think & our God given right to question. It’s far worse than that. Censorship is something mere politicians should never be permitted to tamper with for it can be utilised as a weapon. When it is, you can be sure there’s nothing to gain & the consequences can be incalculable.


No one has the right to restrict what can be said? How dare anyone take it upon themselves to decide what your children can or cannot hear. This has to be down to parents. The law deals with right & wrong. Freedom of speech must remain sacrosanct! There’s good reason. Apart from the enormous pitfalls, what could be fairer than allowing people to say what they want? If someone chooses to talk nonsense, then the chances are they’ll make a fool of themselves. Ultimately, we decide. Introducing legislation which curtails discussion (& that most definitely includes the Holocaust) should be construed as a criminal act.


Silence is anything but Golden


Considering FB was built solely for the purpose of encouraging social interaction, what’s occurred in the last 3 years takes some believing. It’s been nothing short of relentless. Before they censored me. Now it feels like an assault’s been launched on my resolve. I can safely say the desire has all but gone. Many friends know I’ve mulled over packing it in for quite some time. The will to carry on is literally hanging by a thread. The only reason I persist is because I know they want me to turn it in. If I quit, they win & that thought alone provides the juice for me to soldier on. In short, I’m taking a pasting. This year, hits on my website are down 85%!


Media lies


Please consider the work I put in – on average 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moreover, what if I had to rely on this work in order to earn a living? What kind of a world do we live when a stinking rich toe-rag somewhere can suddenly say – ‘I disagree with him. I’m going to make sure he’s screwed financially.’ Well, I’m fortunate enough not to have to rely on an income. I’m prepared to do this for nothing. What’s more, I care ever so much about product quality & because so many have shown their gratitude & appreciation, I believe it’s my duty to respond to everyone, all the time. Believe me, this alone is an arduous task.
Imagine: after 3 years bemoaning FB censorship, goodness knows how many friends said ‘get a website’. I said ‘how the bloody hell do I do that?’ They said ‘you do this; you do that & then you do this &….’ I said ‘since when did I look like Bill bloody Gates? I struggle switching the computer on & off!’ Then out of the blue, this wonderful lady offered to build me a website for free. What’s more, it turned out to be perfect & she then took time out to show me how to use it. At first I was all over the gaff. It took me a good 3 months to get to grips with it.


The flow of Information!

After 6 months, the website had over 1.25 million hits….. that’s around 8000 every day! Considering the slow start I had, I was happy & rather proud too. It was hard work. Each post took so much longer to assemble but what better incentive could I have? No matter how many friends & followers I had on my wall & likes on my GMM page, FB censorship ensured I could not broaden my horizons. This for me was a serious bone of contention. It’s not that I have to go forward; I have to know I CAN….. & it seemed for the world having my own website was the solution to this problem.
How wrong I was to presume that! Even though the subscriber list has risen steadily, this year the website could only muster 100,000 hits. Over 3 months that’s around 1000 each day. At first it didn’t bother me. You get peaks & troughs. One day you feel great; the next day you don’t fancy the coup. Sometimes you knuckle down; other times you can’t be bothered. The slump however continued. Initially I thought this had to be down to the Domain Registrar, Go Daddy. They had the odd dirty trick up their sleeve & typically, it involved the dreaded ADL. This affront to the freedom of speech though wasn’t their doing. Recently I discovered it’s all down to Facebook.


Time to wake up!

What I didn’t realise was the website relied so much on the FB feed. They hold all the cards & the proof was in the pudding – in the first 18 months my FB readership rapidly rose. All of a sudden, the wheels came off, as if Zuckerberg said ‘take that!’ It was obvious the skids were being put under me. Every 6 months or so the stats would take a nosedive. I’d slowly but surely build it back up & then wallop! This was the norm for 3 years. It was like playing bloody snakes & ladders! By the time my website was built, not even 1% of my 5000 friends & 2000 followers were receiving any of my posts. This was the integral reason for having a website.


At the end of last year, I was banned for posting into too many groups. At the time it concerned me none because I was spending almost two hours each day just sharing my posts into groups. It drove me nuts. So I decided what better time than to evict myself from over 100 groups which generated little or no action. It was laborious but by streamlining my operations I would ultimately save time. This resulted in posting into just 30-40 of the most productive groups. This way I got round the problem of being banned & the stats would hardly be affected….. & it worked. It mattered not that stats on my wall & page were languishing. Groups picked up the slack.

MSM (2)


All of a sudden, the feedback from these groups dried up. Bear in mind some of them regularly received well in excess of 200 likes & far more shares than I received on my own page & timeline. So I checked out some of the groups & noticed I couldn’t comment in nearly all of them. ….. EVEN ON MY OWN POSTS! Talk about pulling the plug! Sure enough, the stats on my website plummeted due to this. The penny had dropped – around 90% of the hits on my website were down to FB. I realised I was bang in trouble but what rankled me more than anything was discovering how FB was doing it.


These bastards realised cutting my feed to my friends & followers was insufficient because people were going directly to my page or my wall. So what do they do? Regardless of whether people did this – MOST WOULD SEE NOTHING! The same occurred in all the groups. I’d post & even though it was there right in front of me, few people would ever see it. I mean how low can you get? FB became a monster & as a result they make billions & all they have to do is hold their hand out. But to indulge in such shenanigans? This kind of skulduggery typifies Zionists. They take every last penny while they give no quarter whatsoever!


An essential media role

Anyone involved in curtailing freedom of speech is not just a criminal but a villain of the very highest order. Worse still, the only people with the ability to initiate such things are those who possess untold power & influence. This goes without saying. That’s the good news. The bad news is – most alarming of all, when one questions why anyone would wish to censor this God given right, the undeniable truth is there has to exist a hidden agenda because no one has the right to do this. Earlier I stated, there’s no upside to censorship. Make no mistake though – the consequences of allowing others to shape & manipulate what we say is incalculable. We’re playing with fire.

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  • Jenny

    EXCELLENT POST, exposing FB, keep up the good work, you will eventually be unstoppable.

  • Kenny Geach

    You do excellent journalism michael, you go to the heart of the problem. In a ‘normal ‘ society, any newspaper worth it’s salt would be fighting to have you as chief editor. I hope you can muster the umph to continue, it would be a sad loss if you couldn’t…..much appreciated. Mr Frank Zappa also spent much time fighting cencorship of any kind, of which he said there shouldn’t be any at all.

    • Thanks so much Kenny. Kind words are always appreciated but they also go a long way to giving me the impetus I need to keep striving regardless of the hurdles placed in front of me. Sadly, as you so rightly point out, we do not live in a ‘normal’ society where the cream rises to the top & one is rewarded for hard work & genuine talent. Worse still what kind of a society knowingly allows lobbies & special interest groups to bribe & coerce elected representatives, where the law turns a blind eye to child molesters & gargantuan fraudsters, moreover one where the entire mass-media is simply a collaboration of liars? It’s going to take a super-human effort to turn this around, that’s for sure. Thanks again.

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