Jeremy Corbyn asks David Cameron ‘questions from public’. I see red, then I stop & think…..

Being of Armenian blood my emotions tend to slip into overload mode all too often. My hot-headed nature gets the better of me only because I care so much. However, at least I realise knee-jerk reactions tend to be counter-productive. So now when I feel the red mist develop, I write away while in the back of my mind I have no intention of publishing before I talk to one of my confidants. My over-riding thought was how RON PAUL should have taken the gloves off long before they rigged both the 2008 & 2012 elections to rob him of the Presidency. I just do not want the same thing happening to JC.


But when I saw what happened at PM’s question, the red mist was there like a bear! Not that Corbyn did anything wrong – the issues he raised were of the utmost importance. However I was angry Cameron was given such an easy ride. I felt all the ammunition under the Sun was there to eject Cameron from the comfort zone which let’s face it, he’s enjoyed for over 7 years, ever since he became leader of the Tory party. If you don’t realise by now Cameron & the media are all but conjoined at the hip then you are living in cloud cuckoo land!


Here’s a snippet & I must admit – for Corbyn is what like water off a duck’s back!


I phoned my good friend Jonathan L. Trapman & he told me to calm down & look at it from another angle. Corbyn’s been around for 32 years. They’re scared of him because he stands for what he believes in & he really is one of the very few who’s not in it for himself. He’s already proved as well as being a smart cookie, he’s as cool as a cucumber! Even though he was bombarded with personal insults & blatant lies he maintained his dignity & composure throughout the Labour leadership contest. Under no circumstances was he going to lower himself to the gutter levels Cameron & the media have by now become well-accustomed to. 


Jonathan made the point – ‘do you think the Tories did themselves any favors by laughing when Corbyn mentioned the names of those who’d sent him the questions he was reading out?’……. The red mist was clearing. ‘We have to give Corbyn the benefit of the doubt. He knows who he can trust & those who he should listen to for advice. He knows exactly what’s going on around him. Let the media dig a hole for themselves.’ The red mist hadn’t just cleared; the horizon was daylight! Be patient. They’re rattled big time. The last thing they wanted was JC. Not only did they get him but the man who raised the Pedophile issue Tom Watson, is his right-hand man! LOVELY! It may not show but they’re shaking in their boots. Right now, our job is to continue highlighting media lies. Be patient. Corbyn’s a cool customer.’




Damn right too. The last few days though I noticed there have been quite a few Corbyn fans who tactically are a bit naff to say the least. Whether FB have these groups where Corbyn is deliberately being undermined I’m not sure but I put nothing past the Z factor. They will do whatever it takes. However, an issue that’s come up time & again is how Corbyn should deal with detractors in his own party. Now I know about the obvious importance of party unity & all that but when I saw this response to a call to sack all those who cause trouble for Corbyn within the Labor party I felt compelled to dish out a bit of GMM stick –


“Sacking an MP would mean a by election which Labour could lose. Best get them on side. They do need time to recover from the shock, so a prod in the right direction might help!”


“Sacking an MP would mean a by election which Labour could lose”. I believe you’re mistaken. Are you telling me if a Corbynite becomes a new Labour candidate he could lose? I’ll bet you any money what would happen is the exact reverse – in any by-election, labour will increase its majority, no matter how many lies the media tells. In a 4 horse race, Corbyn’s 60% vote is unprecedented. Can you imagine what percentage he’d have got if the media & the other 3 hadn’t ganged up on him? It would have been nearer 80%, an absolute slaughter! They turned on him & now you think he should pander to them?


The other day someone said Corbyn needs to be careful that he doesn’t split the Labour Party. Without even thinking I said – NO HE DOESN’T! In fact that’s the LAST thing he needs to do. He’s better off showing he’s got a tough streak. Most politicians have but leaders every so often need to show they’ve got that. He should say –

‘er excuse me but how many percentage did I get? No way. It’s gonna be my way or the highway & if you don’t like it – on your bike! Go join your colleagues in the Tory party. We want people who represent Labour core values; not big business. When is someone going to turn round & say we’ve had no left-wing economic policies for 36 years & where are we right now? SLAP BANG IN THE KHAZI! How can we continue to allow the media to boast the Tories are the only ones who know how to run an economy when all they’ve done is spoon-feed the super rich & properly screw all those who work for a living?’

Am I so wrong to say – THAT’S WHAT HE SHOULD SAY? Come on – tell me. Somehow I don’t think so. If Corbyn displays a bit of backbone & shows who’s boss, people will literally flock to the Labour party – I guarantee that. Allowing any two-bit Labour MP to step out of his or her pram to get stroppy would be a terrible error of judgement. Corbyn needs to fish out the ‘Tories’ in Labour & get the right people to stand in for those traitors who’ve sold their party down the river. If he does he’ll win the next election by a landslide.


Here is a piece from my good friend Jonathan Trapman who I believe is a far better writer than I can ever be……

“As many know, I am a writer of faction, mix of fiction and fact.

An idea just came to me that I put into the mix for no better reason than to make sure it is documented and enjoyed.

So we have this landslide turnaround in the new leadership election for the Left in UK. In comes an honest died in the wool authentic political passionate. One who recognises people over corporate, need over greed etc.
Within 48 hours the propaganda machine revs up and produces the rubbish of Corbyn being “a threat to national security”
Now first off does that not sound like the USSpeak of those big boys across the water. Of course, because the Club is well oiled and well known.

So it got me to think as to how low and self serving these prats can go.

Call a snap election
Lose and let Corbyn et al become the ruling party
Then pull the economic plug that has been staunched to not blow during the period the Kleptocrats have been robbing everyone to death.

Subsequent financial and economic Armeggedon then be blamed on Labour and “I told you so” remarks pour forth.

Of course it would have NOTHING to do with the new incumbents but that sort of lie and logic have run the Corporates and criminals empire for as long as many can remember, so why not just continue it.

The present criminals have ridden roughshod over so much that used to be considered humane, decent and empathic that this scenario is right up there with their skewered thinking.

Let’s face it they have their dosh stashed away already, their bunkers pre prepared and their life ring fenced against the hoi poloi…..

Fun to think the revolution starts like that, eh?”

Jonathan Trapman



  • I came to find you recently Michael, so I don’t know if you are aware, I just took it for granted you were. You do know Cameron has put a Section “D” Notice of the Official Secretes Act on all our Media, not to report that the Cameron Family Trust has laundered Columbian Drug Money, so has Coutts the Queen’s Bankers, plus HSBC. The FBI found the HSBC also supplying Bank Accounts to Terrorists. I took it for granted you know this. I though Corbyn might drop that out, but he didn’t. But then I thought Milliband would but he didn’t. I had the proof years ago, and sent the links to my MP Mark Spenser, he just said thanks for the information, but did nothing. I sent him a follow up email saying Democracy is safe with you then. Take care, Duncan

    • Don’t start me on Cameron Duncan. This guy has been involved in more coups than most people could even imagine. He is an out-&-out crook! I mean he’s not just a major fraudster; he’s committed Treason at least 5 times & the only reason why he not in jail already is because he’s a perfect Zionist puppet & Zionists control everything that matters. Even if skulduggery of the highest order makes it to the media, they kill the story. Then if the Police are investigating like with the Pedophiles, all it takes is one phone call & the matter is dropped. How can anyone commit a bigger crime than what Cameron has done making an enemy out of Russia for no good reason? Of course he did this because the Zionists wanted it!

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