Iran Deal: Ploy for Future Sabotage? by Brandon Martinez

I agree with pretty much everything Brandon Martinez says. We write about similar topics. However, when it comes to writing styles, though we’re poles apart, we end up with the same conclusions. We care only for knowing the truth but I always like to read Brandon’s pieces because one can but learn. For sheer detail he takes some beating. Here’s a segment I particularly liked – to “shamelessly advocate breaching international law to deliberately provoke a peaceful nation into a retaliatory action that would then be propagandistically used to rubber-stamp a pre-arranged military assault designed to expedite US-Israeli imperial purposes. Should these people not be on trial for premeditated mass murder and incitement to genocide?”


Here are some of the scum of the earth –



  • What people don’t know is 9/11 was a provocation of our nation into a war. It was so blatant, yet people do not see. Larry Silverstein actually gave it completely away with that “pull it” remark. They think the people who see the truth are the conspiracy theorists, when all along the conspiracy was enacted before their eyes.

    Then stand in front of the nation with all the crooked bankers and tell the lie of “too big too fail” and give our tax money to them. Allowing people to lose their homes and Americans to sleep on the streets.

    The complicit actions of the U.S. Gov. in the deaths of so many Palestinians by giving money and arms to Israel is incomprehensible to me.

    I am more suspicious, I suppose, than the average citizen. But as explained in my posted website, I had personal experience with people in power.

    • As you say Ronnimarie – 9/11 was so blatant. For me the big giveaway is how within two hours certain people (all Zionists) were pointing the finger of blame at Arabs & Muslims yet these very same people claimed they had no idea such an attack was being planned. To know nothing before is inexplicable but then to have the gall to blame it all on a guy on a dialysis machine 8000 miles away…….

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