“Instead Of Fighting Terror with All Its Might, the Free World Has Granted Legitimacy to Iran’s Hateful, Murderous Ways.” Netanyahu

Finally I’ve managed to complete an article for my buddies at Whatsupic. Of course only delusional fools refuse to admit Netanyahu is a pathological liar but though his quote, which I utilised as the title, is another absolute whopper, interestingly, by replacing just one word, a pack of lies is transformed to the whole truth & nothing but! All one has to do is replace IRAN with ISRAEL! Here’s my take on the new deal with Iran.


ame lies from the same SOB!

ame lies from the same SOB!




Big liar by Mike Aydinian

Don’t we know it! Mind you, this one’s come out of the traps fast……..


By Me


ISRAEL IS NOT INTERESTED IN PEACE. Hardly rocket science; more like putting 2+2 together. In fact I’ll go out on a limb & say this – if Iran brought out the white flag and declared –
we will destroy all our weapons, disband our army. Moreover, Israeli inspectors are welcome to judge for themselves to see we’ve complied –


Remember how this guy made himself look like a proper twat……..


What a wally


If the truth were told……….

 That's better Nutty



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