“It is forbidden to be merciful to them (Palestinians). You must send missiles & annihilate them” – Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Just yesterday I was speaking to my good friend Nicky Nelson who knows some people in Gaza. She said ‘if only the world knew what nice people they are.’ I said ‘I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve told people that because it’s so true.’ In the 70’s I went to Lebanon twice & the people were so friendly & hospitable, yet the media forever portray Arabs as religious freaks & lunatic terrorists. Make no mistake – this is nothing less than a crime against humanity! Everyone involved should be jailed for life! They know what they’re doing. It’s a classic Zionist trick – YOU ACCUSE YOUR ENEMIES OF DOING WHAT YOU DO ALL THE TIME!


Then she explained the conditions the people of Gaza have been forced to live under (not that I need any reminding of the horrendous plight of these poor people – water, food, electricity & medicine, all rationed. The bear minimum! I mean THIS IS THEIR LAND! How would you feel if this is how you lived in your own country? You’d be raising hell with your government. That’s the problem – THE ISRAELIS WON’T LET THEM HAVE ONE! THAT’S WHAT BEING OCCUPIED MEANS. As well as having no army, navy, air-force, port or airport, they have no freedom of movement. They are totally surrounded, effectively locked in a massive concentration camp. Zionists are the LAST people in the world who should be talking about Concentration camps!


Then I saw this caption (Israel by night; Gaza by night) At first nothing …. but as I pondered over being in this very situation, it hit me! THIS IS A FORM OF TORTURE. HOW CAN THE WORLD SIT BY & ALLOW SUCH A THING? ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS ISRAEL IN ANY WAY, ANY POLITICIAN, ZIONIST, JEW OR NON JEW SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. THIS IS INEXCUSABLE!


Apartheid Israel


This is an article from Falastinews.com which clearly shows we’re being fed a load of nonsense with the who wants to wipe who off the map scenario & who has the capacity to show hatred with distinction. I want to make one thing clear. I am not against Jews; I’m against Zionism & Israel. I know too many Jews. Some are opposed to Israel; most have no idea of what’s really going on. If they did they’d want no part of it. And that’s the big issue – Israel is not a Jewish state; it’s a Zionist state. Jews who believe Israel is their homeland & that criticism against Zionists is criticism against them, have been well & truly duped. You see, whichever way you cut it, Jews are Semitic; ZIONISTS ARE NOT! Zionists used the Jews in order to create the state of Israel. I guarantee, if Zionists are allowed to continue to run roughshod over everyone, Jews & us alike will be the victims.



the Jews are not human beings; they don’t deserve to live & they are nothing but animals

Imagine the outcry there would be? In certain countries you’d be thrown into jail…….. yet this vermin not only says it; the entire mainstream media ignore this. Why? Two reasons –



1) Those who own & control the MSM are Zionists too. Naturally they don’t want to be shown up as racists.

2) Most Zionists wholeheartedly believe this racist tripe. Now how would I know that? Because they are & have been in the process of wiping the Palestinians off the map! 

The proof is in the pudding. As the urge to commit mass-murder once again got the better of Netanyahu, Israelis gathered on a hill & each time a volley of shells & missiles rained in to flatten a neighborhood, this demented mob cheered as if their favorite soccer team scored a goal. These people are every bit as racist as the KKK & I’d go as far to say they’re a whole lot crazier. The media for once did the right by pouring scorn on the KKK, yet does the media say one word about this sick lot?

Evil personified


Why else would such a great man as David Attenborough put his neck on the line? Needless to say, Zionists can only respond with empty claims that Attenborough never said this. He said it alright! He said it just over a year ago; it went viral. I posted it too. Naturally coupled with the usual threats, personal insults & the obligatory accusation of anti-Semitism, was the claim Attenborough never said this. Now, I suggest if this was true wouldn’t Attenborough have, pretty rapidly, issued a statement denying this? OF COURSE HE WOULD HAVE! But what happened instead. SILENCE! By my reckoning Attenborough was immediately asked whether he said this – YES or NO! Well if it was no, the mass-media would have gone to town. But what would the media do…. what COULD they do if Attenborough declared ‘I said it alright. I bloody well meant it?’….. Is the Zionist controlled media going to publicise this? THAT’S WHY THERE WAS SILENCE!


The great David Attenborough


And true to form, when do you ever hear about how so many decent Jewish folk are appalled with the way most Zionists go about their business.


A great man

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