Israel & the Fading Power of the Western Alliance

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Israel & the Fading Power of the Western Alliance

Whatsupic — Mainstream media is on a slippery slope. Hard as it tries to continue to present anything resembling a credible front, reflecting the whims of Western politicians is increasingly becoming an arduous task. Even carefully handpicked, squeaky clean news readers, who up to now have performed a sterling job keeping a straight face, must be reaching a point where some are at least pondering ‘this is simply one lie too many!’ The harsh reality is the Zionists, who own or control mainstream media, have perhaps bitten off more than they can chew for now they are in it up to their necks! If they were to back off, it would only be a matter of time for Americans to realize in mass that the dual national Zionists & Mossad were the chief protagonists behind 9/11. If & when this happens, all bets are off! Israel will be lucky to survive for the Americans may well feel to hell with the consequences. The Israelis know this. They cannot afford to lose control of America. Therefore backing off cannot be an option! As a result the politicians they control in the US & Europe, along with the entire mainstream media, are being pushed to the limit! As a result, credibility has all but disappeared! U.S. soldiers stand next to a Patriot anti-missile battery west of Jerusalem. (Ronen Zvulun / Courtesy Reuters)

I must say the media couldn’t have done a better job cushioning Obama, Cameron, Merkel, Harper & Hollande as they have. Of course journalists & reporters have never been under such strict orders to not rock the Imperialistic Western boat! Patently obvious questions hardly make it to the notepad, let alone the lips of any journalist who ever has an opportunity to grill these heads of state! Scoops are a distant memory! Yet even under this controlled environment where politicians are allowed an unchallenged platform to spout bile, they are nevertheless having to suffer looking dafter by the day, defending the indefensible! Just recently Obama had the gall to say what Russia did in Crimea is worse than what the US did in Iraq! How is one supposed to react to such unadulterated drivel? 1.5 million dead Iraqis, 5 million rendered homeless, a country pulverized from head to toe & all due to a pack of lies deliberately spread by the Zionist media? Small wonder the disapproval ratings of politicians in America & Europe are going through the proverbial roof!

What I find so disconcerting is it’s painfully obvious wherever America has meddled in the affairs of other countries, at best exploitation was rife; at worst it’s been an unparalleled disaster! Look back at the horrors Nicaragua suffered when America supported the brutal Somoza dictatorship for over 40 years. In a breathtaking popular revolution, the Nicaraguan people led by the Sandinistas overthrew this regime in 1979. They then set about establishing a society for the common good. The death penalty was abolished. 100,000’s of poverty-stricken peasants were literally brought back from the dead. Over 100,000 families were given title to land. 2000 schools were built. A quite remarkable literacy campaign reduced illiteracy in the country to less than one seventh. A free health service & a free education system was established. Infant mortality was reduced by a third. Polio was eradicated. 

Instead the US denounced these fine achievements as Marxist/Leninist subversion & so set about bringing down the Sandinista government. After several years of economic hardship & persecution, along with 30,000 dead, the Nicaraguan people could no longer resist! Big business returned with a vengeance. The great playwright Harold Pinter scathingly wrote ‘democracy had prevailed!’ It should be noted that Nicaragua was anything but an isolated case. After World War II, the US supported & in many cases engendered every right wing military dictatorship in the world – Indonesia, Greece, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Haiti, Turkey, the Philippines, Guatemala, El Salvador & the horrendous case of Chile. Not to forget the Korean War, Cambodia & the utter carnage of Vietnam!

One could be excused for thinking things could only improve. On the contrary, the barrage of lies from the Zionist controlled media in the lead up to the war in Iraq was instrumental, indeed crucial in swaying an already battle-weary public into believing there existed a genuine case for invading the country. Many remained skeptical even though media fabrications put a new meaning to the word ‘propaganda!’ It can be safely said not one claim regarding Saddam’s links to Al Qaeda, 9/11, his alleged WMD’s or the Anthrax attacks stood up to be factual. They were all lies! The media had become an altogether different animal. No longer was it a case of politicians & media working as separate entities. Now they were inextricably linked so that not only could politicians get away with outrageous falsehoods but the media would ensure nothing incriminating ever made the airwaves! 

And so it’s continued – Afghanistan & Libya destroyed! Egypt in turmoil as is Syria. Yemen, Somalia, Sudan & Pakistan fairing little better. In the meantime the media conveniently ignores popular uprisings in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Qatar! Far be it for them to have to explain how democracy is the last thing these countries need! However what’s going on between Russia, Ukraine, America & the EU has gone way beyond brinkmanship! This is simply unacceptable! How can the entire planet’s future be placed at peril over what is occurring in Ukraine? Do we not deserve political representation that incorporates at least a modicum of common sense? I cannot remember a time where it’s never been more obvious that a higher tier of power exists, transcending politics & the media. Most of us know much of what’s going on is totally unnecessary! The problem is no one’s addressing the crucial question as to who is really responsible & why? 

Ascertaining who has right on their side is a no-brainer! It is undeniable – the elected government of Ukraine was overthrown by a combination of ultra right-wing fanatics & criminal thugs. It is a fact too, the West not only assisted; dirty tricks were used to ferment trouble. Never was this more evident when alternative media categorically stated snipers were used to murder both Police & protesters! What better way of instigating mayhem? There was no denying it – ballistics showed the same weapons killed people from both sides! On the surface it may seem astonishing that the White House, Downing Street & the media could completely ignore such damning evidence but really it was no surprise – the whole sordid affair after all smacked of CIA/Mossad involvement! 

And of course it is no secret Rothschild bankers dearly wanted Ukraine to join the EU so they could rape yet another country for all its worth. It’s no secret too NATO harbored the desire to establish a base slap-bang on Russia’s doorstep! This is why the elected government of Ukraine was overthrown & Russia had every reason to be furious! Fortunately for Putin the headache of being cut off from Russia’s naval base at Sebastopol was averted when the people of Crimea immediately made it clear they wanted nothing to do with the lunatic thugs in Kiev. A referendum was hastily arranged & somehow carried out within two weeks. The result was nothing less than astonishing. A whopping 80%+ turnout was overshadowed by the incredible result – 96% of Crimea’s populace were in favor of leaving Ukraine. Nevertheless, the US, UK & the media continued to demonize Russia!

It’s difficult to understand why the US & Western media have indulged in such faceless accusations & crass reporting but for Obama, Kerry, Cameron & Hague to have the effrontery to say Russia had no right to interfere with the affairs of another country? Now this truly beggared belief! Frankly I’m amazed the true power-brokers failed to arrive at the conclusion that the least the media & politicians said on this one, the better! Yet the verbal diarrhea that continued to be utilized by US representatives defied comprehension – Russia branded a thief over Crimea! Indeed, quite what was being stolen was a moot point! For America to accuse anyone of stealing land, what with their 60 odd vetoes at the UN allowing Israel to get away with robbery on a scale scarcely imaginable, the Palestinians must be thinking “ER, EXCUSE ME! WHAT ABOUT ISRAEL? And to think we’re doing this to Russia? Correct me if I’m wrong but does it not possess the second largest nuclear arsenal in the world?

Therefore it is no use beating about the bush! In order to get to the crux of the problem one has to ask – WHO CONTROLS AMERICA’S POLITICIANS, UK & EU POLITICIANS & WHO CONTROLS THE MEDIA? Answer – THE ZIONISTS! Who do the Zionists work for? Answer – ISRAEL & THE BANKERS! As far as I’m concerned this sticks out like a sore thumb! If you choose to believe this is anti-Semetic nonsense or I have some sort of hidden agenda then more fool you because I can assure you, you’ve become part of the problem! The more we dodge this issue, the worse the situation will become! There is one common denominator – ISRAEL! Anyone who’s capable of reading between the lines must be aware that apart from their unquestionable thirst for control, what stands out more than anything with Zionists is their extraordinary ability to consistently slip under the radar! We’ve allowed this to go on for far too long! 

What other explanation can there be? The US, UK & EU have no reason to want to antagonize Russia. It is widely believed sanctions can only backfire on us! It’s bad enough we failed to seize the initiative to truly bring Russia into the fold after the break up of the Soviet Union. Only a fool believes Russia hasn’t done all it could to encourage world peace ever since the Cold War ended! Things started to go drastically wrong after 9/11, which I firmly believe was planned & executed by the dual national Zionists in America. It was a classic False Flag event! The Project for New American Century, the PNAC group’s plan all along was to take control of the Middle East. This meant toppling all regimes that failed to see eye-to-eye with the US & most importantly, Israel! 

The destabilization of Syria was put into motion, only for Russia & Iran to come to the aid of President Assad. Russia & China knew if Syria was to fall, Iran would be next on the list! For them, Iran is very much off limits for any trouble there would have huge economic ramifications! Therefore, much to Israel’s consternation, direct Western military intervention in Syria was averted when Russia & China squared up to the US fleet! With public opinion very much against further involvement in war, Obama & Cameron were forced to back off! However, the proverbial kitchen sink would now be thrown at Putin for when it comes to Israel, the saying ‘hell hath no fury’ fails to fit the bill! Only one country stood to gain from Syria’s destruction & Assad’s downfall – Israel! Plans to steal all the oil & gas discovered in the occupied Golan Heights has had to be put on hold as have Israeli drills for the massive gas field recently discovered off the coast of Syria. Moreover plans for the creation of Greater Israel, which will literally multiply Israel’s land mass 100 fold, has come to a grinding halt! 

But as I said earlier, the Zionists will not stop! Recently Israeli jets stormed into Syria, bombing key government targets! Needless to say the entire mainstream media ignored this gross violation of international law. Instead Israel came out with the usual baloney saying this was in response to Assad’s forces planting a bomb in the Golan Heights. OH REALLY NOW? HOW DID THEY DO THAT I WONDER, WHAT WITH ALL THE ISRAELI SOLDIERS THERE? Of course not one Israeli soldier was injured in this bombing, rather like the 100’s of missiles allegedly fired from Gaza into Israel – never any casualties – oh but we must take Israel’s word for it! This ‘bomb’ in the Golan heights was probably an Israeli firecracker or more likely a complete lie! Not to mention how the UN has long since deemed Israel shouldn’t even be in the Golan Heights! 

How convenient! While everyone’s heads are turned to Ukraine, Israel is intensifying its bombardment of Syria. I say intensifying because this is nothing new! Israeli jets have been bombing Syria for quite some time now. It’s bad enough the Israelis never seem to pay a price but now they’re making the world an infinitely more dangerous place! Almost 3 years ago a poll was carried in most European countries. People were asked who they felt was the greatest danger to world peace. There were two winners & Iran & North Korea were nowhere in sight! A few countries deemed America was the greatest danger; many more though stated Israel was the greatest danger to world peace! No surprise the results were buried! The last thing mankind needs is America & Russia to be at loggerheads with each other, so I suggest the time has long since passed for people to start pointing an accusing finger at these lunatics!

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