“Instead Of Fighting Terror with All Its Might, the Free World Has Granted Legitimacy to Iran’s Hateful, Murderous Ways.” Netanyahu

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“Instead Of Fighting Terror with All Its Might, the Free World Has Granted Legitimacy to Iran’s Hateful, Murderous Ways.” Netanyahu

Whatsupic — Forget about the lies, the effrontery of this repulsive specimen Netanyahu is simply too much to bear. I’m certain this view is shared universally. Lamentably what’s really needed is someone in the public eye to highlight the fact – if you changed one word in Netanyahu’s quote, everything would make perfect sense. Simply replace Iran with ISRAEL – lo and behold…… ‘Houston – we do not have a problem anymore!’ The irony of it all. The unbridled turmoil we’re seeing in the Middle East could never have occurred had nations possessed the same firepower as Israel. None of these Arab/Muslim countries would have been destroyed. Millions of lives would have been saved. This is all about Oded Yinon’s 1982 plan for the creation of Greater Israel. The destruction of these countries was what Israel wanted all along and Iran is no different. 

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyah

Of course we know what’s going to happen. Behind the scenes, Zionist bribery and coercion bordering on pandemic fever will eventually put paid to any deal with Iran. In normal circumstances, this would place Israel in a rather precarious position. The fact is, every country on the planet’s in favor of this deal. Only Israel opposes it, which effectively means, Israel wants war! Everybody else wants peace! Yet somehow, the Zionists will not only have their way – even though no one else wants a confrontation with Iran, Israel inexplicably will not be blamed. Make no mistake – the fact few are cognizant this is all part of a Zio/Rothschild agenda to eventually control the entire globe is not so crucial as some may assume; you see, none of this could occur without the full co-operation, indeed complicity of the entire mainstream media.

Media control doesn’t just move goalposts; it offers options no other country has. The critical detail that only Israel is against the deal and so unquestionably would single-handedly be responsible for its demise, will never be mentioned! A sad indictment of mankind’s mental aptitude? No surprise, many would initially nod in agreement. Seemingly inexplicable how people can forget an all-important detail which 6 months earlier stuck out like a sore thumb, merely to arrive at totally erroneous conclusions. Yet, I think not. In this day and age, for so many people to be that daft? Impossible. This can’t be down to chance. This requires design. We often hear the term ‘ the dumbing-down process.’ This fails to tell the whole story. I believe there’s far more to this ongoing process of programming than meets the eye. Almost as if one’s watching a soap opera, they make it up as they go along, so that few have any idea they’re being programmed. It goes something like this –

While the one vital detail that Israel is the only country opposed to the deal is avoided like the Plague, slowly but surely, all Mr & Mrs Brainless ever hear is – ‘Iran is doing this! Iran is doing that!’ Then some traitor under the Zionist payroll in Washington DC will declare ‘Iran has reneged on it’s deal.’ The obligatory media kerfuffle ensues but what actually occurs is an unchallenged platform effectively is donated to fully-fledged Zionist liars who simply act out their role as if they’re seasoned stage actors. “We warned everyone Iran could not be trusted. We did say Iran is doing this; Iran is doing that!” This concoction of lies is repeated over and over again. What’s of paramount importance is the media never do their job and ask “well, you’re saying this BUT WHERE’S THE EVIDENCE? Exactly the same rhetoric was utilised to launch the Iraq war. We’re talking about a situation here that could lead to the deaths of millions of innocent folk, even WW III & YOU’VE ALREADY PROVED YOU’RE A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR YOU LITTLE WRETCH! What justification do you have? Iran’s already stated categorically what you’re saying is a pile of baloney.”

Often, what’s not said is the significant factor. It’s not so much the fact no details are ever given but the realisation the war-mongering Zionist liars have that they are safe. THE MEDIA WILL NEVER ASK! Unbelievable. In a court of law, in order to convict an alleged criminal, the prosecution’s obliged to present hard evidence. Needless to say, no one in the media ever mentions this diabolical anomaly. What’s more, no one, particularly in America, ever hears Iran’s side of the story…. and so on we go. The State Department, loaded to the brim with professional liars like Jen Psaki, vying for immortality by one day being inducted into Mark Regev’s Porkie Hall of Fame, will barrel out more unadulterated drivel – ‘Iran’s broken it’s agreement to blah, blah, blah do this.’ Then, in all likelihood, much to the chagrin of those orchestrating this masterly plethora of tripe, Netanyahu will once again put his foot in it by saying “Iran vunts to vipe Israel off the map.” No one mentions the 300+ Nukes this maniac has at his disposal or the minor detail that the only country being wiped off the map is Palestine….. BY HIM!

This ongoing process of subliminal programming is enhanced by artificially cushioning the thought process of the uninitiated. Over the years, the art of media distraction has been refined. At the ready, just when it matters……. WALLOP! “Madeline McCann is alive and well in Outer Mongolia…. Holy Cow! Can you believe that Brad? Can’t believe it Bob!” Or why not make a big deal about a flag? Yeah. “Up the Confederacy!” Better still – “word from Iraq – perhaps Saddam DID have weapons of mass destruction? What do you make of that Brad? One minute he had them for sure; next minute we were told he didn’t; now they’re saying HE HAD THEM ALL THE TIME!” Smiles & chuckles all round in the newsroom as Brad shakes his head “just can’t believe it Bob!”

Over in the UK, the Zionist propaganda merchants – better bring out BBC’s trump card for this one – Fiona Bruce, so clean she squeaks when she’s fast asleep! No one in their right mind could possibly imagine she’s capable of telling a Regev eyebrow raiser! You better believe it – when she plonks her Defcon 1 no messing look to say, “apparently ISIS stumbled upon a massive cache of arms that may have originally been part of Saddam’s secret arsenal for his Revolutionary guard”, it’s a propaganda home run for the Zionists – two birds slaughtered with one stone – Israel courtesy of the US, is able to make sure ISIS remains fully locked and loaded, while the lie that Saddam ever had WMD’s will have Mr & Mrs Brainless suggesting to the Bozo’s next door or anyone equally as brain-dead, “they say Saddam did actually ‘ave WMD’s. ISIS went and found ’em, didn’t they!”

The Iranian situation is no different than the dilemma bedevilling the Palestinians. 40 years ago I told my Jewish friend, Israel is not interested in peace. IT WANTS TO CONQUER! WHAT’S MORE, THE ONLY WAY ZIONISTS WILL STOP, IS IF THEY’RE STOPPED! The trouble is, even detractors of Israel rarely go the whole hog and declare ‘if you want to know what Israel is interested in, all you have to do is RECOUNT EXACTLY WHAT THEY’VE DONE – ANNEX EVER-MORE PALESTINIAN LAND TO BUILD MORE ILLEGAL SETTLEMENTS, WHILE REAPING UNTOLD SUFFERING UPON INNOCENT, DEFENSELESS CIVILIANS. This is why I will say without fear of contradiction, even if Iran brought out the white flag and declared, ‘we will destroy all our weapons, disband our army. Moreover, Israeli inspectors are welcome to judge for themselves to see we’ve complied’, ISRAEL WOULDN’T BE HAPPY EVEN WITH THIS!

Why? Because they want to cause mayhem and destruction in the Arab/Muslim world. They want to create civil strife on a massive scale so that the infrastructure of these countries is utterly decimated. Israel’s aim is to make it impossible for these regions to ever recover. Why do I say this? Because this is precisely what’s occurred. Iran is simply the final stage of the plan that will see Israel seize total control over the entire Middle East. While all this occurs, Arabs and Muslims will continue to be portrayed as heathens; Israel’s role will never be mentioned. How do I know this? Well, let me put this way – if you don’t know –




For crying out loud – look at what’s occurred as a result of this fictitious war on terror thanks to 9/11? Do you honestly believe what’s happened since is America’s justifiable response? Along with Oded Yinon’s plan, we have General Wesley Clark’s admission – the plan all along was to take out 7 Arab/Muslim countries, which in truth, had bugger all to do with 9/11 and just so happened to be the 7 countries Israel most wanted to see neutralised. Add Netanyahu’s outrageous assertion 9/11 was good for Israel. Fact is, it’s the only time he’s ever told the truth because the only country to gain from all this chaos and carnage is ISRAEL.

A while back I said this is the key issue. If Iran is destroyed in what will be an unprovoked attack, it will be akin to France flattening Italy for no reason whatsoever – a crime against humanity? No. One cannot describe such pure evil? We simply have to make a stand here. We cannot under any circumstances allow Iran to suffer the same fate as all the other nations in the Middle East have. Whether there are new avenues to pursue in order to successfully apply more pressure on Israel I’m not so sure. I feel we should focus on whatever already has the Israelis in a tiff. No better way to hurt them than in their pocket and the BDS movement is doing just that. The fact US politicians are having to show out like never before is good news too. It’s an indicator. The media will never inform us of the progress we’re making.

Moreover, let more people see how their lousy politicians are simply Zionist lackeys. The fact Hilary Clinton is being coerced into attacking the BDS movement can only harm her Presidential campaign. Great! So let’s keep up the good work and get more folk to join the boycott of Israeli products and companies that do business with Israel. Those who already contributing to the BDS movement should think about boycotting products from all Zionist controlled companies. It goes without saying applying pressure on our elected representatives in the form of letters, e-mails & phone calls is a must. It may seem trivial but the accumulative effect is anything but that. Doing nothing is inexcusable. We must let them know in no uncertain terms – anyone offering unconditional support to Israel’s war OF terror WILL be tried for war crimes and Treason. The buck stops here.


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