Israel passed a controversial law about settlements

CONTROVERSIAL? Are you kidding me? This is so unbelievable it’s almost a wonder of the world – not so much that Israel wants to steal land – IT’S THE FACT THEY’RE ALLOWED TO! Ask yourself – what did Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria & Yemen do to rival this? While all this land theft is going on contrary to the most fundamental international laws, our politicians have the gall to insult us by saying these new settlements are an impediment to peace. They state the obvious but then do absolutely nothing. Why? Why say anything? There’s a very simple answer – the power-brokers know there’s an inordinate number of brainless morons out there who’ll believe anything!




The very least they should say is the Israelis are making it abundantly clear – THEY DON’T WANT PEACE! You see, the truth is, Israel never did. This blight on mankind will continue to expand. It won’t stop. Sure they say they want peace but realistically that’s impossible if one’s idea of peace means ‘zero respect for national sovereignty & borders – what’s ours is ours; what’s yours is not!’ It’s ludicrous to even imagine one can have peace on such terms. 45 years ago my best friend at school was a Jewish boy who typically was well & truly brainwashed. He came out with the same old tripe – ‘they want to wipe Israel off the map!’ I told him ‘shut up you blithering idiot. You’re blind as a bat! It’s the other way round you silly twat!’ Sure enough, what’s occurring is the genocide of the Palestinians.



Who’s allowed to say ‘I’m going to take your land & property – it’s mine now?’ This is anarchy. Anyone who does is the ultimate terrorist! If our politicians were hell bent on fighting terror, the Israelis are by far the worst offenders. No one even gets close. Yet our government is perfectly happy to antagonise Russia by moaning about Crimea? Of course the media never says 95% of Crimeans voted to join the Russian federation after Zionists engineered an illegal takeover in Ukraine. Why this is all happening couldn’t be more clear yet even relatively intelligent folk are incapable of analysing why Western politicians unconditionally support Israel. There can only be one explanation – our politicians are being pressured. Our democracy is being compromised by spies & traitors. What’s more, they’re not simply in our midst; they’re embedded in our society & in total control.



An overstatement? Hardly. I’ll give two of the most glaring examples: Didn’t we bail out the banks? Well the banksters got our politicians to repeal laws that had safeguarded us from major skulduggery. After these laws were repealed, 100’s of billions went on the missing list! At that point the government could have turned round & said ‘we’re going to arrest the crooks & ourselves for that matter for repealing the laws.’ Well obviously they weren’t going to do that. The only other option was letting off those who’d collaborated in the crime of the century, while handing us, the public, the bill. Now you’d be well within your rights to ask ‘how the hell did they make us swallow that?’ Easy. These scumbags would never have indulged in such blatant criminality if they didn’t have the media to cover their back. Only those who own the media could have done this. All you have to do is cast your mind back to 2008 & ask, ‘did the media explain the banking fiasco in the way I just did in this here paragraph?



The 2nd example: What can be more serious than declaring war? Not a thing! When does one declare war? In an ideal world normally when one country attacks another. But we live in anything but an ideal world. We live in a world where money talks. Therefore, most wars are for the benefit of the powerful & greedy. It’s all about exploitation; taking what’s not yours; serving your interests. So, now one must ask, how did US & UK politicians serve the interests of its people by attacking Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen etc etc. Answer – THEY DIDN’T! These conflicts served no interest whatsoever to the US & UK. Sure, enormous quantities of petroleum are being stolen but we never see any of it. In fact oil prices remain sky high. Moreover, at a time of hardship & austerity for ordinary folk, these wars have cost us a king’s ransom.



Quite how there can always be more money for war is indeed a moot point but since these wars aren’t in our interests the question everyone should be asking is WHO’S INTERESTS ARE BEING SERVED? Well, apart from big business there is but one country – ISRAEL & the evidence is overwhelming. We already know they’re a law unto themselves; they steal land for fun. There’s Oded Yinon’s plan for the creation of Greater Israel which more than indicates they want a hell of a lot more than Palestine. Only idiots can’t see 9/11 was a dual national Zionist/Mossad operation in order to eventually create Greater Israel. Then there’s General Wesley Clark’s admission – the plan all along was to take out 7 Arab/Muslim nations. Does one even have to ask who possesses such power & influence?



What swings it is the existence of what should be illegal lobbies in both America – AIPAC, CFR & the ADL & in the UK – the Conservative Friends of Israel where almost every Tory MP is a member & the Labour Friends of Israel where now nearly half of the Labour MP’s are members. Needless to say, they are the ones undermining their anti-war leader, Jeremy Corbyn. How can people not know what these lobbies & groups are for? The icing on the cake for these warmongering Zionists is that the media will never mention any of the above. We’re deliberately kept in the dark & the ramifications couldn’t be more serious. Our elected representatives are committing mass-murder & Treason – we’re helping to kill millions of innocent folk & we’re doing it all for Israel’s sake. I defy anyone who tells me I’m wrong for this is the only way one can explain exactly what is going on. There is no other way to connect the dots. I’ll say it one more time –




What I can guarantee is the other day when that sack of shit Netanyahu came over here, it wasn’t to have a friendly chat. First & foremost, forget all the crap the media said about Theresa May telling Netanyahu new settlements are bad news. This is typical Zionist bull – a smokescreen to make people believe Theresa May has power. She wouldn’t be Prime Minister if it wasn’t for his mob. One must always consider how these people thought nothing of killing 3000 US citizens. You can be sure the only thing she told him was ‘what can I do for you Bibi? In all likelihood he came out with his usual bullshit, ‘We need regime change in Syria. We want more sanctions placed on Russia & Iran. Anti-Semitism is on the rise. That’s why we want you to usher in laws that will make it illegal to criticise Israel. We also want to outlaw the BDS movement.’ Like I said, the usual bollocks! Here’s our enemy & it’s not going to go away. We have to do something. Sadly, quite what that is, I’m not so certain.


Here’s a clip (5.01) about Netanyahu’s recent trip to the UK…..


Israel passed a controversial law about settlements. Where did its parliament get the support?




Finally a clip (2.54) featuring the great Abby Martin….




  • I have a very close friend who is an aid worker over in Palestine, he told me no-one wants to live in the settlements… The obvious error is that most of them have been built European style with pitched roofs, traditionally all the houses over there have flat roofs so families can move to the roof in very hot weather… despite Air Conditioning in the settlements, there are hundreds just standing empty all over the land… Netanyahu just wants the land and is using the building of settlements as a method of staking a claim… Meanwhile the settlers are getting difficult to control and are becoming a very big problem…

  • John Cameron

    An injustice as atrocious as the destruction of the Americas by Europeans, the Atlantic slave trade, and the Jewish Holocaust, The reason for most the discontent in the Islamic world is because of this one issue. It is imperative that the American people learn and understand the repercussions that the world is experiencing by the Zionism, and it’s ugly form of apartheid that is being used here.

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