If mankind is to pass the baton in the human relay race, money must be taken out of politics altogether

On the 17th Dec. I posted what was to all intents & purposes an irrelevant link – in the eventuality of a Donald Trump win, how he may handle Putin etc etc. If you look at the post, however, what I really wanted to highlight was the fact CNN boasted that as many as 18 million viewers tuned in to their great GOP debate. Whoopie! 18 million soppy viewers out of a country of over 300 million people. Way to go CNN. Make out how great you are when 93% of Americans think your not worth a bar of soap! Anyway, I received what I thought was an interesting comment from Kauser Abbas who said –

Who gives a damn – Putin, Trump or whoever? It’s irrelevant. Let’s talk about the truth and our real values and bring change at grass root level. Treat all people with respect and humanity. Fight those who oppose this no matter what they call themselves.


Now what interested me here is I couldn’t disagree more with the first point but everything thereafter……….


You’re 100% right about the truth & real values. A complete overhaul from the grass roots level, most certainly. Treat all people as you wish to be treated & yes, fight those opposed no matter what. I couldn’t have said it better myself.



Yet I disagree entirely with the first point you made. We’re in this mess because we never cared about who should qualify as our representatives. What we have is a system where those with money & power get what they want. The more money & power one has, the more one tends to receive in kickbacks. It’s a relatively simple equation.


The problem lies in the fact we stop short of refining our system of government. What precisely is this supposed to be? A method of establishing greater order – organisation. No question this is the way forward for it goes without saying – species that choose to organise themselves are far more likely to survive over the long-term than if they were to adopt a free-for-all approach.


What wealth does


The proof is in the pudding. Having survived & thrived for over 600 million years, the most successful species on this planet is the Ant! Yes. A creature that’s blind! An astonishing 12000 varieties exist, which combined makes up a mind-boggling 20% of the total terrestrial bio-mass on Earth! How’s this possible? Untold millions of species have come & gone yet this tiny insect is seemingly indestructible? Hard as it is to believe the reason lies in the fact no species has more complex levels of hierarchy than the Ant. This effectively means – THEY’RE ORGANISED!

But there’s more to it than that. Being organised is one thing – making sure everyone obeys the rules is another thing altogether! Now it’s understandable Humans have difficulty in gauging time. 500 years & we’re back in the Middle Ages. What’s ancient history to us is a geological heartbeat in terms of evolution of life on earth. Around this time we began the process of government – our method for greater organisation & order. Well, what we have to somehow grasp is Ants have been refining their political system for 600 MILLION YEARS!

End result – their method is nigh on perfect. Each level, Ants are allocated specific jobs, from Worker up to the Queen. Naturally the Workers do the graft. However, even if it means certain death there’s no hesitation. The moment the order is given, the Ants steam in. Some system eh? One that’s eradicated fear! This is why Ants can eventually overcome a creature 100 times their size. They immediately set about dismantling it & with military precision, the proceeds are carried back to the colony, like an SAS smash & grab job. They know the quicker they get in & out, the better. It takes some believing but if you watch an entire colony going about it’s business, it’s as if it operates as a single entity.

So, just imagine the kind of political system we could have say in a million years, that’s if we can somehow survive? I think it’s safe to say it would be far removed from the one we have today, where we have to suffer the ignominy of our crooked politicians forever telling us how great our democracy is when it’s rotten to the core. If it was so good why are we in the khazi? Democracy isn’t something we should be proud of as if it’s the be all & end all. It’s something we should strive to improve because if we don’t, while the Ants continue on their merry way, the chances are the evolutionary cul-de-sac club could soon have another member. 


Wealth & srarvation


Mankind & indeed the fate of the entire planet hangs in balance because of one reason – GREED! Money decides everything! I can safely say if we don’t overcome this problem we’re finished. 

“Concentration of wealth yields concentration of political power. And concentration of political power gives rise to legislation that increases and accelerates the cycle”  ……….. Professor Noam Chomsky


The only one


What’s happening today is a direct consequence of continuing to utilise a system of government that we knew all along was fundamentally flawed. Yet every time I talk about this subject bemoaning the fact we have to take money out of politics, it’s a cast-iron certainty someone will say “aaaaahhh, it’s always been like this!” I mean are we completely dense? Look. Greed has gravitational tendencies – the more you have, the more you want; the bigger you get; the greater the attraction. This means the process of wealth transfer will occur at an ever-increasing rate. What has happened in the last 35 years is testament to this –




1) Without any discussion or pledges in manifestos, our politicians have deliberately opened up tax loopholes so that the wealthiest companies & individuals never pay a penny tax. Needless to say the profits of major companies have gone through the roof.  
2) Oh but why not repeal the Glass/Steagel act which for years protected the public by ensuring banks could not gamble above their means. What proceeded was a 10 year pyramid scheme that in the UK alone resulted in a £70 billion shortfall that the public is still paying for. Not one banker was jailed.


Bankster mafiosi


3) You’d think there’s no more we could do for these greedy bastards! WRONG! Why not repeal laws which ensured companies had to abide by regulations which protected the environment. The BP oil disaster in the Gulf was a direct consequence of this.


Big Oil!


4) Not content with this 35 years ago in the UK, the greatest con of all was put into motion. It was called Privatization but what it actually meant was what we owned would be sold off at bargain basement prices virtually guaranteeing profits for those who could buy shares. However –
i. The public though was allocated a relatively small percentage of the shares which resulted in ordinary folk being given as little as 20% in shares & being refunded the rest.
ii. In the meantime the vast majority of the shares went to the super wealthy. The more you had, the more you could buy. At the time I remember thinking – ISN’T ANYONE GOING TO SAY ANYTHING? Oh but it gets worse.
iii. What we never told was the government could then do what it wanted with our money. Now if what WE OWNED was being sold, surely it had to be spent on investment, infrastructure, hospitals, better transport – I can go on & on. Instead what occurred was tax cuts where once again the wealthy benefited far more than ordinary folk. The top rate of tax was slashed whereas one poxy percent came off the basic rate! Oh but it gets worse.
iv. We then started seeing an eruption occur in indirect taxes. Every year the price of Petrol, booze & cigarettes were raised. This made little difference to the wealthy whereas what they gave in one hand to Mr & Mrs Joe Dumbo, was then taken by the other hand. The tax cuts for the ordinary person amounted to a Mars bar! But the worst is yet to come.


G warming


v. Privatization of Oil, Gas, Electricity, Phone & Water services meant the prices for these essential services would begin to go through the roof. All these industries are in cahoots, effectively working as cartels so that when one raises their prices, all the others do. The public has been well & truly taken to the cleaners & the amazing thing about it is, much of the public remains oblivious. They still need the media to tell them that Privatization was one massive con trick! 




It was inevitable therefore that but a handful of people would end up owning almost everything & that most definitely includes the politicians & the media. They’ve been bought just as our essential industries have. That idiot on Wall Street who said greed is good couldn’t have been more wrong. Nature demands balance. Now we find ourselves in a situation where these greedy lunatics haven’t just got their mitts on everything. After 35 years of this crap, the cupboard’s not only bare – these vermin have made sure we’re up to our ears in debt. Soon the shit will hit the fan & the only thing they’re worried about is the one thing we’ve got which they don’t have – strength in numbers. Everything that’s being done now is to make sure these scumbags keep their ill-gotten gains & that means they have to get rid of us! 


Hey Fresco!


If we ever get out of this mess, it goes without saying we can never again allow money into politics, in any way, shape or form. Moreover, We have to have a system in place where our politicians are those with the sharpest minds intellectually, as well as experts in their particular fields. We have to have an all-powerful body that’s open & transparent & whose job is simply to trouble-shoot. How do we make this system better? How can we have a fair & just system for not just everyone but the planet on which we live so that decisions are always made for the greater good? How can we work toward dismissing the notion national interests supersede the good of the planet? We simply have to rid ourselves of bribery, corruption & coercion. We have to continuously modifying existing rules in order to flush out any loopholes & discrepancies that could leave the system open to skulduggery. I have some of the answers but I feel this is worthy of a post in it’s own right. I’ve given all I can for now. 


Our forests






  • Khaled Azzam

    Love reading your articles, I found myself stopping partly through and opening another window so I don’t forget to look further into the ant.. Very interesting.. Gods miracles are everywhere! Thanks again! In Islam Michael, you are rewarded for exactly what you are doing.. Learning/giving knowledge/thinking..
    May allah bless you!

    • Thank you Khaled. Did you see the two pieces yesterday that you inspired me to write?

      • Khaled Azzam

        Yes I did thank you very much for your ongoing researching -and reporting on the matters in Palestine.. The truth sometimes hurts and in the case of the oppressed in Palestine the truth always hurts that’s why I feel like normal caring people try to overlook or not think about it.. But it’s going to get worse.. I was just driving home listening to Glenn beck praising Benjamin Netanyahu and saying he should be running our country! Like he’s not! I tried to call him I couldn’t get through, oh good thing cuz I wouldn’t be able to get the words out.. Appalled, jaw dropping what this man was saying on air.

        There was a congresswoman by the name of Cynthia McKinney and first another lawmaker who spoke out about how all candidates for congress (forgot how many 1000s) have to sign a pledge to Israel before they can get real campaign contributions…

        Imagine a world without the Mossad, without zionists, without the idf, and without the knesset.. I will dream good tonight Mike.

        96.999% of all problems will be wiped out. Don’t ask how I came up with that number it may be higher lol..

        Think of a society with real information all the time! From a totally neutral perspective, why would there be no regulation for the news outlets? Why is there only privately owned news?

        Imagine no misinformation!
        I was born in NY Mike my parents were the only members of there families to get lucky and come to America, we do have a home in the West Bank we built in 1995.. I hope to go back and stay some time. Idk.
        Anyways to the point.. As a kid I used to read up on bill cooper and ufos and all that.. That passion faded long ago but I definitely believe he was sincere and was assassinated.. Others I used to read on was Alex jones who is a total clown. He spreads a lot of misinformation… The thing is money rules, people unconsciously sell there souls for money.. I used to watch cnn when I was young and think i was informed lol… How funny that is to me now..

        Hey, stay up!!

  • Dolores

    Thank You for sharing yoir clarity and strength of vision. If only ALL the world was made to read this today and vote yes or no to implement your ideas immediately. We might save ourselves from extermination.

  • Khaled Azzam

    Everybody wakes up and goes to sleep for the dollar Mike, they wake up early, mad, groggy, as we should be, drive in traffic to go to slave for paper money that is issued from a privately owned banking dynasty worth over 600 trillion. These are devil worshippers.. The synagogue of Satan.. Money magic etc.. It’s not about the power anymore than it is about having the control over everyone’s souls on this planet.. We are and have always been heading in the wrong direction… The opposition to these banks is all but gone…

    • I agree except the opposition to these banksters is enormous. However our problem is we’re not organised collectively to make our power tell, whereas the banksters have the financial clout to buy what matters.

  • Khaled Azzam


    ^In regards to what I said to you in the last sentence of my first reply in this post…

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