Israel’s War Minister Declares – Let’s Nuke Iran while Zionists are Demanding the Criminalisation of anti-Semitism. This is not Hypocrisy; This is Madness!

Unless you can somehow make sense of the fact those who despise criticism to the point of demanding its criminalisation, openly declare ‘let’s nuke Iran’ I submit these people are raving lunatics! Compounding the matter further still, I can’t help but feel there’s little more Israel could do if their aim was to create anti-Semitism! Ultimately, if we fail to do all we can to let the Israelis know any unprovoked attack on Iran is totally unacceptable, then we deserve WW III. Here’s my take on this –

Here’s the cretin who feels he should commit mass-murder but I ask – how demented is the woman who says she’s very priviliged & honored to introduce such a scumbag?


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