It sure looks like Mossad has taken over from where Murder Incorporated left off.

Mossad To Begin Targeted Murders On American Soil


One of the most reprehensible acts by Obama was to create a new position – a role for someone to literally decide who to kill. The media actually dubbed it the ‘Assassination Czar!’ Of course if it was down to Obama he’d have never done such a thing. In fact it’s highly questionable whether all that’s occurred under Obama would have ever taken place had he had the free will most Americans think their President supposedly has. No. I firmly believe Obama’s policies were outlined in his outstanding inaugural speech. Take all the dual national Zionists away & the 6 & a half years we would have seen would be unrecognisable to the pro Israel garbage we’ve had.


JFK israel

JFK israel


Small wonder the media not only dumped the title ‘Assassination Czar’ – you’d have thought the role never existed. Try telling that to the families of Andrew Breitbart & Michael Hastings. Of course there’s not much left of the Big Bamboozle author Philip Marshall’s family. When you’ve got the chief avaition expert in America saying the official account of 9/11 was impossible, it seems the most severe message had to be sent. Not only was Marshall murdered but his two kids & pet dog too. And now we hear just a few days ago yet another political writer who refused to toe the Zionist line, Michael Collins Piper, was found dead of an apparent heart attack in a hotel room.

No question Piper had serious heatlh problems, not by any means as serious as Dick Cheney’s! That pile of filth is 20 years his senior & he’s still going strong with someone elses heart? There cannot be a God that’s for sure. Whether Piper was yet another targeted assassination we’ll probably never know but for the world it seems being a writer for alternative media, in other words someone who feels compelled to tell the truth, is becoming an increasingly hazardous job. I’m in no doubt. The Zionists have all the bases covered – the media, the justice system, the Police. They know they can kill with impunity & so they are! All the media have to do is say natural causes or suicide, there’s never any investigation & as a result good, brave people, true patriots are being wiped out by the scum of the earth.


Check out Veterans Today article – Did Israel Assassinate Michael Collins Piper


Ohio’s James Traficant Dies, Days After Accident On Farm


  • Tresstine Paulsen

    Why do you have JFK Israel typed under his photo and quote?

    When and where did JFK make that remarkably prescient quote?

    • The answer to your first question is because it was there under the original photo. So why did I leave it there? To dare to even suggest Israel might have been responsible for the assassination of JFK? Is that what you’re trying to ssay? Perhaps then you can explain why the Zionist controlled media gave every reason under the Sun for the public to think who might have been responsible for JFK’s assassination EXCEPT THE TWO MOST LIKELY REASONS – 1) JFK’s insistence that Israel was not to acquire Nuclear weapons & 2) Standing Order 11110 which effectively rendered the Federal Reserve Board extinct. If you can explain why they chose to do this, then I promise you, I will most certainly answer your 2nd question.

      • Tresstine Paulsen

        I think America didn’t trust Israel to be responsible in ‘their trapped in by Arab nations’ location.
        I think they felt Israel might act on their cocky attitude if they had nuclear armaments.

        I think the Zionists feared if the Federal Reserve was diminished or even dismantled, they may have some difficulties dipping into the United States money. I know that AIPAC didn’t exist back then and the Zionist Jewish lobbyists had not been able to BUY our Congress or State Department yet. So I think they were feeling paranoid and insecure about achieving their goal of dominance over the USA!

      • MC

        Fake JFK quote.

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