Is someone ever going to mention Israel is the one with the Nukes! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

We’ve long since past the point where anyone with a modicum of common sense isn’t aware that US politicians, as well as US media, have taken leave of their senses. What worries me is the lack of concern. Some people may have felt it was tongue-in-cheek but I’ll tell you now, when I said –

even if Iran brought out the white flag & declared, ‘we will destroy all our weapons, disband our army & allow Israeli inspectors in to see for themselves that we’ve complied’, 




Israeli Nukes

Israeli Nukes


The other day my good mate Thomas Noll sent me this piece below which sums it up perfectly. What I find so sickening, they’re trying to outdo each other to show who’s the biggest war-mongering lunatic! Since when did Presidential hopefuls appeal to the US electorate in such a manner? In normal circumstances they’d never be sounding off like this, yet we’re witnessing a level of irresponsibility that’s off the Richter scale! There can be only one explanation – since they couldn’t be making it more obvious that voters are a total non-entity, all this posturing has to be for the dual national Zionists who control America & are all part of the ROTHSCHILD/NWO mob.


The Republican presidential candidates have seized on President Obama’s historic nuclear agreement with Iran yet another way to prove that they haven’t learned anything from George W. Bush’s catastrophic foreign policy. They are now in a race with each other to prove who can offer the most blind aggression and the least understanding of the basic diplomacy in their condemnation of the deal and their determination to snub the international community and revoke the deal. Scott Walker, apparently feeling some pressure from jingoistic war-hawks like Lindsey Graham and bombastic attention-seekers like Trump, has decided to up the ante with some dangerously ignorant statements:

“I believe they should be prepared to act on the very first day they take office. It’s very possible – God forbid, but it’s very possible – that the next president could be called to take aggressive actions, including military action, on the first day in office. And I don’t want a president who is not prepared to act on day one. So, as far as me, as far as my position, I’m going to be prepared to be president on day one.”



Scott Walker has announced his intent to ruin all the progress we have made in re-establishing some kind of respectful relations with one of the most influential countries in the Middle East, destroy our international credibility by reneging on a deal that was made with the cooperation of the international community, and begin a military conflict with a nation that is vastly stronger than the dying regime of Saddam Hussein was. It’s a terrifyingly disturbing statement, and given the way that politics in the Republican Party works these days, they are sentiments that will instantly be echoed by his rivals.



What kind of a message does this send to the rest of the world? That America cannot be trusted to fulfill their obligations? That America has learned nothing from the Bush years and will continue to assert their geopolitical influence in a ham-fisted and abrasive manner? That the candidates for the United States presidency clearly have no regard or respect for the rest of the world, no sophistication or pragmatism when it comes to dealing with other nations, and no basic understanding of the status quo in the Middle East?



These are dark times, and we cannot afford to let them get worse. We cannot allow the Republican Party’s self-imposed extremism to undermine all the progress we’ve made over the past eight years, to throw away all the work we’ve done to improve our standing in the international community after George W. Bush’s administration dragged our reputation through the dirt. This is not a game. This is incredibly serious politics whose outcome will determine whether or not people die. It is absolutely abhorrent to see the GOP treating it like a joke.


  • Linda Morrison

    Whatever we say, whatever we do, the Rothschilds will have war. We have only words on a screen, we have no army, no justice system to arrest the 1%, we have no power. No one listens and no one cares. The same 8500 people on Israel deceit and lies talk to each other daily on topics we all know about already. We are getting nowhere. Thats how I feel, the 500 trillion buys endless arseholes. It doesn’t matter what we do, they just create an illusion, almost everyone lives in a reality that has been created by Rothschilds. Until they are gone nothing will change.

    • You’re so right Linda. Sometimes I feel I’m wasting my time but then we’re paying the price for over 200 years of negligence & apathy. However, imagine what happens if they win? Let’s say these evil so-in-so’s take over the world. They kill all those they don’t like and they’re finally able to do whatever they like. There’s nothing left to conquer – they’ve got the lot!…….. Now do you honestly believe these Zionist, evil as can possibly be; delusional as ever suddenly become good samaritans? Inevitably, some will have a lot more than others. Therefore it will only be a matter of time till Zionists start splitting into various groups. Sooner rather than later you can expect them to start killing each other. This is a cast-iron certainty because ultimately evil can never win. For mankind to emulate the longevity of Ants or even the Dinosaurs, good has to triumph over evil. The ultimate irony – the nearer the Rothschild Zionists get to world domination, the closer they are to extinction.

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