In Memory of Anthony Lawson – WTC7: This is an Orange – The death of Democracy.

Two days ago I posted a piece Friends of Israel – Enemies Inside the Gates by ANTHONY LAWSON. My first line was ‘thankfully there are some journalists who say the whole truth & nothing but.’ Sadly we lost Anthony Lawson earlier this year. Here is a fine tribute from his son & I thought I’d include my two favorite Lawson videos –

In Memory of Anthony Lawson






Though it must be said, this video carries a GMM HEALTH WARNING! Watching Congress shamefully jump up & down giving the greatest maniac on the planet standing ovation after standing ovation, take it from me, it can bring about violent convulsions.



  • sad american

    This video is painful to watch as it invokes so much outrage in me to see an entire Congress bowing to the very same people who would secure our death and destruction while their sickening Tribe continue to work unfettered by laws, justice or common sense. Israel and their Jewish Zionism or just plain belief that they deserve everything in their Talmudic insanity must have a bridle put into their mouths to control their unspeakable crimes against humanity that exists daily.
    The United States is filled with Jewish crimes all well hidden and suppressed by their control of the news print and multimedia as well as their massive control of the legal system and the legal profession.
    In my area alone, 7 businesses were found to be participating in prostitution and illegal drugs and NOT one name of the owners of the establishments is to be found in print. Less than 24 hours later, 3 of the businesses, all owned by the same person have had their licenses reinstated. The business are all strip clubs which is a prime Jewish enterprise all over the U.S. If it is vile and disgusting and immoral you will find a Jew behind it all greedily counting his easy money.
    Worldwide, a Jew is a dangerous creature and don’t ever forget it. And as Nickola Tesla said: “Never trust a Jew”. And yes, I already know that not EVERY Jewish person is evil. That argument is not an issue and when discussing Jews, it is being used in general terms.

    • I know how you mrst feel Sad American. Netanyahu is without doubt the most repulsive specimen on the planet. How these traitors can salute this piece of shit is beyond me. The amazing thing is in 2001 Netanyahu said “ONCE WE SQUEEZE ALL WE CAN OUT OF THE UNITED STATES, IT CAN DRY UP & BLOW AWAY!” I only wish every American knew this.

  • sad american

    WTC 7 – And the Congress knows who are the demolition experts as only two companies excel at this type of business. Did anyone question those owners? Did Congress investigate the Loizeaux business? Deliberate incompetence, obfuscation and deception is all the American people got in the investigation of 9/11. Congress was complicit in this entire criminal enterprise to further enslave America citizens under the guise of having to go to war against Arabs. All to benefit Israel and the rich Jewish enterprises worldwide.

  • brightlight

    Zionists are not the same as Jews, so please do not name Jews when you refer to Israel and their crimes, they are not the same thing!! Thank you and thank you too Michael for publishing this information. I would love to help you with a donation, but right now things are hard in Spain for us all too with this current crisis, if I can later, rest assured, a donation will come your way, you really do deserve it. <3 <3 <3

    • Brightlight – I am quite aware Zionists & Jews are different people altogether. I only wish more Jews knew it. Zionists have stolen Judaism rather like the way they’ve stolen Palestinian land. And thank you for kind thoughts. No need to worry about me – I always find a way………..

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