It’s all but been proved Russia did not hack the US Presidential election yet the US media & politicians won’t let up on this. WHY?

This Russian hacking story was bullshit from the word go. Quite how anyone could even entertain such a notion let alone actually believe the media is beyond me. I mean how thick does one have to be? The great US of A, with all it’s power & might; the one country that can bring utter chaos & hell to just about any nation on the planet, yet it’s not in control of it’s own elections?


Well, if the truth be said…. no! Americans lost control or should I say had their political system usurped long ago. Thing is, the Russians had bugger all to do with it! In fact ever since Independence day, even Founding Fathers felt intimidation & coercion from outside forces which sought to surreptitiously infiltrate the corridors of US power. This pressure was unrelenting. As a result god forbid if a President merely desired to serve his people. This is why some have paid the ultimate price. A big give away here is two of the best America ever had were among them. Others escaped assassination. Yet today most people remain oblivious of the common denominator that exists for each & every one – the same people were behind all of them – Zionist banksters!


Of course, one couldn’t make a habit of assassinating too many would-be Presidents. There simply has to be a point where one would risk exposure. So a drug-dealing, coke sniffing, mass-murdering, fraudster in the name of Bill Clinton was given all the help he needed to get into the White House. Once there, his two main acts were the Telecommunications Act of 1996 & the Repealing of the Glass/Steagall Act in 1999. The latter for 66 years had dutifully served to protect the public from massive Bank fraud which is exactly what occurred in 2008. However, it was his Telecommunications Act which would drastically alter history. Bear in mind 20 years ago there existed over 50 major news outlets. 


Thanks to this act of criminality the phrase ‘conflict of interest’ was rendered null & void. Media companies were now able to buy up other media companies with virtually no restrictions. No surprise then, in no time, 50 major news outlets amalgamated into 6 news conglomerates. No surprise either, all the new media barons worked for the same boss – the Rothschild Zionists! Now they could all sing the same tune!  



What this allowed was the ability to attack in unison &/or totally blank out whoever they didn’t like. However, many Americans could sense this outrageous media bias. So as much as the media ignored RON PAUL, the people nonetheless were convinced he was the right man to be their next President. Cut a long story short, where the media failed, the Zionist installed Diebold vote counting machines were magnificent! Literally millions of RON PAUL votes went to other candidates. There is no question – Obama would never have been President, for had the elections not been rigged by the Zionists, RON PAUL would have slaughtered him both times.


But then before that, what occurred in the Florida Primary beggared belief. Instead of Al Gore rightfully becoming President, an utter buffoon, GW Bush, weaselled his way into the White House. This act of skulduggery opened the way for the hideous plans of the PNAC group to become reality – 9/11 & the fictitious war on terror. This is why I say Clinton’s Telecommunications act drastically altered history. The 6 media companies neglected to investigate the most obvious election fraud. It couldn’t have been clearer that the Florida Primary was rigged. Bush & his Zionist cronies would never have got away with it had there been 50 news outlets vying for better ratings. The same can be said of 9/11. For the truth to be ignored like the plague, a unified media response was essential.


Being so utterly incompetent, GW was an out-&-out liability. He often fluffed his lines so badly it was embarrassing. Nevertheless, the chief power-brokers needed a perfect puppet. So when Kerry came along, the media did everything it could to trip Kerry up. However, constantly having to protect Bush was fast-becoming a nightmare for the media. Wherever he trod, pot-holes appeared! He was a joke yet once again the votes were rigged in order to rob Kerry of the Presidency. So yes indeed America – there is someone messing about with your elections but it ain’t the Russians. IT’S ISRAEL & THE ZIONISTS! And may I say BLAMING OTHERS FOR WHAT THEY DO IS A ZIONIST TRADEMARK!


So back to my initial point – CNN was then caught with its pants down where on video one of their employees admitted the whole story about Russian hacking was a complete fabrication & everyone at CNN knew it. Well, Chutzpah aside, you’d be excused in thinking this has got to be the final death knell for this particular load of media subterfuge. Yet, even though most people are sick & tired of this story & it’s all but been proved Russia had no involvement, bizarrely, the media has carried on as if there are no news items worthy enough to pick up the slack. So why is the media flogging a dead horse? Here’s a few reasons – 



  • first & foremost this story dutifully continues to undermine Trump’s Presidency
  • the last thing the Zionist controlled media wants to talk about are the 100’s of arrests involving child molestation & pervert ie the Podesta Files & Pizzagate
  • or the obvious lies of Wasserman-Shultz & the fact she & Hillary rigged the Democratic election
  • the fact Seth Rich was the guy who leaked emails, not the Russians
  • the fact Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC
  • the fact the Police have been told to back off from investigating his obvious murder
  • the fact so many Americans want Hillary arrested, tried & jailed
  • how the Democrats under Hillary are trying to incite violence
  • and not to mention the billions in state-of-the-art weaponry the US military just ‘lost’.


One can go on & on. I mean how much more corrupt can the Western world be? How many more lies can the media tell? We’ve long since passed breaking point. Sadly I had a great video which backed all this up but I’ve just discovered YouTube has barred me from uploading videos. Isn’t that just typical? YouTube? YouSuck! Anyway, here’s a similar story that is being blanked by the media. Thanks to Simon King for it. Inside there is a 12 minute clip worth watching – 


Gowdy Drops Bomb on Deep State Roaches! Payback!



  • zakimar

    Russia, like N Korea, Iran, Cuba and Syria don’t have the jew banksters running those countries, so naturally the mercenary nato slaves of the jew like amerikkka, EU, Australia and Canada have them in their sights. Iceland, Hungary and Poland recently got rid of their jew banksters, so watch some regime change heading their way soon.

    All people must BOYCOTT amerikkka, britain, and france along with APARTHEID israel. We, the people can place our own sanctions on the NATO warmonger terrorists. #BDS

  • 12barblueboy

    I like Ron Paul but did not realize so many others share my affinity for him and his ideas. Racial division has always been a tool used by our owners, so it was surprising when Obama got elected, despite all the ingrained prejudice still prevalent. Is there any solid evidence of rigging the election for Obama? It’s perfectly believable, but I hate to repeat such an audacious claim without a reference to back me up.

    • Obama didn’t have to cheat. However, Ron Paul would have slaughtered him had he been the Republican candidate. It was obvious Mitt Romney had nothing like the support RP had. Independent polls had RP with more votes than Romney, Gingrich & Santorum combined! Straw polls had RP with more than 50% of the vote only for him to end up in 3rd place with 22%! This was the norm. The Internet was ALL Ron Paul whereas the MSM ignored him. At Nevada, a guy with a Mike asked people in the audience to speak & one after another went for RP, RP, RP. The guy then said are there any people here who support the other 3? No one came forward – only RP fans. Then Wolf Blitzer made a complete fool of himself by going back to Nevada where they were counting the votes manually. Just find videos of this count. I watched it live. It was unbelievable how many times this guy shouted RON PAUL. RP DID INDEED HAVE MORE VOTES THAN THE OTHER CANDIDATES COMBINED. Americans were once again well & truly ripped off by Zionist cheats! This is why Israel never wins any medals in the Olympics – THEY CAN’T CHEAT AT THAT!

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