Israel promotes soldier who beat Palestinian children

The kid must be anti-Semitic……….even though he’s a Semite…… he’s still anti-Semitic! They are killing our vimin & our children. They vunt to vipe us off the map! Ven ve invade ve come in peace. Ve are only defending ourselves!

1 every 3 days!

1 every 3 days!

In the dock, a mass-murderer is explaining himself. Bear in mind, this court is slightly different. Here the accused is allowed to make up any cock and bull story, literally concoct a package of fairy-tales. The families of the victims have to sit and listen to this garbage. This mass-murderer is offered an unchallenged platform to go on & on & then to add insult to injury, suddenly, the accused says. ‘Your honor. It was their fault. I was only defending myself. Isn’t this my right? If you could only see how every day these people attack me. They want to kill me & wipe me off the map. In fact your honor, the victim is guilty of the very thing I’ve been wrongly accused of.’

Now it’s the turn of the prosecution. The prosecutor gets up only for the judge to say, ‘What nasty victims we have here. Mr. Prosecutor, I don’t want to hear your side of the story. You’re not allowed to criticise this man. It would be anti mass-murderer! You don’t want me to be accusing you of being anti-mass-murderer, do you?’ Well then.’ The prosecutor says ‘but he made all these outrageous claims. Where’s the evidence? He’s alive & the people he’s accusing are all dead! The judge says ‘he doesn’t need evidence. I believe everything this man says. Can’t you see he’s telling the truth. He had to defend himself. He’s the victim. In fact you should apologise to him.’


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