Jeff Rense & Gerald Celente – Has Trump Duped America? Shocking Developments

I don’t believe Trump tried to dupe anyone. Like Jeff Rense, I held out hope he would be true to his word. Years ago on CNN he told that evil Zionist wretch Wolf Blitzer “these wars have been disastrous for America.” At the time Trump wasn’t in anyone’s pocket. I believe too he was being entirely genuine & people who think different really do lack sound judgement. Trump’s campaign continued in the same anti-war vein & thus explains why the war-mongering Zionist controlled media had it in for him & have refused to let up ever since. My theme has been ‘for Christ sake – let’s give the guy a chance.’


Sadly I saw something last night & my heart sank. It was the Press conference with Trump & the mass-murdering maniac Netanyahu. It wasn’t so much what I heard that mattered. We know what they’re going to say. It’s the same old bullshit whenever Israel’s involved. What sent me cold was observing both men’s body language. Netanyahu for my liking, was way too happy; Trump on the other hand was not nearly as self-assured as he normally appears. He looked like a man running scared. This told me my worst fears had been realised – behind closed doors Trump had already been read the Khazarian mafiosi riot act ie –


‘What you do here in America is more or less up to you. However, when it comes to foreign policy you will do as we say. Whether you like it or not, Israel controls the US military. Now we know what you really want to do. If you value your own life & your family, forget it! We know you know we did 9/11. We know you know our plans so let’s make one thing absolutely clear – we’ve every intention of carrying them through. You remember JFK & Bobby? Well, they were more popular than you. Make no mistake, defy us & you WILL suffer terrible consequences. There’s nowhere your family can go.’  
Before people lay into me saying I told you Trump was part of the establishment let me tell you now – YOU’RE STILL WRONG! I mean for crying out loud how many years have I been preaching ‘America is an occupied territory; Israel controls US foreign policy; all these wars are for Israel’s benefit?’ How many times have I said this only to be ambushed by fools? I know exactly how Jeff Rense feels because I consider Trump our only genuine hope. I felt his ego could just be large enough to tell Zionists to go take a jump. Moreover, my support for Trump initially was merely down to my fear of what Hillary could do. So please don’t give me a hard time for there’s a huge difference between Trump being part of the establishment & Zionists being in control of America. The former is mere conjecture; the latter is fact!
This is what’s happened. Trump has been got at. In fact quite how anyone can dismiss this is beyond me. It’s obvious dual national Zionists didn’t waste a second. While their media has relentlessly pounded him blatantly ignoring all the good things he’s already tried to initiate, behind closed doors they’ve shown their true colors. So the answer to Jeff Rense’s question – ‘What are we to make of Donald Trump not ordering the withdrawal of 10,000’s of American soldiers from Eastern Europe’ is he’s already been got at by the war-mongering Zionists. The identical scenario occurred with Obama. Why? Because America is an occupied territory & the bad news is if something isn’t done about this soon, in the near future, US & UK citizens will discover what it’s like to be a Palestinian.
This radio interview with Gerald Celente (43.38) is right on the money. The only thing Jeff Rense says that I feel is unfair is his contention Muslims want to destroy America. I’m not saying radical Muslims don’t feel a certain animosity toward America; I’m merely saying it’s unfair to say this because what do Americans expect when their military is bombing the hell out of people who’ve never done anything to them? Other than that, everything they say holds water.
I know it’s very worrying & I so hope I’m wrong but their analysis on Gaza & Iran is as accurate as it gets. A few years ago 3 Israeli kids were killed in a car crash. The Israelis claimed they were kidnapped & killed by Hamas. Since IDF soldiers & checkpoints litter Gaza & since Israelis are armed to the teeth, it was clear this was just another outrageous lie in order to give Netanyahu a pathetic excuse to send in the tanks. As a result a largely defenseless Gaza was pounded. Nearly 2000 innocent civilians were killed including 700 children. Since the Israelis got away with this & the use of illegal White Phosphorous bombs in their previous bombardment of Gaza, who’s to say they won’t pull another massive stroke? I’ve not totally lost hope yet; I am very concerned though.



Here’s the press conference I was talking about. Check out the body language – 



And finally check out this link. This is precisely how it works. Every major facet of our lives is controlled by Jews & Zionists….. OH BUT LOOK AT WHAT THOSE TERRIBLE MUSLIMS ARE DOING! It’s enough to make you throw up. Thanks to Michael Monikowski for it, though I’m not sure whether it’s by G. Vallone or somebody else. Whoever it is thanks.


While the Muslims are Trying to Exert their Influence Over Us, the Jews Already Control Every Facet of Our Respective Societies





  • Shelagh Carter

    I’m sorry, I tried my best but I simply could not watch more than five minutes of this video. Nasty Netty looks so pleased with himself I’m amazed he kept himself from skipping round the stage. Trump looks and sounds as if someone close to him has just died and he is reading the funeral address. The absolute garbage coming from Trump’s lips brings a whole new meaning to the words “hypocritical bullshit” – whatever they threatened him with has worked a treat. Evil to the core. God help America!

  • Rense tells it “like it is”. It’s enlightening to hear so many factual statements in 30 Minutes. It’s amazing these guys are able to say what they say so boldly and are still with us. I’ve found I must be cautious in what I say on Face Book and LinkedIn no matter what I believe. I use to be on TV and radio when it was much safer to “tell it like is”. Now I put the real uncovered facts in my books. I know if any one of them becomes best sellers, I would be in jeopardy. “THASSA FACK JACK” Jack… nimble!

    • Though Rense is good, I was more impressed with Celente Jack. He reads it all great. I just wish they’d go the whole hog & say until America unlocks this Zionist stranglehold, nothing is going to change

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