It looks like a charity; it smells like big business; chances are, it’s one massive racket!

I don’t think this is a case of my imagination running wild but the other day something got me thinking. Every day I get 50-70 emails, 2-3 are to do with maintaining Internet freedom, all of them asking for you to chip in x dollars. Every so often I do give the odd 5, 10 or 20 bucks but it’s got be something which I feel is 100% genuine like Richard Gage & experts for 9/11 or to help a whistle-blower.

What I do know is charities are big business. The only reason why is because about 5 years ago my interest was aroused when there was a major scream up with the BBC & the charities it promoted like Children in need & Comic Relief. Only recently Children in Need awarded Tony Blair Humanitarian of the years award – a mass-murder. I hope they’ve gone belly up! Anyway, they raised millions appealing directly to the UK public. Suddenly it was revealed huge lumps were going walkies! Well, with the BBC run by you know who, I thought typical. But the next day, the story died a death & it weren’t no Cagney death scene. It was wallop! Gone. All she wrote.

No prizes for guessing what I thought – I smelt a rat. A very large Zionist one! I bet the only children getting any help were Israelis. Obviously millions were being siphoned off. Wherever there’s money, skulduggery is just around the corner. This prompted me to conduct some research & in no time what I discovered absolutely blew me away. In the UK one charity actually declared that 93% of the money it received was gobbled up (get this) by administrative fees. Give this mob a tenner, the charity receives a soppy 70p!

Many donated less than a quarter of what they received & some of the biggest charities in the UK, had their chairman earning 4,5,6 grand a week! Not only that, some of the perks were outrageous, all expenses paid for, weekend trips to paris, best hotels, expensive champagne, the lot! Dearie me. This is big business. I had no idea……  Then I looked at what was going on in America & suddenly, the jaw went clang! One US charity paid its chairman $3 million a year. There were loads receiving million a year plus salaries. I think Unesco’s chairman was paid $2.3 million. Charities weren’t big business in America – this was a huge racket!

Anyway going back to the Internet story, one email the other day proudly declared ‘we won, we won. Great victory! The house voted to do this & the democrats did that & the republicans took it right up the box. You did this & blah blah blah………& we won. This is what we can do…………. BUT THE BATTLE’S ONLY STARTED………..It’s imperative we maintain the pressure so please donate’……… I thought – you what? You just said we won. What’s going on here?

So I was speaking to someone in America who knows exactly what’s going down in DC & guess what she said? “What victory? There was no victory. They ‘re just making it up as they’re going along. If anything they’re pushing on full steam ahead. Nothing’s going to stop them eventually controlling the Internet, certainly not the money raised from all these so-called action groups. The only way we can stop this happening is through people power.

Well, say no more. Most of these pests that email you everyday are rackets. In fact if ever we know the true extent of fraud that I’m sure is going on, no one would donate to charities again. I’d love to know who really is behind all these emails. I suggest research before you donate anything. $5 here, $5 there – it soon adds up. These rackets can send out god knows how many emails in one hit. I don’t like the coup one bit. In fact



, I’m beginning to smell that very large rodento again………….


  • L IF E itself has become a NUMBERS scam by way of WORDS/PHONICS. The word CHARITY itself creates certain compelling GIVE emotions. These charities don’t give, they take…………from suckers. The UK (London) is at the center of International deceit via the Universal ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

    Example; How do I put you “Behind The 8 Ball” (of life)? Simple answer: “I use ENGLISH”. The Pool game known as 8 Ball originates in England. Born Black automatically puts you behind the 8 Ball that says “you don’t have a shot”…….at life. It’s a White Zionist controlled world that pulled off being able to USE a “Black” man to camoflage their world dominance with “Democracy”. The Yin/Yang polarity energy is utilized by the elitists to create fear that urges the masses to accept a One World Order.

    • Yes indeed Jack. The more I think about it now the whole idea of charity has been usurped by the worst type of people. It’s become another fantastic way to con money out of good people. I cannot imagine out of the money given to good causes & of course all of them are good causes, just how small a percentage actually reaches where it should. It’s unbelievable how these rackets thrive almost as if it’s legalised robbery.

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