If your free, the last thing you need to be told is how your living in a free country

Who was it who said words to the effect – beware the politician who reminds you of freedom & democracy. Surely the very act of living in a free nation renders such talk odsolete.

Freedom is sacrosanct!

Freedom is sacrosanct!


  • Ahmad muhd

    Freedom of democracy, nothing as such in place…! if anyone has been thinking, freedom and democracy go hand in hand he deceive himself! what democracy means and what it was putting it to mean by those stupendous politicians have remain parallel.

    If there could be anything freedom, probably the issues of legality would also be pointed, but no legal status to have defined democracy. For example, Palestinians are peace lovers, they never fight any sovereign state, they are natural farmers, but they fail to realize their own right in the world, which is is campaigning for the rhetoric of democracy and legal principles! That’s means to say: the democratic implications would not be reaped off by Palestine, but by Israel! perhaps one can come to consider democracy as the tool by which the stron nations use to exploit of undermined weak nations….in the ratio: geometric progression, which have been exploiting Africans.

    The worst part of democracy has been global insecurity and monetary policies of the world’s system. That is, no one could, whatever level of development you reached, to govern your country, with their traditional systems and resources without him been classified as dictator, undemocratic state, if you are not so loyal to the world of Zionists ! But if you attempt to practice democracy proper, they hated you to do so….why, only God knows, but they don’t want anyone to be completely free and with the real democratic system. Therefore, democracy could not be justified, especially through America or any western European state. If the democracy would be justified, then, Palestinians should be given their political state, Israel must be published for being the haters of democracy,genocidal society, looters and international criminals, not Iran or any other independent political state…this is legality and it is democracy.

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