Jeremy Corbyn, Channel 4 News & Cathy Newman = the Good, the bad & the downright awful!

Jews don’t make up 1% of the population. Now before people jump on the bandwagon I don’t want undue harm coming to anyone. Everyone deserves the same rights. What I don’t want is Jews or any group of people exerting untold influence. The undeniable fact is we are being driven to attach infinitely more emphasis to what the Jewish community wants & it’s become positively tedious. I know why the media does this but when are people going to think for themselves & say TO HELL WITH THEM! This is Britain; not Israel! If you don’t like it here, PISS OFF OVER THERE! It is not anti-Semitic; IT’S A THING CALLED PERFECT COMMON SENSE! Why should we care about every single Jewish concern especially when we’re talking about a potential leader of a political party who the people of this country would for once love to have as a leader?



Channel 4 news is one of the ‘better’ news channels but the way Corbyn is being presented here is atrocious. This awful lady Cathy Newman is a disgrace to her profession. I do not watch Channel 4 news anymore because of her. She asks ‘do you have links to this group or that group or this person’ as if Corbyn is doing something terrible, when the fact is every Western government is inextricably linked to Israel, unreservedly praising a country that displays a wanton disregard to international law. If Newman is so appalled with Hamas & Hezbollah, why isn’t she absolutely scathing of the outrageous crimes of the IDF. Whatever crimes Hamas & Hezbollah have allegedly committed, every day the IDF do far worse.


Newman then has the gall to then ask Corbyn about Paul Eisen, who is a good man & is merely exercising his god given right to question a historical event. Of course Zionists don’t want anyone to question the Holocaust, most certainly Jews like Eisen because they know only too well, anyone who does any meaningful research almost immediately discovers we were told a pack of lies. It goes without saying we can never have a proper investigation into this event because one is branded a ‘holocaust denier’ for even suggesting such a thing. Amazing as it seems, the official figures have been revised down to under 2 million yet this is never mentioned. We were told lies yet to this day the Zionist controlled media are permitted to use the Holocaust as a battering ram on constructive thought.


Go JC go!


Finally whatever respect I had for Gordon Brown (because I’m convinced he was against the Iraq war) has now evaporated. He ought to know Hamas was created by Mossad for the purpose of making it appear that the Israelis were up against all sorts of grief when in fact there’s literally no opposition to their brutal rule. I only wish the Palestinians could fight back! You cannot be a terrorist when you are fighting against an occupying force. However, to brand Venezuela as ‘terrorist?’ This is simply too much. Whether Brown is trying to book a ticket in one of the many underground bunkers that have been built on the sly with our money I’m not sure but to brand Venezuela a terrorist means the power-brokers have got their greedy eyes on this country too.


Blair worried ……… GOOD!


I know they’re going to try & cheat. This is the Zionist way. They do not want anyone in power to not do what they want, period! From now on, get this into your head – anyone who the papers or the TV criticises is someone the Rothschilds don’t like. They believe it is their god-given right to cheat. When Alexander 1 scuppered the Rothschild 1st attempt to establish a world government in Vienna after the Napoleonic wars, the Rothschilds vowed, come what may, they would destroy the Russian royal family. It took them 100 years but they did it! The Zionists stop at nothing but we know why Blair’s running scared & even if they cheat Corbyn out of his rightful place as Labor’s leader, it’s been great to see Blair grovel.


Finally here’s a segment of a piece written by Gilad Atzmon which I really like –

“Corbyn brings along a refreshing ideological alternative. Corbyn seems to re-unite the Brits. He cares for the weak. He opposes interventionist wars. He represents the return of the good old left as opposed to New Labour’s affinity with big money, choseness  and exceptionalism. He cares for the students and the youth. He thinks about the future and promises to undo the damage created by Blair and Cameron. But as Britain sees the rise of a hugely popular ideological movement, many Jewish institutions see Corbyn as an arch enemy. They would prefer to see him gone and have used nearly every trick in the book to discredit him.”


Now just to give you an idea of how disgraceful Newman’s questioning of Eisen is read this short article written by Gilad Atzmon –


Paul Eisen


  • Nicky Nelson

    Shameful journalism! Sure looks like Corbyn is gaining amazing support, but again, just like in the U.S. he is being treated like Dr. Ron Paul. Anybody who is against these Jewish bankster wars for Israel is a target of the media. What does that tell you? Who Owns the Media?

    • Absolutely right Nicky. I went to see George Galloway speak tonight & he feels this time the media bullshit has back-fired & they’re getting they’re fingers burnt. When Miliband resigned the Labor party had 200,000 members. Now membership has gone up to 600,000 because of Corbyn & if he becomes leader it will fly past a million. I love it!

  • Thomas Hulls

    Today the Daily Mirror published a positive article on Corbyn including footage of a enthusiastic gathering. Sooner or later the MSM will have to accept that they will look more and more ridiculous by trying to go against the wishes of their readers and viewers. Corbyn is making such a difference to ways of thought among all sections of society and if people unite behind him who knows how much change for the better could be brought about by inspiring the people to come together.

    • Absolutely right Thomas. I’ve noticed this myself & paradoxically I’m upset about this because I wanted them to keep making the same mistake. What is critical is we must be aware that while Corbyn is the leader of the opposition a lot can happen in 4 years. No one questioned the deaths of John Smith & Robin Cook. Mark my words, these war-mongers will stop at nothing.

  • Charles Magus

    I am Disappointed in Corbyn Calling “Holocau$t Deniers Vile and Wrong.” The Truth is never Vile or Wrong, It may be Unpallettable, but it is never Vile or Wrong.

    Why didn’t he Tell her that She Seemed to be Horrified about Holocau$t Denial, but Raised not one iota of Concern with the Massacre that Occurred in the Palestinian Village that Corbyn Mentioned in the Interview.

    What about the Real Holocaust that Happened in Russia of the Russian People who were Butchered by The Zionist Bolsheviks who were Financed to Murder over 60 Million Russian Men, Women, Children and Even Babies by the Rothschild Criminal Banking Mafia? It is Never Mentioned!

    The Jewish Holocau$t (Well Under 400,000) was not caused by Gas Chambers, but by the Rothschild Dynasty Ordering the Allies to Cut Off the Food Supply to Germany which Caused Millions of German People and Children to Starve to Death or die of Typhus And Cholera,

    Only when the Lack of Food Hit the work Camps, did it cause All Prisoners within the Camps (Not Just Jews) To Slowly Die of the same Starvation, Typhus and Cholera that Hit all of Germany.

    If you are wondering why would the Zionists Who Ran the Nazis war Machine have placed Jews in the Camps? The Answer is Very Simple, because the Jews in the Camps were Torah Jews who Didn’t want a State of Israel and they also Opposed the Talmudic Zionists.

    It is with this Threat of Expulsion from Nazi Germany that the Zionists Managed to Infiltrate Most Nations with their Refugee Zionists Agents.

    Henry Kissinger’s Parents being a Prime Example of Zionist Agents posing as Refugees Fleeing Persecution. They were ZioNazis who Infiltrated America so that their Son Henry Kissinger could Influence the Course of American Politics to a Devastating Degree.

    • Charles you & I both know the Holocaust was a pack of lies but Corbyn did the right thing. We’ve got to get our tactics right here. If he’d have said what we believe the Zionists would have had all the ammunition under the sun! Right now, they’ve got bugger all on Corbyn. They’re trying to goad him into a mistake. EVERY point you make is correct. Please, I beg of you, think of the bigger picture. Corbyn 100% did the right thing. We can only ever sort out the lies of the Holocaust if we first get a decent guy in power. You’ve got to understand this. We have to be tactically astute.

      • Andrew Francis

        Absolutely spot on Michael, I watched that particular interview on C4 and if it hadn’t been someone else’s TV I may well have smashed it I was so angry. Corbyn was clever enough not to rise to the shameless goading that he received, and he said what he had to to avoid elimination, political as well as probable mortal. I am worried about him though, I can’t help half expecting a David Kelly style ”suicide” before too long if his popularity continues to rise.

    • Anastasia

      Charles, I’ve read your comment with great interest – some details of revisionism I’m aware of but you have touched on way more. Please can you recommend some books to read to give me the bigger picture?

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