Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks Are a Sham; They Always Have Been Because Israel is Not Interested in Peace

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Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks Are a Sham; They Always Have Been Because Israel is Not Interested in Peace

Whatsupic — Last night Press TV asked me to express my opinion on the sudden break up of the Israeli/Palestinian peace talks! My answer –

You know I can’t for the life of me understand why this question is still being asked! At what point does it become obvious that the last thing Israel is interested in is peace! The evidence is unequivocal! All they’ve ever done is steal land! Now this is not open to argument; IT IS A FACT! Maps simply do not lie & therefore it is beyond the boundaries of sanity to assume Israel wants peace when all the time it annexes land for the purpose of building illegal settlements! How can there ever be peace when they continue to do this?

Small wonder all peace talks result in the same outcome – more & more Palestinian land is being stolen! Yet the Zionist controlled media have the effrontery to blame the Palestinians each & every time peace talks grind to a halt. On every occasion the Israelis give a lame excuse to cover up what’s basically their refusal to offer anything to the Palestinians! And I’m not talking about something substantial – I’m saying any small concession! In any case, whatever is offered, more often than not the Israelis renege on any promises so the end result of any peace talks is the plight of the Palestinians worsens! Moreover instead of mainstream media scrutinizing Israel’s pathetic excuses whenever peace talks break down, they’re instead presented in a way that whatever Israel says is gospel! We never hear the other side of the story or the truth! Now they say it’s because the Palestinians have united? Well upon my soul! 

The media won’t tell you the truth; I will though! As far as I’m concerned all Israel has done is prove my point – they don’t want peace! Let’s stop for a few seconds, just to analyze exactly Israel’s position on this. If anything, SHOULDN’T THEY BE DELIGHTED THAT THE PALESTINIANS HAVE FINALLY UNITED? This way if any agreement is reached, there are no fractious groups that can perhaps throw a spanner in the works. Therefore the chances of genuine peace is far more realistic! So why are the Israelis up in arms? IT’S BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT PEACE – THEY WANT LAND & they know full well while they’ve got the muscle, they can do what the hell they like………… & SO THEY ARE!

What sickens me more than anything – the penny dropped for me when I was a 13 year old kid! I was 10 when the 6 day war broke out – you know the one where Israel said they were attacked from all sides but as a result of this 6 day war, Israel ended up with the Sinai Desert taken from Egypt, the Golan Heights taken from Syria & what was left of Palestinian land was literally shredded! It was about 3 years later my best friend in school, a Jewish kid, said to me ‘Israel wants peace!’ I said, oh yeah? Where do you get that from? How can they want peace when all they’re doing is taking land that’s not their’s! Give me a break!’ 

Okay, eventually Israel gave back the Sinai Desert but only after Egypt sold its soul. Remember in 1967 the Israels attacked the USS Liberty killing 34 US soldiers & then they tried to pin the blame on Egypt! God only knows what would have happened to Egypt had America fallen for this? Anyway though the UN deemed the Golan Heights must be returned to Syria, Israel has steadfastly refused! Over 50 years later Israel still controls it! To this day Palestinians are being turfed out of their homes & the Israelis are not only being allowed to do this but such is the treacherous nature of our politicians in the West, they instead continue to unconditionally support the rogue state of Israel!

That’s when the penny dropped for me – over 44 years ago. I didn’t need to read any books or listen to any drivel by BBC reporters or journalists to know the truth. The facts stuck out like a sore thumb & back then I promise you, I had the brains of a rocking horse! Well, it’s about bloody time people started waking up to what is so obvious – NOT ONLY ISRAEL DOES NOT WANT PEACE; IT IS THE MAJOR CAUSE OF TROUBLE IN THE WORLD!

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