Israel: If Europe don’t stop their boycott campaign against Israel, we will destroy this continent

Thanks to new friend Andrew Gordonbennett Pink for this video which was released on the Facebook social network by Hallelu, a little-known PR outfit dedicated to improving the international image of the state of Israel. Needless to say, in typical Israeli fashion, as well as being loaded with porkies this 6 minute clip bleats all the way through as if Israel is the innocent victim. It is quite gut-wrenching. Ironically, Zionists have been doing their level best to destroy Europe for over 100 years. The damage they’ve already done is incalculable.


This may not be official. However, it nevertheless shows how many Israelis think. Andrew told me he received a load of flak & threats when he posted this. So incredibly, we’re even attacked for daring to publicise what they say. I mean it just beggars belief. They have the gall to believe they possess an inherent right because this is all God’s wish but along with this delusion is the fact they actually believe their own lies! Moreover nothing is ever done to stop lunatic Israelis from spouting this kind of nonsense. They place a new meaning to the word vindictive. They truly are an evil lot! We should be on our guard.



Here are two links –,we-will-destroy-this-continent


If Europe doesn’t stop its boycott campaign against Israel, we will destroy this continent


Detestable as this is, paradoxically I feel it’s good news, for what better way for Zionists to reveal their true colours? You can be sure videos like this surface because of the mounting pressure brought on by the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions movement. Unlike the lies told to bring about 2 UN resolutions against Iraq & the consequent destruction of the nation, no less than 66 UN resolutions tabled against Israel failed to bring it to account. Zionists however have been unable to bribe & coerce their way out of this one!


40 years ago I was told the best way to hurt someone was in their pocket. How true this is & Zionists know it all too well. Much as they’d like to, for now, they can’t kill us all. Yesterday in my piece I explained how they’re actually working on this. And sure enough, they’ve destroyed countless careers merely because decent, honest folk grew weary of their incessant lies & thus felt compelled to speak the truth.


I know it may not appear to be the case but for them to lash out like this, they have to be hurting big time. One must bear in mind the last thing the Zionist controlled media will do is afford any positive publicity to the BDS movement for the mere mention of it’s ever-increasing momentum would only serve to exacerbate their dilemma. To be perfectly frank, it sure feels great for the boot to be on the other foot.  


So, while mainstream media for once has it’s hands tied, all we ever hear is the odd snippet of news that our politicians are contemplating to introduce new laws that would outlaw the BDS movement, in other words defy us our right to spend money where we choose, as well as similar acts of betrayal by criminalising wholly justifiable criticism of Israel & the right to protest.


The trouble is Western politicians are stuck between a rock & a hard place. On the one hand they have to endure the constant barrage of ludicrous demands from the all-powerful Zionist lobbies, aware of their ability to destroy anyone who fails to reciprocate; on the other hand they know full well not only is there no justification for ushering in such laws but there exists zero support & so the backlash inevitably will be severe & could result in career-crushing blow. 


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