Jeremy Corbyn brands BBC bias ‘disgusting’ & ‘shallow’

When Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader I actually made a point of saying I’d love to be one of his advisers. This was hardly some soppy fantasy like saying, I’d love to be in the England football team. I meant this! So I sat back & waited for all the derisory comments – ‘who are you to be so presumptuous to believe you’re qualified to advise a party leader?’ Don’t we know it – being so sure of oneself often merely serves as a rod for one’s back. For whatever banal reason, you just can’t say these things….. or can you? Frankly, I was astonished not one person responded with a derogatory comment.
Corbyn’s dilemma warranted the risk of alienating readers for I was certain he did not have the necessary back up ie the right people advising him. How could he? It was inconceivable. A few months earlier, he’d have scoffed at the very notion he be Labour’s top dog. Moreover the obstacles he’d face would have little to do with the day-to-day wrangling of politics & crucially, the way to handle them would be anything but run-of-the-mill political trouble-shooting. This situation therefore, required someone who not only understood the dynamics but someone who could anticipate each & every media move & significantly, have a grease-lightening response at the ready. Corbyn’s direct needs were all about swiftly turning defense into attack!
Leaders cannot afford to dilly-dally. You’ve got to be tough & decisive but above all, smart. This is what worried me most. Corbyn is the kind of guy who’ll stick to his principles regardless of how much ammunition it donates his foes. I mean what the hell is the point of becoming party leader if you’re not prepared to do what it takes to become the leader of our country? Corbyn may have become a tough, sharp parliamentarian but playing politics was never his game. He needed others in order to guide him through what effectively is a Zionist minefield.


No surprise my doubts were confirmed on Corbyn’s debut at Prime Minister’s questions. Previously Corbyn asked Labour supporters to submit questions. I felt I had the perfect one –

‘What would you say to the people of Britain if a UK passenger plane was shot down over Ukraine only for the Black Boxes to be sent to Malaysian & then kept under wraps for over a year. When are you going to release the Black Box data of Flight MH17?’

It wasn’t the case that I couldn’t believe Corbyn didn’t ask my question. What amazed me was WHAT HE DID ASK! It was as if his job was to give Cameron the easiest ride possible! For starters, Corbyn didn’t just win the Labour leadership contest – he slaughtered his rivals even though the entire mass-media did everything but gang-rape him! Therefore, it should have been a case of ‘my way or the highway.’ However, when Corbyn failed to bring his party into line on the grave issue of direct military intervention in Syria, proceeding to allow disloyal turncoats like Hilary Benn to usurp him, this was enough for me. Immediately I cancelled my subscription to the Labour Party. I joined because of Corbyn. I was not going to give money to his party if they were going to undermine him.


Sure enough, I then had to suffer watching Corbyn make bad move after bad move. His stance on nuclear weapons should have been limited to sticking to what we have. Committing another £60 billion to upgrade Trident, after all, is madness! Considering each Trident warhead currently possesses 65 times the power of the Hiroshima bomb & each missile has 13 of these monsters, what earthly reason do we need an upgrade for? However, unilaterally disarming our nuclear capability, as morally correct as it may be, is hardly a vote winner. Then to confound his supporters further still he opposes the heinous TTIP, yet remains in favor of staying in the EU? Frankly this makes no sense. Attempting to appease too many often results in weakening one’s core support. I say all this because Corbyn is a good man & most importantly, one of the few politicians who only wishes to serve his people.
I reckon it would have taken about a week to piece together a complete strategy. Now if I didn’t feel Corbyn had these underlying issues, I’d never have said I’d love to be one of his advisers! I actually discussed this on the phone with my good friend Jonathan Trapman. He felt Corbyn was doing the smart thing trying to unite the party, not lowering himself by getting involved with Cameron & the media, & that he should merely stick to core Labour policies.
I felt Corbyn had to take the gloves off from the get-go. I genuinely believed he needed help. Months later, after Corbyn had allowed everyone to get the upper hand, I couldn’t help but feel it would now be an uphill struggle. He had to put the media in its place. I can put my hand on my heart & say, had I had his ear, he’d be in an infinitely better position now. So when I saw this RT article – Corbyn brands BBC bias ‘disgusting & shallow’ I muttered –


BBC Bull

There are 4 key points I’d like to make here –

Once again, I find myself in the infuriating position of having to explain the monstrous advantages those controlling the media have. So a leader of one of our major parties says the BBC is disgusting & shallow – what happens? This earth-shattering piece of news –



I say infuriating because as easy as it is to declare, ‘media barons decide what’s news, yet the chief power they possess is the ability to say nothing! Silence is indeed golden for what they don’t tell us is what ultimately matters’, it nevertheless, remains nigh on impossible getting people to think laterally. How, after all, does one go about training oneself to mull over what one is not being told! 


2) Corbyn is 100% justified, for the BBC, like all mainstream media, should not even be considered a credible source of news. It’s that bad. You see we’ve actually passed the point of total bias. For example the BBC is 100% in favor of Israel. Now, if it stopped there the situation wouldn’t be so dire but the harsh reality is, truth at the BBC is restricted to sport, x-factor & drivel regarding good-for-nothing celebrities like David Beckham who do their damnedest to avoid paying any tax. These people along with all the Pedophiles, warmongers & downright traitors in Westminster are not exposed but PROTECTED! So not only are the most critical items of news withheld from the public, anything that could have a direct bearing on our lives, ie WHAT WE ARE BEING TOLD –


3) Bear in mind, the BBC is ours. We pay the licence fee. No one has any right using it – not even bloody Santa Claus! Yet there’s no getting away from it – the BBC is now flush with Zionists who are able to do as they please for their own nefarious means. Why else has mainstream media neglected to mention Corbyn’s damning condemnation? It’s because not just the BBC but the entire mass-media has been taken over by the very same people – agents whose allegiance is to Israel & a Zio-cartel of war-mongering bankers whose goal is world domination. The most evil people imaginable have taken over an institution we pay for. THIS IS A NATIONAL OUTRAGE OF CATACLYSMIC PROPORTIONS!

Since the BBC was ours, it therefore was obliged to abide by certain operating requirements stipulated in the ROYAL CHARTER – above all, the BBC had to relay information that was both ACCURATE & IMPARTIAL.





On both counts, this most definitely is not the case. So, 5 years ago I stopped paying my licence fee. I felt so strongly about this I decided to attend TONY ROOKE’s court case in Horsham. He too had refused to pay on the grounds the BBC was not just lying but doing so on issues of the utmost gravity – 9/11, war & pedophilia. His case centered on the BBC reporting the collapse of WTC7, 23 MINUTES BEFORE IT DID COLLAPSE! This effectively proves the BBC was party to information that inevitably would have led to the real conspirators behind 9/11. The judge dismissed the case. I then wrote to the BBC telling them to refrain from wasting public money by sending me reminders every month. In the letter I stated –
‘Let me make this absolutely clear – at this moment in time, there is but one certainty in the Universe – YOU CANNOT GET! Whatever happens, you will not receive a bean! By all means, take me to court. In fact, please. I beg of you – give me my day in court. I can’t wait …… but just to show you I’m a reasonable man, l’ll mark your card right now – if you think you had it tough with Mr Rooke, you’re going to be in for one great, big fucking surprise if you choose to tangle with me!’  
In this letter I included a list of reasons which pretty much proved the BBC, as well as being biased, was a pork-pie specialist. It was a wow on FB. A couple of years later I put it up on my website & to this day it ranks 11th in all-time views. Considering most my subscribers & followers are from America, that’s quite something. Check it out. It’s a beaut….. & by all means, use whatever you want. Don’t pay the licence fee. All you’re doing is giving money to the very people who want to screw you & all the while, they haven’t got a leg to stand on –


Today I received BBC TV licence fee reminder No. 40! This is what I told them over 3 years ago




4) As I stated in my intro, this wasn’t a case of closing the barn after the horse has bolted. More like closing the barn door after the horse had been captured, put down, canned & used as animal feed. Corbyn should have said this from day one & a whole lot more. As an adviser I would have insisted, in his inaugural speech as leader, he should unload with both barrels in order to place the media firmly on the back foot. Here was the opportunity. This was the time to make the sparks fly! I’d have gladly written the perfect speech & had Corbyn delivered it in the way I know he can, I believe it could well have altered history! Corbyn had to strip the media bare explaining exactly how & why the entire media apparatus had been compromised by a handful of Zionists. I can just see it now – 

“This is why we have all these illegal wars.

This is why each & every inquiry is a white-wash!

This is why war criminals like Tony Blair side-step justice while whistle-blowers like Bradley Manning who reveal their crimes are jailed!

This is why not one banker has been charged let alone punished. I’D HAVE THROWN THE KEY AWAY!

This is why Israel gets away with blue murder. 

This is why we have an inordinate number of pedophiles in Westminster. 

This is why when Cameron says no stone will be left unturned regarding these child molesters, NOTHING IS EVER DONE!  

This is why at a time when ordinary folk have had austerity thrust upon them, THERE IS ALWAYS MORE MONEY FOR WAR!

This is why the gap between the rich & the poor is increasing at an exponential rate.

This is why we live in a society where fairness & justice are but a pipe-dream.

This is why we’re being lied to about the state of our economy. Believe it or not, under Cameron & Osborne, our level of debt has almost doubled! 


Remember earlier I said it would take me about a week to put together a complete strategy? Well, the above took all of 10 minutes!


Perhaps it’s not so surprising that once again Tony Blair has much to answer for. His lies over the Iraq war put him at loggerheads with several senior BBC executives. Blair wanted them to play ball. They didn’t but since they failed to have their way, the likelihood is, on the quiet they were told ‘see what happened to Dr David Kelly! Keep schtum or else!’ The Hutton inquiry into the Iraq war proceeded to blame the BBC – I mean can you believe this? This vermin Hutton sure takes the ticket! Lord my arsehole! How can anyone be so bent?


Thanks to Tracy Kelly for this – 

Outrage as grieving Iraq War families are forced to pay £750 each for the Chilcot report


What people perhaps don’t realise is Hutton’s ruling was just another classic example of how Zionists love killing two birds with one stone. Of course, there’s the usual chutzpah – after an inquiry costing tax-payers millions & where conclusions reached couldn’t have been attained by a rocking horse, the end result was that all those who knew lies were being told were to be quietly paid off. Since these BBC employees were so unjustly having their careers terminated, literally millions in compensation would soften the blow. So what. Once again, the tax-payer was footing the bill. There was but one stipulation – no one could ever say a word about this to anyone!
So, with the media neglecting to pursue this outrageous ‘hush money’ scoop, the way had been cleared. I’ll cut a long story short because I’m beginning to feel sick with fury – each & every senior position that had prematurely been vacated at the BBC was taken up by Zionists or Jews. When I heard that self-confessed Zionist James Purnell had been made Director of Strategy at the BBC, immediately I knew what was going on & what was in store. This guy is a traitor who cares more for Israel than Britain! How can this sniveling little rat hold such a significant role at the BBC?
Two birds with one stone – they used the Hutton inquiry to blame the BBC in order to initiate a clear-out. Why? Because they knew exactly what Israel & the New World Order’s agenda was – Libya had to be destroyed. So did Syria. Iran hopefully too. So whenever another illegal war was to be declared, not only would no one in the BBC kick up a fuss but the public would be fed all the lies under the sun so that the uninitiated would continue to believe bombing another country into oblivion, killing untold innocent civilians, was acceptable even though that country had never raised a finger against us or anyone for that matter.


Thanks to Peter O’Connell for this – 


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