Is Coronavirus a weapon that’s been bio-engineered or is nature rearing it’s ugly head

Sadly you can rule out the latter. It’s only my opinion but I’d bet my life this is the case. I know a bit about Evolution. For me it perfectly explains how life evolves, that is whenever Nature decides to cut loose & display it’s outlandish array of talent. The problem is Evolution doesn’t go no huddle & the undeniable fact is in the last 40 years we’ve seen the emergence of Aids, E-coli, Sars, Ebola, Zika, various forms of Swine Flu & now, lo & behold, we have the Coronavirus. Therefore, the only conclusion one can draw is these have to be man-made viruses.

You could ask what earthly reason would humans have to want to create such deadly organisms? This answer is more obvious – to have a lethal weapon to use any time they see fit & before you even ask, I’ll tell you straight & get this into your heads – you can bet your life such a bio-weapon will only ever be unleashed when those responsible have ensured their sorry, cowardly arses will never be at risk because they would have already developed the antidote. We are dealing with the most repulsive, evil specimens.

Needless to say I’ve also been asked who’s behind this. As obvious as the answer is, perhaps one needs to ask, who’s the target? Who’s being attacked? I mean I know most people are incapable of reading between the lines but how much grey matter does one require to realise China has been the epicenter for nearly all these outbreaks. So…. why China? I tried to explain in a recent article, it’s more than a coincidence that China & Iran are pretty much the two countries worst affected. It’s all about money & power.

In the last century Germany & Japan were the two countries that dared to challenge US/UK economic hegemony. There was nothing malicious about this. They simply wanted to improve their lot. However the Zionist NWO banksters who ultimately run the US & UK weren’t prepared to allow this. So cut a long story short – WWI & WWII were engineered in order to ensure Germany & Japan never challenged what is this true axis of evil. Now China is the one threatening to become the world’s foremost economic powerhouse. And do I need to remind anyone who the ‘Ionisers’ want ironed out more than anyone? IRAN! You can believe in outrageous coincidences if you like. I do not!

You may ask are all those who work in the media so daft not to reveal this to the general public, after all, aren’t they members of the general public too? Surely if I know all this, then so do they? There are two factors involved here. First & foremost, media whores are exceedingly well paid. It’s blood money, nothing else but perhaps the most significant factor, something power-brokers will never reveal, there exists layer after layer of censorship, so any news item that’s not to their liking will never receive the green light. I’ve been reliably informed the BBC has 5 separate layers of censorship.

And while we’re talking about the media another interesting point is each year 1000’s die from the flu. Yes. Every single year. So please. Just stop & think. Does the media ever make a big deal out of this? Hell no! Truth is they couldn’t give a shit how many pensioners go belly up. Now what’s striking here is look how different the media’s reaction has been to all these new viruses. The fear-mongering goes into Defcon 1 mode at light speed! Can’t people recognise this glaring discrepancy? Of course there can only be one explanation for this – these new viruses are man-made.

We know the true power-brokers want to create a New World Order. We know they want to get rid of at least 6 billion of us. So I’m beginning to think a reason we’ve arrived at this situation we have today is because nuclear weapons are simply way too destructive. Moreover, the radiation fallout would mean those safely tucked away in their huge underground bunkers might have to stay there, cooked up for a few hundred years. Not only that, to then rebuild the world so that they can truly be despotic lords of the planet, would take an age too. Therefore it seems developing a seriously hideous bio-weapon is a far more practical option.

Here’s a fantastic article from the UNZ Review. All the information anyone could need is here –
‘Was the 2020 Wuhan Coronavirus an Engineered Biological Attack on China by America for Geopolitical Advantage?’

And just in case anyone wants to learn a bit about how nuclear weapons work & their true destructive power, I explain it all in this piece – ‘ISRAEL IS THE ONE WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS, NOT IRAN! This is the issue.’


  • M Zaki

    This plague was sent by Allah and not to take large numbers of lives, otherwise He could have sent something like ebola or other virus that is much more lethal, this was sent because xi jinpig challenged Allah by trying to change His Word, the Qur’an. Have you EVER heard of a virus that spares CHILDREN?
    This will continue until xi jinpig is gone (one way or another) and the next regime allow the Muslims in china to read the AUTHENTIC Qur’an again and practice Islam FREELY. I am a Caucasian westerner who reverted to Islam four years ago, so I’m only speculating as only Allah knows the future, but just before this plague started in china, xi jinpig called Islam a virus, tried to change the Qur’an and said nothing could stop china.
    I recall the designer of the Titanic saying “even God couldn’t sink this ship”, a few days before He did. The moral – don’t challenge Allah

    • While I feel sorry for how Muslims in general have been treated so terribly by the Zionist gangsters, comments like this are so ridiculous, it actually plays into the hands of these criminals. They’d say ‘look at how crazy these religious freaks are.’ If you thought about it seriously what has Allah ever done to help the Palestinians in over 70 years? Sweet bugger all! In that time Israel has gone from strength to strength. Has Allah done anything to help the Iraqis, the Libyans, the Syrians or the Iranians. No. Not a thing yet what’s the point of me telling you to wise up? You’re already completely brainwashed. The one guarantee is you won’t think about one word I’ve just said. You will go on believing that this mythical figure that no one has ever seen yet you unconditionally support, will eventually, magically come to your aid. It’s very sad.

    • ……..Oh-please-give us a break ! – your comment here is absolutely ludicrous……you need to wake up to what is really going on in the world & it has nothing to do with Allah……..

  • Lyn ogden

    The post is really interesting wish more people would wake up and share constantly 😢😢😢😢😢

  • Roger Charlesworth

    Why should this virus be any different from its predecessors? All are manmade from HIV on.

    • I’m no expert but I think I can answer that. Could it be that this particular brand attacks certain races ie Asians & Iranians? I don’t know. It certainly seem strange how these two countries are the worst affected. I merely work on the basis these people are warmongers; they protect pedophiles; they lie about everything. Add the fact they are the most vindictive people on the planet. They look upon all ordinary folk as worthless fodder, so a o have too is imagine how evil they are.

  • Tony Green

    I think this is a man made virus, in part to lower the population but I think mainly to get back on track with their agenda. Watch them change the laws again just like they did on 9-11.

    • Indeed Tony. It’s create the problem. Get the media to ramp up the fear factor. Provide a ‘solution’ with strings attached ie mass vaccinations. The only thing I’m not sure about is why so many people dismiss this out of hand. It’s obvious they are up to no good.

    • Rudolf

      You’re right

  • Beryl

    Viruses are not living organisms, which is why they don’t respond to anti-bio-tics. So they have to be man made, according to the only logical conclusion I can lay my brain on. The rest, sadly, is speculation, except that the purpose of their manufacture can only be malevolent. Having said that, the virus weapon, if that’s what it is, is a pretty mild contributor to the youjennicks agenda, way after the engineering and popular tolerance of wars and starvation.

    • Absolutely Beryl. I’m now convinced this is all being done for the purpose of mass vaccinations which will at best implant horrific tagging devices; at worst they will be lethal injections!

  • Jan pissa

    Why do you always bring Islam and Muslims into everything this is nothing to do with them. So dont try and cover up the real truth.

  • Ahmad

    Of course so manythings happened and is happening! Sometimes the world’s biggest enemies might felt the safest solutions was to create a room for what the believed could put some other communities in to designated upheaval. This is something, and we know everything has to do with destiny…and as Muslim, we know for everything has it’s particular cause and the results will follow. So was this virus! If it was the united states of America or the Zionist state of Israel has to do with this; then, Allah preordained that these horrors were the causal and the result was in China or Africa or wherever was it! Never mind their intelligence or expertise. And if you say Why hadn’t Allah had helped Palestinians or Iraq or Libyans, we say Allah may as well allowed those communities been already careless about one thing or the other of Allah’s commands…but doesn’t allow China for a moment!

  • I totally agree……..ALLAH WILL DO NOTHING !……..

  • Ahmed

    Well, I could scarcely agree that everything needs and attract God’s intervention, or in other words.. Allah’s power would have a lot to do with both physical and psychological destiny. I’m sorry, I’m not really!dad you into believing it!

  • ….. it seems that a certain cross-section of the worlds population are waking up to the fact that this is probably a man-made virus,which is planned to last for a very long time,and when this current virus finally recedes into the distance,yet another onw will be devised to take it’s place – it seems that the “new normal” – (once it finally arrives),will be nothing like the old normal ……….
    ……. this is social engineering being conducted by the likes of Bill & Melinda Gates/Fauci,and many others,the likes of which the world has never seen before ! ………..
    ……. a kill list of the elites who want us all dead should be drawn up,and they should be disposed of ,before they dispose of all of us ! …….
    ……. do these elites really believe that wiping out 90% of mankind will ever do anything for them ?! ……..
    ……… without workers to tend to crops & perform necessary construction work & manufacture,even the extremely wealthy won’t survive – they live in a dream-world ! …….

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