Israel to arrest anyone for posting content deemed ‘Anti-Israel’ on Facebook

Thanks to Ted Duggan for sending me this excellent article from Press TV. The title pretty much says it all. We have the diabolical situation where the Palestinians have to suffer a fate which many prominent people feel is worse than what blacks had to endure under the brutal Apartheid regime in South Africa, yet if Palestinians actually describe how horrendous their meagre existence is under Israeli oppression, they’re the ones that could be breaking the law.


Last week, Mahmoud Asila from the Old City of al-Quds, was arrested for merely posting a picture on Facebook that claimed he was in support of the attacks carried out by the Palestinians against the Israeli forces occurring in the West Bank. Israel called this thought crime ‘incitement’. When I think of what the Israelis have done are continuing to do to the Palestinians, THIS IS ACTUALLY NOTHING!


Incitement my arse!


Surprised? Well, haven’t the Israelis been stealing land, demolishing homes for goodness knows how long? Hasn’t the IDF been using Palestinian kids for target practice? Haven’t they been kidnapping kids from their homes, arresting them without charge, throwing them in jail & all the while denying them legal representation? Haven’t the Israelis stood on hills & cheered as their air-force & tanks destroyed entire neighborhoods?


No. What this is, is a precedent. Israel does it. Then Canada, France, England, America & so on…… well at least that’s the plan. Step by step – take our rights away. Each step may appear trivial but this is an illusion that serves the true conspirators well. Only when one considers the effect of all these steps can one see how these new laws have left us wide open. All this while Israelis can post what the hell they like on Facebook & the media does everything it can to incite Islamophobia.




These are the people our politicians are beholding to. How does one even start to warn people of the dangers of where we’re heading, where we are being led. I think too the days of telling people they’d better wake up are as good as over with for there’s no question pretty soon we’re all going to be in for a rather rude awakening.


Israel Isn’t an “Apartheid State.” It’s Worse Than That.

Thanks to Debbie Lawrence for this caption – 


Axis of Evil



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