Imagine the mafia proposing – we want control of everything that we believe we should control & you have no say in the matter. How would you feel about that? Well, this in a nutshell is The Trans Pacific Partnership

Seems crazy, doesn’t it? Well, I struggled. I was so desperate to come up with an appropriate analogy for it had to be one which highlighted the criminality yet one people would have no difficulty understanding. So I say again –

Imagine the most powerful, evil mafiosi saying they want to control pretty much anything they so choose & you have no say whatsoever. How would you feel? Well, this in a nutshell is The Trans Pacific Partnership.

Stop the TPP!

Stop the TPP!

This is a great link with Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman interviewing the irrepressible Julian Assange. This is an act of blatant criminality. There are goodness knows how many reasons why we cannot allow this to happen but I’ll just highlight one – the TPP will effectively allow these scumbags to do what they want with the Internet. In my opinion the beginning of the end started some time ago. The TPP however, for us, would be a giant leap in the wrong direction.

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