Incontrovertible – New 9/11 Documentary by Tony Rooke

I first met Tony Rooke 4 years ago in Horsham Sussex. He was due in court that day because he refused to pay the BBC TV licence fee on the grounds the BBC was in breach of the Royal Charter’s operating requirements. The BBC is duty bound to be truthful & impartial. On both counts it fails miserably & Tony Rooke felt he had an air-tight case centered around the BBC’s inexplicable report of the collapse of WTC7, 22 MINUTES BEFORE IT DID COLLAPSE!


Since I felt the same way, not just regarding the BBC but the entire corporate media, I went along to the court case. To this day both Mr. Rooke & I have refused to pay the BBC TV licence. I even sent them a letter literally begging them to take me to court. I’m still waiting & I’m not in the least bit surprised – the BBC doesn’t have a leg to stand on. I told them I’ll pay my licence fee when they kick out all the Zionists & start telling the truth.


Anyway I was sent this video & not that I need any convincing the official account of 9/11 was farcical, I watched it all the way through because of the Tony Rooke connection. I know enough about him to say he’s as meticulous & honest as they come. I’m posting this not for the benefit of my FB friends because the vast majority of them are quite aware 9/11 was an inside job. However, judging by the comments made on posts on my website it is abundantly clear many folk still believe the ludicrous official account. I feel this video could very well open a few people’s minds.



  • jill

    I will watch. Anything of honesty today is rewarding and especially on a subject so very flawed by the MSM.

  • Anthony

    I do have a question.

    Why didn’t the documentary mention the israeli mosad arrested on the day? They were witnessed to be celebration the terrorist event. They exploded truck bombs on the day. The police foiled an attempt to explode a truck bomb under the George Washington Bridge; and took the truck into their custody. They had a van with a mural on the side of planes flying into the twin towers. They failed polygraph tests. The FBI said they have information linking israel to the terrorist event. Don’t you think they should have bee mentioned???

    • I agree with you 100% Anthony. It’s obvious 9/11 was a Zionist operation. However, I know Tony & he’s more into proving the official account was baloney as opposed to pointing the finger. That’s what his video was about – proving we were lied to.

      • Anthony

        With all respect (and I mean that sincerely), we have to stop playing these games. I understand very well that it is a taboo to mention the jews. I understand that they are very powerful and any production pointing out that they did it, will be met with anger and aggression but I think we neglect to point the finger at a very, very great risk.

        • I couldn’t agree more Anthony. This is why we’re in this mess.

          • In my 9/11 file documentary I have two very well made videos all about what you talk about Anthony, and I have bracketed both of them ‘smoking gun’ BUT because this video by Tony Rooke is so damn good, I feel that this omission can be forgiven in this instance. The bit about the war law just says it all, and shows up ALL the criminals, Zionist and non-Zionists.
            There are also other weirder dimensions to this. Like for example occult clues. that all over these events, as well as their times of speeches, building measurements, locations, even their birthdays and NAMES (example Bill ‘Clinton’ didn’t always have that surname, and the gematria of ‘Clinton’ is summed to 33). They seem to use a CODE which can be discerned through patterns of number, both in themselves (Numerology) but also as letters and words 9Gematria). This code can see seen as a way they communicate with each other, as some form of magickal means, they believe helps their operations, and maybe as some form of mind-control.
            Checkout the Youtube channel under his name Zachary K Hubbard for more in-depth on this angle of the investigation.
            He sees the real enemy as The Freemasons and the Zionists. Both love their word and number codes, symbols, and the ancient Jewish Kabbalah, AND secrecy!
            Remember that very telling video that has gone viral which shows Both W Bush and John Kerry being interviewed separately by the same TV media person? he asks each one about their membership in Skull and Bones. Their reaction and body language and their rush to quickly change the subject are almost identical . They emphasize the secrecy of their club!

          • Thanks for that Juliano – as JFK tried to warn us in his great secret societies speech.

  • francesco Guerrisi

    hi’ my name is francesco;i realise that 9/11was false by discussing at work that events.stating this kind of terrorism was more than what the eye could see;by only saying that those arabs were not clever enough to pull sUCh a terror attack;that was i OW SINCE THE WAR ONGAZA JUNE 2014 I START POSTED VIDEO ON 9/11just because to get back at the jews, becausei knew they were involved big time on 9/11.period;by psting video on social media i TRY TO CONVINCE THE AMERICAN PUBLIC TO BE ACTIVE ON THE 9/11ATTACK &TO ASK QUESTION;ONE DAY IN THE NON DISTANT FUTURE THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT;ALL MY VIDEO CLIP THAT I POST WAS TAKEN FROM YOU TUBE:BY DOING THAT I GONE BACK IN YEARS RESEARCH ING THE JEWS ZIONIST PLOTS FROM MANY YEARS BACKS;AN I NOTICE SO MUCH INVOLVEMENT BY THE JEW MOSSAD INTELLINGENZE. F G UERRISI.;KEEP ACTIVE.GOOD BYE.

  • Peter Winskill

    Didn’t Larry Silverstein admit that Building 7 had been “pulled”? He was implying that explosives had been put in the building before hand for demolition ?

    So why all the talk about the building having fallen of its own accord due to fire ?

  • Doug Briggs

    “Incontrovertible” is the crucial linchpin for closing the ring around the 911 conspirators. Conspiracy theorists? Of course. How is a conspiracy ever blown without a theory?

    A masterpiece. I messaged Richard Gage a year ago that his material was good, but over the head of ordinary people. Too long. Too detailed and too oft repeated emphasis on technical evidence — it bored average Joes so that the message was lost. But Incontrovertible? A masterpiece. I left a contribution, pitiful as it was, and will send more as well as encouraging my friends and etc. to watch this film and contribute as well.

    I am tying up a book that I now plan to hold up. to work into it this film, somehow.

    I’m frankly bowled over with this film. I only just finished it I’m still a bit giddy with delight. More later after I find how to contact you.

    Doug Briggs

    • First of all thanks so much Doug. And please let me know when your film is done. I’ll be only too happy to give it a good plug. I appreciate the work Richard Gage has done. No one can question the fact that here are the real experts when it come to Architects, Engineers & those who understand the laws of Physics simply cannot be violated. Well, the official account did nothing less than violate these laws. However, as you so rightly say, all this detail flies over the head of the average Joe. Moreover, there are far more average Joes than experts & therefore it goes without saying keeping it simple is paramount, most especially when there is that much evidence, indeed proof. This is why I made my last 9/11 video, ‘How best to convince people.’ Time & again I’ve said, to hell with the detail. In fact those like Judy Wood & others who push the ridiculous ‘no plane’ theory, who try to make a name for themselves, I believe are causing irrevocable damage to the cause by splitting the truther movement. I say there already exists mountains of evidence. Let’s concentrate on getting the perpetrators into the dock. Then we can sort out the detail.

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