If you possess a yearning for the truth, whatever the media says, imagine the exact opposite!

It may sound daft; for me, it’s a hard & fast rule. Why else do I have this as a foreword on my website & GMMuk FB page? Because it’s so damn near the mark. If only more folk incorporated this into their psyche. The media merely creates the perfect scenario so that it’s proprietors can continue to propel their NWO agenda forward. Therefore, more often than not, what we’re told couldn’t be further from the truth.

The secret behind the media’s stranglehold over people’s minds though is not simply their all-encompassing ability to tell porkies through every orifice. Their chief strength lies in their ability to completely ignore news items that in any way counters the bullshit they drum into us. Since the media’s newsworthiness is more akin to soap opera tripe, it’s a cast-iron certainty, apart from the date, we never hear the truth. You see, news is only news when it makes the news!

Here’s a classic example. Normally this would be front page news. Think about it. At a time when Jeremy Corbyn is under assault thanks to totally fabricated smears that his party is riddled with anti-Semitism, here we have three elections where there exists an above average concentration of Jewish voters & look how the Labour vote increased. Naturally this confounds the media narrative so they clam up! Trouble is, instead of running away with their tails between their legs, they pound us with the same drivel. Talk about being able to have their cake & eat it?

Interesting to say the very least that so many Jews want Corbyn. However, what people should really consider though is all this is occurring under a backdrop of bias that in the history of British Constitutional politics is unprecedented. Corbyn leads the polls alright but just imagine how popular he’d be if the media was impartial & actually gave the Tories the stick they undeniably deserve? JC would win the next election by the biggest landslide ever!

What amazes me more than anything is how the media gives Watson all the traction he needs while not one pathetic Zionist patsy so-called reporter/journalist ever bothers to point out what’s patently obvious & by doing so slaughter the very notion there’s any truth behind these fabricated claims of anti-Semitism –

“hang on a minute Mr Watson. How come you only started moaning about anti-Semitism the day after Jeremy Corbyn became Lanour leader? Are you saying the guy who virtually stood alone campaigning against Apartheid is actually a racist?” This alone would prove these are all Zionist lies in order to usurp our democracy! Here the media is doing nothing less than committing Treason!


  • Rodney Johnson

    Exactly what I do. It may not be the true facts but it is a better starting point.

  • neil unwin

    They should change the title (Antisemitism) to Anti-Israelism,. It`s the only country/regime/government in the world that you cant criticize, without being labelled racist.. That`s the only reason they`ve revamped their definition, so as to discourage ALL criticism of Israel & its` crimes.. Im surprised they havent added an 11th Commandment to their 2000 years old book (the bible), & we all know what that would be.. Thou Shalt Not Criticize Israel..

    • Too right Neil. What bothers me is even though they’re showing out like before; I mean their desperation couldn’t be more obvious yet they’re still allowed to apply untold pressure wherever they want!

  • brian

    The philosopher Kierkeguard said ” i know truth only when it becomes live in me”
    the zio lies from w w 2 9 11 the king david hotel the bolocaust etc poison our minds to the evil of the jew

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