It was a Malaysian jet, carrying Malaysian passengers, flown by Malaysian pilots. Why has Malaysia been blocked from investigating?

A few months ago I received an email which had something like 10 topics & it said which 3 would you most like to ask Cameron about. There was nothing about foreign policy, nothing about banker’s bonuses & tax loopholes & there was nothing about Paedophiles. So I pressed reply & wrote UP YOURS! Needless to say the email bounced back like a super-ball! So I wrote Cameron a letter. I told him of the pathetic questions in the email & said why don’t you answer this you little rat –

What would you say to the UK public if a British plane was shot down over Ukraine but the Black Boxes were inexplicably sent to Malaysia, only for the authorities there to withhold the data, rather like what you’ve done with the Black Boxes of Flight MH 17?

I wasn’t holding my breath for an answer. Anyway I came across this link from Veterans Today & I’ve just taken this from it –

“It was a Malaysian jet, carrying Malaysian passengers, flown by Malaysian pilots, yet after Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine in July 2014, Malaysia has been systematically blocked from participating in the investigation, leaving an overwhelmingly pro-NATO bloc in charge of the evidence, investigation and outcome as well as the manner in which the investigation will be carried out.”

This is a great clip – no missile. The plane was shot down.
Aviation Expert’s Shocking Analysis of MH17 Crash! Cockpit Riddled by ’30mm’ Bullet Holes!


MH 17 riddled with bullets

MH 17 riddled with bullets

This is an article I wrote a few days after the crash –

Slaughtering 298 for the Sake of Demonizing Putin. What Next?

I believe this piece written a few months later was better –

I wonder what would have occurred if a British passenger plane was shot down over Ukraine & the Black Boxes were sent to Malaysia? I think it’s pretty safe to say the British people would have done their absolute nut! So how do you think the Malaysian & Dutch people felt when the Black Boxes of flight MH17 were sent to London, especially since David Cameron has made sure the critical data that would conclusively prove who really shot the plane down remained hidden from public gaze? What’s more – with the Zionist controlled media once again accusing Putin of this heinous act, why doesn’t the media pressure Cameron into releasing the data from the Black Boxes? Not one word has been said about this so I’m going to flat out say why –

OUR PRIME MINISTER IS COMPLICIT IN THE DEATH OF 298 PEOPLE ON FLIGHT MH17 BECAUSE HE IS DELIBERATELY WITHHOLDING INFORMATION THAT WOULD GO A LONG WAY INTO DISCOVERING WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE! SINCE THE MEDIA IS APPLYING ZERO PRESSURE ON CAMERON THEY ARE COMPLICIT TOO! Of course there is a reason why all this is occurring – there always is but if the media never mention it, most people struggle to put 2 & 2 together. Indeed the big giveaway is why the Black Boxes were sent to London & not Kuala Lumper or the Hague. If they were sent to where they should have been – WE WOULD DISCOVER THE TRUTH!

So who has the power to do this? Well, another big giveaway, that is if one is capable of putting 2 & 2 together is who owns & controls the media? The Zionists. Now, would the Zionists have any reason to protect the Outer Mongolians?….. I don’t think so! The Mexicans?….. Hmmn maybe the odd drug cartel but ….. no! The Russians? Definitely not! Would they perhaps be trying to protect……. the Zionists…….. BING! Oh dear. We are now getting close to the truth! So are there any clues that link this mysterious plane crash to Zionists. Okay, make your own mind up –

1) The Malaysian High court ruled Israel was guilty of war crimes. Within a year two Malaysian planes are taken out! Two planes from the same airline going down in a year?…… The odds are astronomical yet what puts the icing on the cake is the fact that with both flights, air crash investigators are yet to get their mitts on the Black Boxes. The odds of that are….. I don’t know….. try winning the lottery 3 times on the trot!



2) A few months before flight MH17 went down, Holland withdrew it’s investments from 5 Israeli banks due to the continual building of illegal settlements on annexed Palestinian land. So we have two countries standing up to the Zionists – a Malaysian plane taking off from Amsterdam loaded with Dutch passengers. Once again – the odds are astronomical!
3) The coup in Ukraine that ousted the democratically elected government of Yanukovitch was instigated by Zionist bankers. The man who seized power, Poroshenko, a Zionist billionaire proceeded to show that in true Zionist fashion, massacring civilians en mass was no sweat. Once in Ukrainian air-space flight MH17 was mysteriously diverted 200 miles south so that it directly flew over the war zone in East Ukraine. Now surely, two questions need to be asked here – WHY WAS THIS PLANE DIVERTED & WHO GAVE THIS ORDER?
4) Since the Zionist controlled media has never mentioned any of this at what point should one begin to smell a rat? Asking these questions is obligatory! They can’t because answering them would go a long way into ascertaining exactly what occurred. We’re talking about the fundamentals of crime fighting here. The fact protocol is being cast aside without so much as a whim can only be construed as an admission of guilt!
5) Of course the media’s role in this is crucial – the Zionists knew pointing the finger at Putin, the man who’d effectively put a hold on the creation of Greater Israel by helping Syria, would go a long way to vilify the Russian leader in the eyes of the world. Significantly, this act alone should provide everyone with the key to unlocking the conundrum – how in the blazes could anyone, let alone the entire corporate media blame Putin for this heinous act with the wreckage still smouldering? No investigation had taken place! Since when could newspaper journalists render air-crash investigators obsolete?
6) But it wasn’t just the media prematurely pointing the finger at Putin but Obama, Cameron, Harper, Hollande, Merkel etc. How could so many world leaders do the unthinkable? Is there a link that bonds these 5 leaders? YES! Just one. They are all Zionist puppets! Crucially, not once have we heard anyone from Malaysia or Holland blaming Putin!
7) Zionists are the undisputed champions of assassinations but most importantly they are the masters of false flag events. You see only those who control the media could ever commit such acts – where Israel’s enemies are blamed for terrorists acts that they carry out – the Lavon affair; the attack on the USS Liberty & the mother of them all, 9/11. Without the media, they could never get away with such diabolical skulduggery.
8) And finally here is the reason why I believe 298 people on flight MH17 were wiped out! The day before, Israel had shown just what they meant when they categorically stated they did not target civilians. Four Palestinian kids were playing football on the beach. Suddenly a missile came thundering in. Panic stricken, the boys ran only for these evil murderers to fire another missile. This one tore them apart!


Such was worldwide revulsion, the Israelis, due to their callous trigger-happy approach, effectively had placed a spanner in the works. Netanyahu’s desire to massacre a whole lot more than a mere 450 Palestinians was now in jeopardy. With the world’s media focused on Gaza & Israeli lies fast wearing thin, there was little or no chance Netanyahu could ever send the tanks into Gaza. But do you think this psychopath could ever take no for an answer? What was now needed was an event that would take media attention away from Gaza. What are the odds of such an event occurring, THE VERY NEXT DAY?

Lo & behold, within 22 minutes of flight MH17 crashing, Israeli tanks rolled into Gaza! In the following days, the largely defenseless Palestinians saw whole neighborhoods flattened – UN compounds, schools, hospitals, the one power station they had, was destroyed. 1750 Palestinians, the vast majority civilians, were killed; several 1000’s more suffered severe injuries. All the while the media had the gall to blame Hamas & their use of human shields, as if the Israelis didn’t kill Palestinian kids for fun anyway!

8 FACTS! Each one critical; each one with the indelible stain of Zionism. Now, it’s not my fault this is the case! Believe what you like but I’m not against Jews or anyone; I’m simply against mass-murderers! If you take umbrage to that then I offer my humblest apologies – it’s truly tragic you are so demented! I’m just pointing out the facts. If you choose to ignore Cui Bono, who gains & instead choose to believe the lies of the media & our treacherous politicians then that’s your choice. I guarantee one thing though – the more you continue to turn your back on the truth, the greater the chance that one day you will experience an extremely rude awakening.


  • ulrich sherry

    Michael, we have the same problem in Australia. Tony Abbott , our Prime Minister, uses the same script as Cameron. Accusing Russia within a day of the MH 17 incident. The MH 370 affair was just as feeble. And then we have George Pell, the Australian Cardinal, now in charge of the Vatican finances, who has been accused of trying to bribe a victim of paedophilia to keep quiet about his abuse by a Catholic priest. Abbott has given Pell his complete support and says he is a close friend. These people have no shame. They are sociopaths.

    • Yes indeed Ulrich. The fact they’re having to use so many of their people to flush away whatever credibility they may have had shows how desperate they are getting. The more they’re forced to do this, the more people will see through their lies. Since when were gargantuan crimes committed without motive or should I say Cui Bono, who gained? Putin had no reason to do such a thing. If people are too brainless to work that much out, then more fool them.

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