Israel conducting slow motion genocide on Palestinians: Brandon Martinez

What happens when the Israelis kidnap, arrest & imprison several 100’s of Palestinians, none of whom have ever been charged & convicted of any crime. There is no trial. They are thrown into jail indefinitely & many are tortured. How would you feel if this happened to you? So, the one option they had was to go on hunger strike. This way at least they could end their misery. Now, the Israelis have decided to force-feed prisoners – just as they do in Guantanamo Bay.


Israel Legalizes Torture against Palestinian Prisoners; Israeli Knesset Approves Amendment Allowing Force-feeding of Prisoners on Hunger Strike



What I find particularly galling is how the Israelis have the temerity to say they have the right to defend themselves but if ever Palestinians try doing that, even peacefully, the Israelis do not give an inch. Once again Brandon Martinez nails it.


  • Rebecca Vonn

    For me, everything “Israel” does is galling. They are becoming more and more of a fascist right-wing operation, too.

    • Indeed Rebecca. What annoys me more than anything is they never consider their nastiness is the cause of all this trouble. If they don’t like being criticized all the time, when don’t they try being nice. It works a treat!

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