Israel’s War Minister Declares – Let’s Nuke Iran while Zionists are Demanding the Criminalisation of anti-Semitism. This is not Hypocrisy; This is Madness!

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Israel’s War Minister Declares – Let’s Nuke Iran while Zionists are Demanding the Criminalisation of anti-Semitism. This is not Hypocrisy; This is Madness!

Whatsupic — I wrote a few lines yesterday pouring scorn over Israeli war minister Moshe Ya’alon’s desire to launch an unprovoked Nuclear attack on Iran. As most of you know I’m not one for mincing my words yet the first thing entering my mind this morning was my response hardly seemed adequate. I wanted to do more; I feel a need to do more than just write about this vile cretin who has the gall to admit he wants to commit indiscriminate mass-murder. This man must be made to suffer. I mean woe betide saying anything derogatory about Israel. Your career’s up the Swanee! At the very least this vermin has to be held to account, after all, right now Zionists are moaning like stuffed pigs about hate speech? Well for crying out loud, this is the epitome of hatred?

Yet at this particular moment in time, it’s all hands to the deck for even though Zionists control the entire mass-media, ordinary folk are waking up to the undeniable truth corporate media is lying through it’s back teeth. No surprise therefore, an ever-increasing number of people are beginning to feel ‘to hell with being accused of anti-semetism – I’m going to speak out regardless!’ As a result, the word is now positively gushing out so that we’ve reached a point where their demands have the stench of desperation written all over them. But how does one even begin to justify stripping us of our god-given right to express opinions, especially when it concerns a country that continuously displays a wanton disregard for international law? 

Their only option is to instruct their puppet politicians, ie all the traitors who are supposed to represent the people of the US, UK, Canada, France and several other countries, to introduce legislation that effectively outlaws criticism of Israel. Absurd as it is, merely complaining about Zionists could result in losing one’s freedom. You’re an anti-Semite. This is hate speech. Well, in my opinion, anyone involved in ratifying such tripe is the criminal who must be punished. This is an assault on our fundamental rights. It’s like being attacked by some thug – one way or another, you’ve been violated! Yet ……. this is precisely what they intend to push through. Forget about justification. There isn’t any…… so whatever Cameron and all the other Zionist cronies say, get this into your head – THEY’RE LYING! No one but no one has any right to tell us who or what, can or cannot be criticized. Period!

Think about this – Imagine a bank robber telling a judge, “you can’t pass sentence on me your honor. That would make you an anti-bank-robber!” Amusing it may seem but this is no joke. My bank-robber analogy fits well. The only reason Israel gets away with so much skulduggery is because for years they’ve literally concocted news rather like a soap opera. They controlled the flow of information and still do. However, the Internet offered an alternative view. Finally we could see what we weren’t being told! Nevertheless, Zionist delusion holds no bounds. They will not stop until they control the whole planet, but first they have to overcome the major obstacle of criticism and boycott movements like the BDS. Only then will they have the freedom or should I say licence to do as they please. This bank-robber can indulge with impunity! Better not complain though. Doing so could have you up before a judge. 

So back to how I felt this morning: how in the blazes can this be possible? At a time when Zionists are up in arms over the alleged rising tide of anti-Semetism; the fact they’re desperate to have it categorized as hate speech surely you’d think the last thing any Israeli would do is openly display unbridled hatred? Not one bit. LET’S NUKE IRAN! This in itself demonstrates just how deluded and arrogant these people are. Yet, this is not any Israeli; this is their war minister, proudly stepping up to the plate! Bad enough a man of such appalling character can rise to a position of power and influence but what I simply cannot come to terms with is the shocking reality that we really do live in a world where someone can advocate the mass-murder of millions of innocent folk…… AND NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING! 

Moshe Ya’alon is a disgrace to the human race, as is anyone who entertains such a notion and I’m in no doubt many Israelis actually believe this is the right thing to do. Quite how people can be this deranged is beyond me but we haven’t yet considered who has right on their side when it comes to Israel and Iran. Here are the true facts –  

Iran threatens no one – Israel does, all the time!

Iran has no UN resolutions tabled against it – Israel has 66!

Iran does not steal land – Israel does, all the time!

Iran last invasion was in 1798 – with Israel, I’ve lost count!

Iran doesn’t slaughter innocent civilians – Israel does, all the time!

Iran has no nuclear weapons – Israel possesses over 300! 

Iran does not indulge in targeted assassinations – Israel does, all the time!

Iran respects international law – Israel is a law unto itself!

Nuclear strike or not, for me, you’ve got to have the brains of a rocking horse to think Israel has any justification to even open it’s mouth!

Yet this is only the tip of the iceberg. Almost all false flag events and assassinations like JFK, are planned and executed by Mossad and/or dual national Zionists residing in the US. The finger of blame is immediately placed squarely at the feet of whoever the perpetrators want to royally screw. This in itself should alert anyone with half a brain – with 9/11 for instance – the day before, those who should have known something, claimed they knew bugger all. Bush even said, we never evisaged people flying planes into buildings……. yet…… just an hour after the attack, all of a sudden, these people didn’t just wake up – they knew exactly who was responsible! Osama Bin Laden and Muslim terrorists – they’re the ones who did it! Yeah right!

How anyone could fall for this is beyond me yet what does my head in is so few people realised here was the smoking gun. No investigation, no nothing but lo and behold, they know who did it! You’ve got to be kidding me! This stinks to high heaven. For me, since the finger pointers had no right to be accusing anyone, the only way to make head or tail of this was by concluding the accusers were the ones – THEY DID IT! This is the ONLY way all the dots connect! I smelt a rat the moment I saw a very large one in the shape of war criminal Ehud Barack being interviewed on the BBC two hours after the attack. He couldn’t contain himself when he began saying how ‘we have to hunt down the terrorists. Osama Bin Laden. This is a war on terror!’ Crucially, every major news outlet had Zionists conveniently plotted up, all set and ready to be interviewed – operation, set up the patsy.

There is one specific requirement with a false flag event –  YOU HAVE TO GET AWAY WITH IT! Even if the entire operation is a resounding success, being found out means failure. Now the only way to pretty much guaranteeing this is if you’re certain no meaningful investigation will ever take place. No one must delve anywhere near the truth. Therefore total control over the entire mass-media is essential, indeed a prerequisite for a successful false flag operation. Anyone can become a terrorist but if the Police and media are free to investigate, it’s a shoe in you’ll be caught. It goes without saying – the only people capable of pulling off 9/11 are those who know the media will cover up the whole sordid episode. No proper terrorist would even consider such a feat because it’s impossible. They know even if they managed to hijack 4 planes, US civil air defense would kick in. No plane would get near downtown Manhattan. It is unequivocal – each and every media baron has to be either directly or indirectly linked to the true terrorists behind 9/11. 

Finally, I’d like to make one thing clear. I’m not against Jews. In fact I believe the vast majority have no idea they’re being taken for as a big ride as we all are. For a long time I wondered why so many of my closest friends were Jewish, yet I felt Zionists were nothing like them. Then I discovered why – Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism. The Ashkenazi Zionist tribe originated in Khazar, a region now known as Georgia. So amazing as it may seem, the very people who scream blue murder about anti-Semetism, do not possess a drop of Semetic blood! Like I said, we’re all being taken for a ride. Zionists have usurped Judaism rather like the way they steal Palestinian land. They just take it! Like it or not, the truth is every Israeli Prime Minister as well as 80% of Israel’s inhabitants are of East European descent. They’re not Jews but boy, have they used them! Small wonder Zionists have this in-built arrogance where they not only feel they can do whatever they like but they actually believe they have the right to. Well the longer these evil, master manipulators are allowed to slip under the radar, the greater the price mankind will undoubtedly pay.


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