Israel has no right to even open its mouth. They have nuclear weapons – END OF STORY!

1) Anyone who has half a brain knows taking out Iran is the 7th & final stage of an elaborate plan first conceived in 1982 by Oded Yinon to create Greater Israel.

2) Only Israel is opposed to a nuclear deal with Iran. Every other country on the planet believes there is no reason whatsoever to attack Iran.

3) The Republicans couldn’t wait to show their treachery. Now Democrats are getting in on the act. I wonder – every year BILLIONS in US tax-payer money is GIFTED to Israel. A sizeable chunk of this money then does an about turn & ends up in the hands of AIPAC, CFR, the ADL & a whole host of other Zionist lobbies in the US so that American politicians can be bought off with US tax-payer money, FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF DOING WHAT ISRAEL WANTS!

4) In a recent EU poll, Israel was deemed to be the No 1 threat to world peace. This is what I had to say about that a while ago –


Defending theselves again!


What the hell is going on here? We know most Republicans should by rights be put up against the wall & shot! This is protocol, you know, normal procedure for traitors……. THEY’RE SPECIFICALLY WORKING FOR ISRAEL! In fact, I don’t think they could make it more obvious! Now this vermin Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, defies his President & sides with this lunatic Netanyahu?


When the plan to bomb Syria was given a massive thumbs down I wrote an article soon after stating before this setback Netanyahu was busy making a complete fool of himself at the UN. The fact all he’s ever done is tell porkies about Iran is bad enough but to hold up illustrations of prehistoric bombs? In a sane & just world, Netanyahu should have been quietly led away & placed into a mental asylum. ‘There, there you poor deluded fool!’ 


However, the moment Putin stepped in & so scuppered Netanyahu’s wish to destroy Syria, I said “take note, Iran has merely been put on hold. Now they’ve got to take time out to throw the kitchen sink at Putin”….& guess what? For a whole year, that’s exactly what they did! In the meantime, did Netanyahu ever mention Iran? Nothing! NOT A WORD! The moment Putin took over as the West’s whipping boy, Iran was put on the back-burner. 


Another Zionist fabrication


But how often have I said if no one stops the Zionists, they will not stop?’ Lo & behold, the media christens this ‘new’ terrorist group ISIS! What the media incredibly neglected to do was state how in the blazes did they manage this? Iraq’s entire armed forces – destroyed! Libya’s entire armed forces – destroyed…. oh but all the spy satellites in the Universe couldn’t do Jack to stop ISIS springing out of nowhere. Even more astonishing was the media made nothing out of the fact the US military simply ‘left behind’ a shitload of state-of-the-art weaponry just so these ISIS ‘terrorists’ could pick it all up without so much as a thank you US taxpayer!


Suddenly the fear factor is raised to Defcon 1. A bit of skulduggery here; a bit of skulduggery there & hello – IT’S ALRIGHT TO BOMB SYRIA NOW, you know, ISIS. We got to do something about them! Almost magically they appeared out of nowhere & inexplicably, the one thing which the US & UK public had made absolutely clear they did not want…… OCCURRED! And the very instant this obstacle was hurdled, guess who couldn’t wait to leap into Speaker’s Corner? Mr BENJAMIN, lying bastard, NETANYAHU! Iran is this; Iran is that & the obligatory bile synonymous with this piece of shit! I said, take note: Iran was on the grid; then off the grid; then back on the grid with zest!


What gall!

This petition here to let traitors know they’re traitors??? I don’t know anymore….

What I do know is, somehow, by hook or by crook, we’ve got to stop this!




  • John

    As you said a while ago Michael,..
    “if no one stops the Zionists,.they will not stop”,..
    Their not stopping,..and won’t until the dominate the whole world,.
    People had better stop listening to the MSM,..forget the next elections ,thinking”this vote will fix it”,..and start using their brains to try and see the bigger picture,….before its too late!!😩

    • Absolutely right John. If only people realised the MSM is a Zionist propaganda machine – THAT’S ALL IT IS! As for Zionism – it is to mankind what the most virulent carcinogenic strain is to a human!

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