I’m beginning to fear Jeremy Corbyn will be targeted for assassination

Just over two weeks ago I started writing but immediately felt a heavy heart. Something wasn’t right & the more I thought about it, the more my trepidation grew. The UK army using an image of Jeremy Corbyn for target practice? Ever since it’s been a struggle to finish the piece. No simple task convincing folk there was a distinct possibility Jeremy Corbyn was going to be killed. I so hope I’m wrong. It’s the last thing I want & I’ll go mad if it happens but this incident with the army, along with the bile spouted by Alan Sugar, Rachel Riley & the media’s reaction to all of this, no. This is hardly paranoia. There’s more to this than meets the eye.

The similarities with Bobby Kennedy are striking. He was about to become President & bang! Some spaced out loony killed this great man & in doing so changed the course of history. Lo & behold, those who had all the motive, NWO warmongers, naturally, through their control of the MSM, were never placed in the frame. Could it have been any more obvious they were also behind the assassination of Bobby’s brother five years earlier? Mankind was heading in a positive direction in the 60’s. Suddenly, it was as if Pandora’s box opened for the Zionist warlords & all they needed was the contemptible media to ride shotgun & a couple of patsies to take the dairy off themselves.

I believe the same scenario is unfolding today. Corbyn could spell disaster for the NWO brigade so a climate is being created where uninitiated folk will not think too hard if JC just happens to get ironed out. There will be the initial shock & then the media will swing into gear promoting the bullshit notion, which they themselves nurtured, that JC apparently had enemies. It was just one of those unfortunate things! Gone & three days later, forgotten, just like John Smith!

But hang on a minute – don’t all politicians have enemies? Of course they do, so this argument falls flat on it’s face. Considering too how so many more people would love to see Blair, Cameron & May suffer a similar fate yet we all feel we could never be so lucky. With Blair I’d bet millions would actually celebrate his demise. I would! The problem is the public is never made aware of such anomalies. As a result people don’t realise there aren’t so many options when it comes to snuffing out leaders that can’t be bought. The one often utilised is not great by any stretch of the imagination but enough for the perpetrators to succeed &
evade capture. Fact is, they’d rather not have to kill prominent officials but the harsh reality is we live in an evil world where good folk who can make a difference are the ones regularly targeted. What an obstacle Nature has presented us. Ideally we’d far prefer to live in a world where evil folk were the ones who had to watch their back. The dilemma for mankind is good people don’t commit heinous crimes!

Like I said the media is creating a fake backdrop. JC is slowly but surely being set up. Put it all together – the egg throwing incident; Alan Sugar openly declaring he’d leave the UK if JC became our Prime Minister; then the target practice in Afghanistan capping it all with a two-bit celebrity Rachel Riley making herself busy perpetuating all the lies about anti-Semitim & Corbyn being racist. There is no way someone with her intelligence can be that daft to believe these allegations of anti-Semitism in the Labour party are genuine. Of course Corbyn supporters are going to unload on her. We’ve had enough media bias & lies. Now she’s crying wolf? And to think I used to adore her. To hell with her now.


But here’s the huge eye-opener – look what happened to Jeremy Clarkson, one of UK’s biggest celebrities when he slagged off Gordon Brown? Even though his show Top Gear was the greatest money spinner the BBC has ever had, HE WAS MADE TO APOLOGISE! Bear in mind Brown at the time was the Prime Minister & deserved some stick whereas Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t yet held office. He hasn’t had the chance to do anything for people to roundly admonish him. So there has to be a hidden agenda & it all points in one direction.

For me though, the target practice clinched it. Here was something infinitely worse than the jibe Clarkson aimed at Gordon Brown yet the media made nothing of it. Now imagine if our soldiers were shooting at an image of Benjamin Netanyahu. Tell me if you think I’m wrong in saying the media would have gone ballistic; apologies would have been sprayed around like confetti; the soldiers involved would immediately be facing disciplinary action & Theresa May would have ordered an inquiry. Am I wrong? No. THAT’S WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED! All this for a foreign leader who’s a pathological liar, a mass-murderer, the most dangerous man on the planet! Yet for one of our own leaders, look at the reaction. The media hasn’t uttered a word in condemnation. So what else could I do but think?

So I asked a perfectly normal question, one the media should not have just asked but demanded from day one – WHAT POSSESSED UK MILITARY PERSONNEL DO SUCH A THING & WHY JEREMY CORBYN? This shows the media up for the scum they are. What’s crucial is understanding how they’d have reacted had this been a crazy one-off prank. I’m sure if they were taken by surprise they’d have asked a few questions, discovered who the soldiers were & applied some pressure on the top brass to discipline those involved & in the process sell a few papers. But what if this ‘target practice’ had all been arranged, which incidentally is a classic Zionist Modus Operandi? For sure the media would have been told – ‘play it down. Treat it as some sort of joke & then let the matter die’ because the last thing they wanted was anyone to dig further. Well, ISN’T THIS EXACTLY WHAT’S OCCURRED? The issue looks like it’s being swept under the carpet.

We know the establishment is desperate to stop JC becoming Prime Minister. The manner in which the media has relentlessly attacked him is testament to this. It smacks of desperation. They’re literally making it up as they go along & so no surprise it all but appears they’ve shot their bolt. So now it’s a question of can they get to him like they did with Trump & Obama or do they not want to take the risk? As much as they want to rid themselves of JC & we know who they are, it counts for nothing in a court of law. Wanting someone dead doesn’t mean you’re going to kill them. So in order to give the conspirators an out, they have to have a patsy so the media can place the blame squarely at the feet of a lunatic who acted alone. The best way to sell this is to have the public believing JC has enemies & that this was yet another random act of madness, just like Bobby Kennedy. Anything else & it would be too obvious.

When Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour party something else happened that day. He’d inadvertently placed his name on what can only be described as a hit list. Most folk realise this. However, I now believe his life hangs in the balance. I feel the nearer he gets to No.10, the greater the chance of his assassination. I say this because I have an awkward feeling there’s an ulterior motive for the actions of people like Rachel Riley & Alan Sugar. Even the egg throwing incident was spun by the media but my worst fears were confirmed when I saw the media’s reaction to the incident in Afghanistan. They treated this abomination as if it was nothing.

What’s so sickening is those who used JC’s face for target practice know him as a man of peace. He actually cares more for their lives than any other UK politician. Blair, Cameron & May couldn’t give a damn however many military personnel were killed or maimed. And the media – why all this hatred for a man who genuinely wants to serve his people; he wants to save the NHS, Nationalise the Railways & the Water; he wants to close tax loop-holes; he supports the Palestinians, he’s anti-war & opposed to billionaire banksters? There is only one explanation – he’s viewed as a serious threat to the ambitions of those who are hell bent on establishing a New World Order.

Perhaps by highlighting these fears, should enough folk be made aware of the scenarios involved, who knows the powers that be may think twice.


  • Auntie Semite

    If anyone assassinated Jeremy Corbin, everyone would know the mossad/APARTHEID israel jew was responsible and I bet high profile jew politicians and banksters and businessmen would be executed soon thereafter. #BDS

    • I’m not so sure you’re right there Auntie. As obvious as it would be there are so many brain dead out there. That why I wrote this piece.

      • Auntie Semite

        Well I for one will join with Russia and Iran when the jew get their amerikkkan and nato mercenary slaves to start WW3 so that APARTHEID israel can bring their antichrist dajjal to rule that God forsaken country that used to be PALESTINE, and will be again after millions of people like me send the satanic/zionist jew to their lord, the devil.

  • Ron Wright

    I’m not doubting your thoughts have merit the same thought has been with me for years now. JC must surely be on a hit list. However your theory that the soldiers using his image as target practice is the clinger as a prelude to such action fails to convince me.

    The UK armed forces despise the man for what they see as his defence of the IRA. The IRA killed UK soldiers and so that makes him the enemy. Don’t forget the army is predominantly made up of individuals who failed to excel at school, they didn’t make the mark in order to obtain good jobs. They are of a lower than average IQ. They do what they are told because they cannot think for themselves. They don’t have the mental capacity to see that JC is a peace loving man, that he didn’t support the IRA. The media play on their ignorance and tell them how to view the great man, they are the ones that make Jeremy a target for the uninitiated.

    Remember too the high level of mental illness within the armed forces and how many ex squaddies are left to rot on Britains streets once they leave the bosom of her majesty’s service. I’m not suggesting you are wrong that JC is a target nor that an ex squaddie will be the patsy, but they don’t have the capability to be a lone assassin and plan such an operation alone.

    • Auntie Semite

      Almost all western media is owned by the satanic/zionist APARTHEID israel first jew. So of course they hate any person who doesn’t bow to the jew banksters and APARTHEID israel.

      Sure every nato mercenary army is full of half retards that are unemployabke outside the army, so an operation like the assassination of JFK, Jeremy Corbin and 9/11 would need to be carried out by mossad as they are trained/satanic psychopaths. #BDS

    • I have to say you’ve made some excellent points there Ron. Yes I didn’t consider the IRA scenario, though the IQ one goes without saying. I will back myself up with the call I made because it’s not so much what the army did as opposed to the media’s reaction. I didn’t say this sort of thing cannot happen. In fact I spelled out both scenarios – whether this was done off the cuff or pre-arranged. Perhaps I should have made it clearer that it was the media’s reaction to this incident that was the clincher for me.

    • I’ll tell you a few other reasons why it bothered me Ron. Some people mentioned the army were worried by the possibility JC would cut back on funds for the military; others like you mention the fact JC wanted to negotiate with the IRA. My answer to this is if there is one army in the world that displays discipline it’s the British army. I feel this act was too out of character & the soldiers therefore were put up to it.

  • Anne Tanner

    Too many unnecessary Antisemitic tropes in than post!

    It’s enough to point out that JC represents a threat to Theresa May and her vile Tory government!!

    • You’re wrong Anne. What you construe as anti-Semitism I feel is merely the truth. I also believe your comment smacks of someone who’s been compromised by the media’s subliminal brainwashing. When are people going to understand anti-Semitism is a term equated to Jews & if my memory serves me correct I never once mentioned Jews. My gripe is not with them. It’s with the Zionist warmongers & lobbies. I suggest you conduct some research on the subject & certainly stop believing anything the media says.

    • Auntie Semite

      I’m sure your ilk still expects us humans to think that some guy in a cave imploded THREE skyscrapers with TWO planes and that God is a racist that loves the jew that tortured Jesus to death and hates the Native Palestinians that worship Him. #BDS

      • Right again AS. We have a media that’s Zionist controlled. Google FB & U-tube – Zionist controlled. The banking industry – Zionist controlled. We have nearly every Tory MP belonging to the group Conservative Friends of Israel. We have almost half the Labour MPs belonging to Labour Friends of Israel.
        Then when you mention this inordinate level of Zionist influence where bear in mind they represents only 1.5% of our population, idiot after idiot construes the fact your merely telling the truth as anti-Semitic. I’m sick to the back teeth of morons who still believe what the media says.

        • Auntie Semite

          Well when satanic/zionist war criminal mass murderers like net&,yahoo get reelected again and again, I think it’s time to realize that the problem is the jew as a race in general. I usually treat people as decent and as my friend until they give me a reason not to, with the jew, I treat them as my enemy and satanic/zionist scum until they give me a reason not to.

          So yes, I’m an “anti-Semite” because I can count DECENT jew on the fingers of one hand – Miko Peled, Norm Finkelstein, Max Blumenthal, Jeffrey Sachs, and the late great Rachel Corrie. There may be others, but I take their silence as complicity with APARTHEID israel. #BDS

          • There are many more AS. The thing you have to think smart – the most censored people in the world are Jews that oppose Netanyahu & the Zionists Neo-Cons. No one ever hears about groups like the Jewish Voice for Peace. Don’t take it as silence. All the ones you mentioned get some airplay albeit not mainstream. Many Jews who are with us get no publicity.

          • Auntie Semite

            I understand that Torah jew are suppressed and oppressed,like Rabbi Dovid Weiss, but NO jew that worships God can live in Palestine, as it was FORBIDDEN to them until AFTER the Messiah lead them back, so then EVERY APARTHEID israel jew is a satanic/zionist talmudic jew, and if you’ve read any of their talmud, you’d know that they worship the devil

            And JESUS said that the devil is the FATHER of the jew, not of the zionists, Illuminati, freemasons, khazars…but the jew, and I think JESUS knows these usurious parasites better than we do. #BDS

          • I love Rabbi Weiss. Great man AS. Don’t like all the devil worshipers one bit!

  • Another superb article Michael Aydinian and as ever you provide your readers with food for thought on a critical matter. Whilst I take on board your arguments and see great merit in much of what you say, perhaps there is a simpler reason for British troops making Jeremy C a target in their shooting practice. Could it be that those British soldiers, no doubt being mostly proud and loyal ‘Brits’ do not like Mr Corbyn’s rather extreme opinions on immigration? Might they be angry that he has stated at every opportunity that he supports a policy of UNLIMITED numbers being permitted entry into the UK. Black, white, yellow, Muslim, Christian and any other religious movement being granted a place on the rather small island you and I call home. This is one policy of Jovial Jeremy that has had me searching for my dust covered air rifle and long unused targets.

    • I refer my right honourable friend to the answer I gave in the Truth Journal about half an hour ago. Thanks Tim. By the way, have you changed your phone number………. again?

    • Direct Delivereries (Ryedale) Limited

      JC will always be a target for soldier descent, after all they are worried for their job security. JC is a pacifist he has been campaigning against nuclear weapons for three decades. He is a principled man that does not simply say what the Zionist masters want him to.

      Just look at how the press twisted his words when he very sensibly said “it would be ‘wonderful’ if every country in the world stood down its arms.” Common sense to all but those still wearing the MSM blinkers, but perhaps the military and the military industrial complex would not want to envisage such a peaceful scenario.

      • Thank you DD – excellent comment.

        • Direct Delivereries (Ryedale) Limited

          I have no idea how this came up as my business profile as opposed to my private one

          • Ron Wright

            This is weird. How can my profile change that isn’t even how you spell my business name!!

          • Oh it’s you Ron. Well the lady who runs my website said she’s never seen one under such constant attack. There are always crazy things happening – people can’t subscribe; people can’t donate; subscribers never receive an email notification etc etc. It’s one thing after another.

          • Ron Wright

            The strange thing is my business name is spelt incorrectly the avatar for my business is different to the one shown here which is from my personal account.

    • Auntie Semite

      Strange how racist scum and Islamophobes never complain about the endless wars for the jew banksters and APARTHEID israel that CAUSE all the refugees they hate so much.

      And I notice how you complained about the poor Muslims and Christians coming to the UK to seek refuge from places the APARTHEID israel jew had their nato mercenary slaves destroy, like Libya, Syria, iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine…but never mention the satanic/zionist jew that are the cause, own the politicians and media that the reason for your whining racist psychotic rant. #BDS

  • Fredi Hazeem

    Great job. Really appreciate the short bio when you cite names. Helps people like me that have a simple picture of UK politics.

    Also, great meme by George Carlin. One of my few heroes.

    As for Jeremy Corbyn, the fact that the zios, military, and the media seem to hate him, makes him a great leader in my eyes.

    Shared on VK, still blocked on FB.

    • Thanks Fredi – George C was great & you make a perfect point about JC too. If those bastards hate him then he has to be a good thing for us.

    • Auntie Semite

      Sadly it’s satanic humans like the Clinton crime family that give the parasitic jew their monopoly of OUR media. Google, YouTube, FB, WhatsApp…all owned by the satanic/zionist jew. #BDS


  • Don Hanney

    Hi Michael,
    Once again a great article, I suspected they’d kill Corbyn during the last GE campaign, & that threat is still very much alive, as Treason May stated in the house of commons – “We will NEVER allow him (Corbyn) into power”, an obvious statement made on behalf of the establishment.

    Your closing remark of there being a single explanation –i.e. he’s seen as a serious threat to the NWO agenda, while being true, I see it more specifically – SOCIALISM is THE THREAT to the CAPITALIST SYSTEM, wherever in the world it rises it’s head, the early stirrings of Socialism is viciously & relentlessly put down.
    There is very good reason for this.

    There is a massive hunger amongst people world-wide for a more mutually-responsible way of life, for equality of decision-making & wealth distribution.

    The people see how the corporate-led economy extracts our wealth & natural resources, impoverishing everything in a downward spiral to oblivion, where they are surely taking us.

    People are waking up to obscene private & corporate-held wealth, & the depletion & devastation that their endless greed causes.

    This kind of concentrated wealth is only possible under a capitalist system.

    Contrast that to a society where resources, business & profit is responsibly shared for the benefit of all it’s members (ie co-operatives, public ownership), who in their own modus operandi’s make decisions which support themselves & their environment in a self-sustaining manner, and eliminate practices which are harmful. The vast collective profit which is a natural product of our work is then made available for comprehensive public services & maintenance, effectively creating a haven our Socialist forefathers only dreamt-of, when they put the basics of a fair society in place in post-war Britain.

    The fact is this kind of utopia is possible but has never been achieved. (at least not in Britain)
    The benefits of Socialism were never allowed to fully blossom, because capitalism itself became threatened, if Socialism had developed further, it would have led to complete change of the private banking system, the vehicle which underpins capitalism, & sounded the death-knell for the soul-less corporations.

    The capitalist system depends on it’s business & banking models, without their inherent corrupt practices to oil their wheels, they are quickly doomed to failure.

    So then, to summarise, the corporations CAN BE DEFEATED, we simply need to install SOCIALISM in each of our countries and promote it’s genuine working principles.

    Socialism leads to the death of corporations & capitalism itself !

    Genuine undiluted, unadulterated Socialism is the only vehicle which can deliver that which we all seek, which is a fairer human society, respecting it’s privilege & existence on this miraculous, beautiful planet.

    Many Thanks, Don Hanney.

    • Excellent Don. Yes I agree entirely though I feel the NWO & the Capitalist system go hand in hand. I believe you are correct in saying true socialism has never been given a chance for the bastards in control make sure they always pull the rug. Big is definitely bad & that’s what happens with a capitalist system. Money is gravitational & therefore it all has to end up in one place. Thanks mate. Much appreciate your support.

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