ISIS is just another trick – an enemy most definitely but it’s leaders ARE OUR LEADERS!

This is my latest article regarding Syria & the ISIS debacle –
No Question ISIS Is Our Enemy But It’s Leaders Are Our Leaders


Obama talk

Russian president to Turkish ambassador: “tell your dictator President he can go to hell along with his ISIS terrorists, I will make Syria a ‘Big Stalingrad’ for him!”

What got me to write this piece was reading this link below  The headline more than interested me for a couple of reasons – Putin saying Erdogan is a dictator? I thought do we have a case of pot calling the kettle black? But then if Putin is to back Syria all the way I really do believe good job because there is no way in hell the Syrian people will be better off if a power vacuum like the ones we see in Iraq & Libya occur. It will be another bloodbath where Syria will never recover.


David Icke



Whatever happens, if Assad is overthrown I believe this will be the worst scenario for this is what Israel wants – SYRIA TO DESCEND INTO CHAOS. Another reason I want Putin to make good on his threat is because as well as wanting to see those who’ve gone out their way to cause mayhem in Syria, notably Israel, their ISIS chums, along with the US, UK & Turkey to have a massive headache, I feel only when this does happen will more people wake up & so place pressure on their respective governments.


Isis = Israel,-i-will-make-syria-a-big-stalingrad-for-him

The greatest trick an enemy can play is to make everyone believe everyone else is their enemy!



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