I’m still pinching myself but I became a member of the Labor Party

If you’d have told me this would happen a month ago I’d have thought you were off your rocker – either too much gear or too much vodka! How many times does it happen – never say never! Me? Becoming a member of a political party? I only joined to cast a vote for Mr. Corbyn. Fact is though, if he becomes leader, I’ll stay a party member. If the Zionists cheat in the election, because apart from getting hit by a bus, this is the only way Corbyn will not be the new Labor leader. Should this happen, my direct debit will be cancelled quicker than Usain Bolt gets out the traps.


Incidentally, yesterday I went to a meeting where George Galloway was spelling out what he’d do if he was elected mayor. Needless to say the anti-war, prosecute Tony Blair, not so flying Scotsman said “when Miliband threw the towel in, Labor party membership had sunk to a paltry 200,000. Since Corbyn threw his hat in the ring party membership had suddenly leapt to 600,000!” Moreover, as the likelihood of Corbyn becoming leader increases, so is the membership. Galloway reckoned it should have hit a million at 10.30 last night! Joking aside if Corbyn becomes Labor leader it certainly is a light at the end of a tunnel. The trouble is I cannot begin to tell you & I’m sure you all know, the tunnel’s an almighty long one.




I’m sure they’re not going to rob Corbyn like they did with RON PAUL. You see in America the media never once let the people know RP was miles in front of every other candidate. Over here the cat was out the bag from the jump. Had the elections been fair in America I’m certain RP would have won the Presidency with the greatest landslide in history. The media were able to undermine RP because the people were never told that so many of them were RP fans. In the UK RP was never mentioned. The Zionist Diebold machines did the rest. Stalin’s claim to fame, apart from being a sadistic mass-murderer, was this quote

“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

He was sure right about that!

Anyway since I became a Labor party member, straight away I received a grovelling email from none other than Liz Kendall. I replied but the language I used is unprintable. Just imagine the EXACT OPPOSITE

You’re a wonderful person. Please don’t go back to Israel you truthful lady. If you do please send my warmest regards to that glorious human being Benjamin Netanyahu. We will miss you terribly you truthful lady, who cares so much about this country & its people!


Actually, I had a good laugh myself when I heard Miliband endorsed Liz kendall. I nearly fell out my seat laughing. I mean there’s the kiss of death but TALK ABOUT THE FINAL NAIL IN A COFFIN. BEAUTIFUL. We must enjoy these moments because it shows how desperate they are. I’d like to bet this woman has ZERO support…….. oh apart from our friends in Israel & the Zionists over here. Then before I knew it the other one, Yvette Cooper, tailed her in with the same email. This time I thought a more measured response –

How dare you treat you’re own colleague in such a disgraceful manner. Why don’t you criticise the other two pieces of pure unadulterated garbage? Corbyn is a good man & you know it. He’s never sold out. Our country’s going down the drain. You want to know why? Because there are way too many people like you who can’t wait to sell out to the Zionist lobbies & big business. There is not one shred of integrity in anything you do. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
What are we becoming? It’s hard to have a more honest public servant who sticks by his principles than Jeremy Corbyn. He consistently claims among the lowest amounts for expenses & what of the assertion he’s unelectable. How can you suffer these lies? When he took over Islington North he inherited a 5000 majority. 32 years later he’s one of the few Labor MP’s who’s increased his majority. He now has a whopping 23,000 majority. He looks pretty damn electable to me. 

Can't be bought



  • Simon

    Excellent. 🙂

  • Linda Morrison

    Wish I was back in the UK just to join the Labour Party! Keep it up Michael! Love your reponse to their emails😂😂😂😂😂

  • les

    i stopped my labour party membership when Bliar took us into an illegal war , i was gob smacked very very disappointed
    i still voted labour though. Imagine the joy i felt when Jeremy Corbyn came along , i paid my £ 3.00
    When Jeremy wins i might very well rejoin .
    I believe we are seeing big changes ahead ,a very exciting time in British politics

  • barrabus

    Yes Michael good reading , I read your last article as well…….I’m still kicking myself for not taking 500-1 on JC, I saw this coming 3 months ago. However I still feel he ort to walk away from the Labour Party and form another otherwise time will be wasted in the first 12 months of office chopping out the dead wood, closet tories and bliarites. If I were getting as much flack as JC is from within my own party and I had the people support he has behind him I would leave the Labour Party for dead. It’s not just British politics that are in the 1600’s ,the whole establishment needs a reboot or sending on the next pluto mission with the saxe coburg’s at the helm…… the latter is preferred. JC’s got the youth vote and they don’t usually bother (who can blame them they are informed, their not a Brainwashed BBC generation and thank goodness for that.

    • 500/1 JESUS! I’ve given up gambling but man, I’d have gone for that big! However, while I understand why you’re saying he should dump the Labor party, that I believe would be a disaster. Over half the voters still vote Labor or Tory. This apparatus is in place & most people for now are stuck in the groove. People want to vote for a party that can win. Most crucially, a breakaway party would give the Zionist manipulators & their media cohorts room to manoeuvre. Look how UKIP was so popular. All the talk of the Conservatives suffering at their hands – okay, they cheated but look at the end result. No. What you must consider is look how worried the Zionists are. They’re killing themselves simply by criticising a man who is pretty much squeaky clean.

  • Kevin sparrow

    Excellent, I too will rejoin the Labour Party if JC wins.
    The people of this country I believe are finally waking up to what’s going on, and I believe that Cameron & Co when they have shattered the working class will then turn on the middle class.
    We need to fight back protest and keep protesting.

    • Why don’t you join now & vote Kevin? I think also the Middle Class have been turned on – there are 2 classes now – the poverty class (which includes the disabled & the elderly with the homeless); there’s the working class & there’s the stinking rich who are actually trying to steal everything!

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