Insider Says Israel Poised to Stage False Flag Attack Against U.S. Targets to Start War with Iran

Now I don’t know who this insider is & to be perfectly honest, I don’t care because whichever way you cut it, getting America to attack Iran has always been Netanyahu’s chief goal. If by now it isn’t obvious to everyone that this maniac, along with the entire Zionist controlled media, are prepared to make up any cock & bull story to destroy yet another nation that’s done absolutely nothing, then you simply have to be brain dead or just plain evil.

In any case, what earthly reason do I have to cut any slack for the same Neo-Con Zionists who unquestionably planned & executed 9/11? None of this madness today would be occurring if it wasn’t for them! As we know only too well, General Wesley Clark, who just a few weeks after 9/11 stated, the plan all along was to manufacture a bogus war on terror for the purpose of destroying seven Arab/Muslim nations, Iran being the final stage of what effectively is Oded Yinon’s 1982 plan for the creation of Greater Israel.

But there’s another reason why we simply have to throw caution to the wind. We know they want to attack Iran; most of us realise the excuse to attack Iran will come via a false flag attack, either America attacking it’s own forces or Israel attacking a designated American target. You can be sure Israel will not be the false flag target. Whatever happens, Iran will be blamed. Therefore, the only option we have is to spread the word so that as many people as possible become aware this is what they have in mind. Who knows, if enough pressure can be created, the warmongers might be forced into thinking again. We have to spread the word. Doing nothing is not an option.

Here are two articles that need to be read & then sprayed around like confetti –

Insider Says Israel Poised to Stage False Flag Attack Against U.S. Targets to Start War with Iran

Here’s an excerpt. The details are harrowing to say the least. At best, this is nothing less than indiscriminate, organised mass-murder of millions of innocent folk; at worst it could mean total annihilation! I always felt if anyone was going to be responsible for starting WW III, Benjamin Netanyahu would be the one.

  • 100 tactical nukes will be used to eliminate the Iranian military.
  • 120,000 U.S. ground troops will be used in the invasion.
  • France, the U.K., Canada, Saudi Arabia and Israel are expected to join a “coalition” in support of the war.
  • CIA assets and counter-intel efforts have been ramped-up over the past year in preparation.
  • A “False Flag” is being prepared to be used before the war with Iran.
  • Propaganda is being prepped by White House and Israeli counterparts.
  • Israel will support the effort and Benjamin Netanyahu was reportedly “smiling ear to ear” during a recent meeting with John Bolton.
  • There are concerns Trump’s “base” may resist or criticize the efforts, so further propaganda efforts are being made to “shore up support” for the war.
  • Expected casualties range between 1.2 Million and 2 Million Iranians and 5,000 US troops.

STOP WW III – Hands off Iran


  • Fredi Hazeem

    Excellent work as always. I hope everyone who sees this shares it. Speaks of it, and makes people aware of the CRISIS humanity NOW faces.

    These DEATH eaters must be exposed, and stopped … or we are all dead.

    • Thanks Fredi – I agree. This is getting way too close to an absolute catastrophe.

      • Fredi Hazeem

        No one seems to care, no one wants to see. Those that can and do, are censored, hidden, gagged, and persecuted.

        • I’ve been censored big time but it’s what the ADL have managed to do to this website that’s been the real problem. They’ve slaughtered my post reach

        • Emily

          Ironic that this has already happened in the form of alleged Iranian attacks on US ships somewhere in the vicinity. Trump immediately blamed Iran. ALlong Wii th isreal,however , it appears as though their FF was compromised due to a Japanese ship countering the story and questioning Iran’s involvement. The media and trump have since went silent on the issue and moved on. But it’s only a matter of time until a larger, more devastating attack is blamed on Iran and the public is brainwashed into manufacturing consent and support for full on war to b e declared.
          I can only assume the cia and mossad are already planning such attack and awaiting the perfect time to execute it. War with Iran Is inevitable at this point. And trump is the perfect puppet to follow the orders of the elitist sociopaths ruling the world.

  • They clearly need some Lebensraum…

  • John Paul Douglas

    One big possible US/Israel Zionist/CIA orchestrated possible False Flag
    attack will be the destruction of the Oroville Dam in California, blamed
    on Iranian Terrorists by the CIA, which will simultaneously wipe out California’s
    farming industry and kill 2 million people in the ensuing massive flood.
    This will complete the Zionist Plan to takeover the supply of food from
    California to North America and Europe and replace it with food from Israel
    at much high prices and a world monopoly, and, give the Zionists/USA the
    second Zionist controlled media 911/Pearl Harbour event they need to push
    the Zionist controlled NATO into attacking Iran and starting Masonic Zionist
    Albert Pike’s long planned third World War.

  • It now certainly seems that the world is very close to the brink of WW3.
    It’s uncertain as to what response might be expected from China/Russia & all we lesser mortals can do is wait & see.
    One might hope that Trump will see reason,given his posible re-election in 2020 & decide to halt things & withdraw,but he seems way too far engrossed by the spell of the 2 madmen Bolton & Pompeo !
    Basically speaking,all we can do is sit back & watch as observers,hoping that this takes place.
    The basic understanding so far is that the 120,000 US troops have not as yet been ordered into the M.E – If they are ordered into the M.E,then it’s a clear indication that the green light has been given for a US led war on Iran.
    I’m sure that most,if not all of us bystanders are hoping for divine intervention,but that’s unlikely !
    I somehow feel that a 3rd world war is by now almost inevitable,due to the non-ending meddling by the US throughout the rest of the world.
    It may even come to pass,that the only way to stop the US devils & their cohorts from engaging furthermore on this exact same path,is to meet them with force.
    They hold the entire world to nuclear blackmail & at some stage something will have to be done,before all of planet Earth bows down to slavery !
    It’s an exceedingly painful thing to have to say,but it might eventually turn out to be the only option left to mankind.

    • Yes indeed Terence. I’m still waiting for media personnel to speak out. How many times I’ve said ‘it’s as if they think they’re immune to nuclear radiation. I’m just hoping Russia & China say – IF YOU ATTACK IRAN, WE’LL ATTACK ISRAEL! ISRAEL IS AFTER ALL THE CAUSE OF ALL THE GRIEF! WE WON’T ATTACK YOU UNLESS YOU ATTACK US! I feel Trump has to be faced with this dilemma, otherwise these crazed Zionists Bolton & Pompeo, two pieces of garbage, will push Trump all the way.

      • Danielle

        It’s impossible for me to not see it this way, as well. I hate violence & destruction of any kind & do not directly wish anything upon innocent civilians of Israel – but part of me feels unless Netanyahu finally has some real consequences in his own backyard, there is simply no stopping him from getting his way.
        As for Trump, I’ve found myself wondering several times over the past 2+ years what kind of President he would actually have been all of this time had he truly been able to be the President the American people voted for him to be, instead of the Paid-for-Puppet he is. Part of me almost feels sorry for him. I think he would like to deliver on his campaign promises but his Talmudic handlers are not about to let that happen.

        • So many good points again Danielle. What makes the situation so scary is the fact not only has Netanyahu not be thrown out but if anything he seems to reflect the view of a huge portion of Israelis. One can only conclude they are as crazy as him & when you hear them talk it’s as if you’re listening to something from another planet where seething hatred is the one over-riding quality. Netanyahu’s supporters are truly vile people. That’s why he keeps getting re-elected. Not only that, dual national Zionists in America are every bit as bad as Netanyahu. That’s why it seems there’s no stopping him.
          And you’re right about Trump too & probably the same applies to Obama. When they campaigned they were both dead against war. That’s why they got elected. Of course once they got in the White House it was as if the President had little or no say when it came to foreign policy. Trump I believe tried to appease Netanyahu but it’s typical of the Israelis to continue to demand more. JFK once said – you can’t negotiate with people who say what’s mine is mine. What’s yours is negotiable. This is how the Israelis operate – one-way traffic until they literally have no option but to deal. Then the moment they’re able to, they renege on that deal making up some sort of BS placing all the blame on the other party. They are the ultimate mafiosi.

  • Please tell your people to stop the assault against minorities

    • There’s a good chance at best 2 million innocent people could be wiped out & if things escalate we could have WW III on our hands & I have to suffer a blithering idiot saying, “Please tell your people to stop the assault against minorities.”
      I mean what am I supposed to tell ‘my’ people? ‘Er, excuse me but someone with the brains of a rocking horse doesn’t like your tone. Not all of you. Just some of you though knowing exactly who is a bit of a problem!’
      Are you completely barking mad? ‘Stop the assault against minorities.’ Who’s assaulting who? To come out with such crap on this post. I mean every so often one has to deal with damn fool comments but this one takes the ticket!

  • Cyndy

    The ONLY good thing about a war with Iran is the total destruction of the Talmudic State calling itself Israel. Unfortunately, they will not stop until they get this war. I expected this after the US General announced to Israeli media that US troops were ready to die for Israel. It seems the US Military as well as the IDF believe their own propaganda about what good warriors they are, when neither military has experience fighting another real military. They are both experienced in attacking unarmed civilians. The US Military has been having their asses handed to them for the past 20 years by the Taliban. And the IDF got their’s handed to them by Lebanon. As should be expected when the Generals lead from their stock broker’s office. THERE IS NO PROFIT IN PEACE.
    As an American, it is heartbreaking to watch my fellow citizens cheerlead for war with zero regard for really happens . Hate destroys those that harbor it, and Americans will get a taste of what they cheerlead to happen to other nations. The majority of these warmongering people claim to be Christians. Another propaganda lie they believe and spread. If they were Christians, they would follow the teachings of the Christ, not the Talmud.
    Thanks for this great article. I will share, but the fact is, the majority of Americans do not want to know the truth. They love feeling superior and fight against any information that could endanger that feeling. Only after a war happens in this country, and they watch their own love ones die from the bombs and weapons of another, will they want a war to stop. But they will never blame their own actions as the cause of being attacked.
    You and your readers may find this of interest.
    Israel sells US Weapon secrets to China

    • I’m not sure why people are assuming Israel will be destroyed. My feeling is Iran is going to be pounded & most of their military will be destroyed. The only way Israel will be affected is if Russia & China are dragged in & that would be bad news for all of us. Moreover, the Zionists have been planning this for years so everyone else is kind of playing catch up. What is sickening is seeing how the US military is being used by the very country that was responsible for 9/11, in other words their greatest enemy!

      • Fredi Hazeem

        I agree with Ms. Cyndy. I thnk if the US attacks Tehran, that Syria, Hezbollah and Iran will attack israel, and any US military targets within range. In their first retaliatory act. I believe Iran just stated as such, that they have israel in their cross hairs, and that will be a top priority for them.

        • I so hope you’re right Fredi & I agree it will be a top priority but I’m sure the Zionists know what & where the response may come from & so I think they’re going to knock out all these places before they attack Iran.


  • Steve

    Wesley Clark ‘s comment was made after the neoconservative false flag 911 attacks.

  • Daniel Sevitt

    Any chance you could put a timeline on any of this. I think it’s all nonsense, I just want to know on what date when it still hasn’t happened you would be willing to admit that you were completely wrong.

    I don’t need you to explain to me why you’re right and I’m wrong. I totally understand all your points. I just think we should set some way of measuring the accuracy of your bonkers prediction. For example, you claim that Israel is “poised” to carry out this false flag attack. Is that this month? This year? Define “poised”.


    • So you think it’s all nonsense but want me to clarify. Who knows who’s right or when & where? I don’t have a crystal ball. Only an idiot would say Netanyahu doesn’t want America to attack Iran? Only an idiot would say Netanyahu doesn’t want to see Iran destroyed? Well all the fire-power under the sun is out there & it’s thanks to Netanyahu. All my calculations are based on what Netanyahu & Israel wants & all the reports I receive. Personally I believe any war with Iran will be so catastrophic, I actually don’t believe Trump will be that daft.

    • You do realise by the way there was the Lavon Affair in 1954, the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 & 9/11 – each & every one a clear-cut case of Israel attacking America. All were Israeli operations for the purpose of getting America to attack countries that stood up to Israel.

      • Don’t forget the israeli attack on the USS Cole in the Gulf of Aden, that was blamed on Yemen. I have a nice folder on that, including pics.

        Only the dumbest of the dumb would deny the USS Liberty.

        As for 9/11, it was an IQ test. Also a vision test. One would have to be blind and stupid to not see a CONTROLLED DEMOLITION.

        9/11 Israel Did it – FACTS & NAMES

        • Absolutely Fredi. The good thing is just 5 years ago when I was saying Israel is responsible for all the shit in the world, a lot of people didn’t like that. NOW….. it’s a different story because it’s becoming more & more obvious.

  • Dusty Rusty

    Biggest sorrow for Israel that meanwhile American escaped from war with Iran, because financially US is totally incapable to engage longtime fighting with Iran and it’s gulf ally Khazarian Wahhabi Saudi’s bitter untold background now well-known to all. Plus Israel’s fake Jew origin is a major question to all over the world. Besides these Saudi is now internally facing budgetary trouble, so they aren’t fully capable to provide fund to US for lengthy war and Iran’s defensive sectors aren’t week like Iraq Syria Libya, so to destroy or occupy Iran isn’t easy matter for US. On the other Israel’s another panic side Hezbollah & Hamas. Yemeni huthi’s advancement is major threat for Saudi’s kingdom security, at this stage if pure Arabian uprise against Saudi, definitely that will crash Saudi’s crown. All over situation isn’t favourable for US Israel and Saudi to move towards Iran. So there’s a chance Israel to be kiss ruination next.

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