Israel Stealing Syria’s Oil

Hypocrisy off the Richter scale. With Israel, the media lied just as much in 1967 as it does now! The very fact the history books state Israel was attacked from all sides in 1967 yet the end result of this ‘6 day war’ was the capture of the Sinai Desert from Egypt, the continued robbery of vast swathes of Palestinian land including Jerusalem & the seizure of the Golan Heights from Syria…… & THEY WERE THE VICTIMS? ‘THEY’RE KILLING OUR VIMIN & OUR CHILDREN!’ How can anyone in their right mind actually believe Egypt, the Palestinians & Syria initially attacked Israel? It was the other way round! Like I keep saying, when you’ve got the media, it opens Pandora’s Box.
True to form, look what’s occurring in the Golan Heights. It’s as if international law does not exist. And of course the Israelis do not pass up opportunities. With Syria & seemingly the whole region embroiled in conflict, infuriatingly, typically of the West’s making, why not press ahead & drill in the oil-laden Golan Heights. Daylight robbery, grand larceny on a scale scarcely imaginable & IT’S ALL OUT IN THE OPEN! This is Syria’s oil yet Israel is allowed to do as it pleases. It matters not UN Resolution 497 deemed Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights illegal & that Israel must return the land back to Syria. What’s so annoying, when it suits, the West has the gall to use the UN. It’s enough to make you heave!
Then that vermin Netanyahu says ‘the Golan Heights is Israel’s ‘forever’ …… steal land & tell everyone fuck you….. and just look at the list of scumbags Israel’s given drilling rights to. Needless to say, gangsters who’ve been instrumental in fermenting trouble in the Middle East, all for Israel’s benefit. This in many ways is a pay-off but it’s also par for the course. This sort of exploitation & skulduggery is how we’ve always operated. Greed may be a human trait though describing this as greed hardly cuts it. All the recipients will not be able to spend the billions they siphon off in Syria. They’ve already got money coming out of their ears. This is what I find so sickening. These people are ill. Genie Energy my arse!


Check out this RT clip (2.27)





UN Security Council: Golan Heights Doesn’t Belong to Israel





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