ISIS Are Terrorists But Their Commanders Are in the Knesset and Mossad

ISIS Are Terrorists But Their Commanders Are in the Knesset and Mossad

Whatsupic — Is it not the case ISIS happens to be blessed with an uncanny ability to do what no army in any Muslim or Arab country has ever done? Correct me if I’m wrong but for the world it seems they dodge capitulation, escape annihilation and all the while they’re able to cause untold grief? Such is their power, all of us in the Western world could be under very serious threat from these evil terrorists. In fact, the situation could be so precarious, our civil liberties may have to be taken away…… for our security, that is…….. Now, come on. How can this be possible? Yet, this is what the Zionist controlled media is not just saying – we’re bombarded with this drivel!

This much we’ve been told – ISIS somehow managed to get its mitts on state-of-the-art US military equipment. Apparently it was left there! ……. EXCUSE ME! COME AGAIN?……. Weren’t our ‘leaders’ hell bent on fighting terrorism? The media’s fear-mongering has gone epidemic……. yet all the artillery under the sun is simply left out in the open for any Tom, Dick or Harry to come along and say, ‘I’ll have some of this!’


You’ve got to be kidding me! I know 10 year olds who could do a better job fighting terrorism. One cannot be more irresponsibe and incompetent! It’s as if our leaders are creating terrorism, not fighting it! At the very least, Obama and Cameron should have both resigned in disgrace. Instead these traitors merely turned round and said ‘now we got a problem with ISIS.’ Well thank you very much!


Media control gives them the licence to literally get away with murder. While their newspapers and TV repeat the word ‘terrorist’ over and over again, drumming it into us, an outrage positively off the Richter scale is completely ignored. And if it doesn’t make the news, it’s not news. What! You think you’ve got free will? You get angry if something bothers you? No siree. The media will tell you when to get angry and what to get angry about! Needless to say, even though the US administration as good as admitted they had to all intents and purposes armed ISIS terrorists with the kind of firepower they could only dream of, not one person has been held to account for such unbelievable incompetence! Of course, all this is impossible. No one can be that idiotic but the sad reality is most people have no idea they’re being led up the garden path. Ludicrous. Even insulting….. and to think this is what they told us! READ MORE!


  • Ahmad muhd

    This should remind us to come to the following conclusions: Zionists and especially their satellites, were the shadow parties, direct sponsors and perhaps, the lawmakers that have the say in defining Int. Law, they sanction a sovereign states; by means of depriving international peaceful co- existance. Mostly, the losers would be those poor countries being colonized by these mongers , Zionists’ slaves! American societies remain the long victims of Zionism and were framed in more formidable confusion. They were told that, America also is a liberal political state, but sadly nothing as such in practice. Israel was been the very poor state to give Americans a modern colonial sentimentality, that is, they are free only in rhetoric! Americans millitary serve the purposes created and recommended by Zionists ; back to basics, NATO has it being put in exactly the way world’s Zionists decided, thus the desolation of Iraq, Libya, Syria and the international activity of Al-qa’ida! ISIS the modern term of Al-qa’ida!!! The question should be, would Iran be such a stupid fail state indeed, to give Zionists a way in Iranian historical warriors?!!!

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