Israeli Defense Minister: If Pakistan send ground troops into Syria on any pretext, we will destroy this country with a nuclear attack

My good friend Dinah Everett Snyder sent me this mind-numbing link. The headline read –

Israeli Defense Minister: If Pakistan send ground troops into Syria on any pretext, we will destroy this country with a nuclear attack,-we-will-destroy-them-with-a-nuclear-attack




Quite how any politician can actually say this? To make such a threat? Well, I settled for mind-numbing but to be honest, I’m not sure if there’s an appropriate word to describe this.
Though we’ve never met, we’ve had some long chats & a while back I had the pleasure of talking on a couple of her radio shows which went out live. I was literally shitting myself; she was as cool as you like. This lady is a proper Tiger. So, no surprise, when I checked out Dinah’s wall to see what she had to say – accompanying the link was this phenomenal piece…..
What business is it of Israel if Pakistan sends ground troops into Syria? What business is it of Israel’s if Pakistan sends troops or virgins or a rock band to Syria? What business is it of Israel’s if Pakistan sends anything at all to Syria? No business. None. Zero. Pakistan only needs Syria’s permission. This is between Syria and Pakistan.
On the other hand, Israel’s public and direct THREAT of NUCLEAR RETALIATION for a “none of your goddamn business” business or political agreement between two clear and autonomous separate parties…. namely Syria and Pakistan is a clear and compelling threat. It’s a Nuclear threat based upon “none of Israel’s goddamn business”.
More importantly, it perfectly illustrates Israel’s Nuclear capacity and blatant misappropriation of authority…… an authority they are NOT entitled to.
This threat of Nuclear consequences for a “none of their goddamn business” is funded in whole by the American government and its subservient support to Israel and its full funding of Israel’s military war arsenal including its Nuclear armaments which have also been sponsored and made possible by ongoing endowments from the IMF, the Crown Holding Corporation and the Vatican. God, like the Federal Reserve works in mysterious ways.
Acts of blatant threat and the threat of nuclear retaliation amount to declarations of war.
None of your goddamn business just became everyone’s business.
Dinah Everett Snyder


Damn right. I just don’t know how these bastards get away with it! What’s worse than threatening to nuke a country when that country’s done nothing to you or anyone? This tells me these people are not only void of empathy but completely mad! What sickens me more than anything is the total lack of media & international condemnation.
Then I saw his face & I thought didn’t this heap of excrement say much the same thing about Iran? Memories came flooding back. A quick glance through my Whatsupic articles & there it was.


Now this man said the unthinkable. By not roundly condemning this maniac, we’re giving him & others of the same ilk a licence. Okay, it may not quite be a green light to commit mass-murder but the fact is, it’s only taken this vermin 18 months to say the same thing again. Mankind is playing a dangerous game.

Israel’s War Minister Declares – Let’s Nuke Iran while Zionists are Demanding the Criminalisation of anti-Semitism. This is not Hypocrisy; This is Madness!


This was from May 23 2015. It’s quite a long piece but when I read it this time around I thought, hmmn. Not bad at all. Here are a few snippets…..


I wrote a few lines yesterday pouring scorn over Israeli war minister Moshe Ya’alon’s desire to launch an unprovoked Nuclear attack on Iran. As most of you know I’m not one for mincing my words yet the first thing entering my mind this morning was my response hardly seemed adequate. I wanted to do more; I feel a need to do more than just write about this vile cretin who has the gall to admit he wants to commit indiscriminate mass-murder. This man must be made to suffer. I mean woe betide saying anything derogatory about Israel. Your career’s up the Swanee! At the very least this vermin has to be held to account, after all, right now Zionists are moaning like stuffed pigs about hate speech? Well for crying out loud, this is the epitome of hatred? ……
…… So back to how I felt this morning: how in the blazes can this be possible? At a time when Zionists are up in arms over the alleged rising tide of anti-Semetism; the fact they’re desperate to have it categorized as hate speech surely you’d think the last thing any Israeli would do is openly display unbridled hatred? Not one bit. LET’S NUKE IRAN! This in itself demonstrates just how deluded and arrogant these people are. Yet, this is not any Israeli; this is their war minister, proudly stepping up to the plate! Bad enough a man of such appalling character can rise to a position of power and influence but what I simply cannot come to terms with is the shocking reality that we really do live in a world where someone can advocate the mass-murder of millions of innocent folk…… AND NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING! 
Moshe Ya’alon is a disgrace to the human race, as is anyone who entertains such a notion and I’m in no doubt many Israelis actually believe this is the right thing to do. Quite how people can be this deranged is beyond me but we haven’t yet considered who has right on their side when it comes to Israel and Iran. Here are the true facts –  


Iran threatens no one – Israel does, all the time!
Iran has no UN resolutions tabled against it – Israel has 66!
Iran does not steal land – Israel does, all the time!
Iran last invasion was in 1798 – with Israel, I’ve lost count!
Iran doesn’t slaughter innocent civilians – Israel does, all the time!
Iran has no nuclear weapons – Israel possesses over 300! 
Iran does not indulge in targeted assassinations – Israel does, all the time!
Iran respects international law – Israel is a law unto itself!


It’s not much consolation but at least the people know which country is the greatest threat to world peace – ISRAEL! I mean it’s hardly surprising when their politicians openly threaten to wipe out other nations! Needless to say, one of my first articles on this website was –

EU Poll Names Israel As The Biggest Threat To World Peace. Imagine if they never had the media?


Check out the clip (5.09) in this link – 


EU Poll Names Israel As The Biggest Threat To World Peace. Imagine if they never had the media?


I just came across this. I believe no one did more to stop another raving lunatic, Hillary Clinton, from becoming President. We owe Julian Assange so much. I’ve always maintained any activist or Truther who even suspects Assange is controlled opposition has at best, a wiring problem in the canister; at worst, a serious malfunction in their grey matter. I don’t know whether it’s down to people trying to be too clever for their own good but in this case to label Assange controlled opposition? I don’t care how many friends I lose – IT’S PLAIN DAFT TO THINK SUCH A THING! All this tripe about never criticising Israel? Here. Stick this one in your pipe….


Assange: Forget Russia. The Real Threat to America comes from Israel and the Israel Lobby



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