In an ideal world…….

The first thing that entered my mind was this song by the Beach Boys yet I’ve got no idea what it’s called & it’s not even a song I like! But the very first line of the song was in my brain before I knew it -‘ wouldn’t it be nice.’ Wouldn’t it indeed. I know – it goes without saying these traitors deserve a damn sight more but this will do…….. for now. I’ll tell you what worries me though – the one on the left is more than capable of making us feel the one on the right wasn’t so bad after all. Thanks to John Miranda for this little beauty….


Wouldn't it be nice....

Wouldn’t it be nice….


You think I’m joking about Hilary, think again. I believe most politicians gravitite to fully-fledged gangster status while they’re on the way up. Well, the Clintons were criminals of the worst kind from day one. If you want a true perspective of the kind of people somehow finding their way into the upper echelons of power, you can do no better than watch all 12 segments for this is a truly stunning documentary that charts the secret lives of the Clintons.


Part 1         Part 2         Part 3        Part 4

Part 5         Part 6         Part 7        Part 8

Part 9         Part 10       Part 11      Part 12






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