Jeremy Corbyn may not be enough but right now, he’s our only chance. If you care about the UK, listen to your heart; not the media.

Today Channel 4 news had a debate with the 4 candidates for the Labor party leadership. From the word go it was obvious this was all about trying to make Jeremy Corbyn look bad. I have to say if I was in Corbyn’s boots I’d have absolutely lost it. Quite how Corbyn maintained his composure is beyond me. This merely confirms my belief that Corbyn is not only the right man for the job; in these troubled times & make no mistake, we are in deep shit, Corbyn could well prove to be the perfect man for the job.


However as I watched the show, rage began to get the better of me. I felt sick listening to the 3 liars but worst of all was that smug toe-rag Kristian Guru Murthy who’s gone from being a fine news presenter to one proper turncoat piece of shit! It’s bad enough a man of great integrity like Corbyn is being treated so atrociously by 3 worthless scum in his own party but to see Guru-Murthy making it 4 against one? And to think while these 3 vermin were doing this to Corbyn they couldn’t wait to jump to the defense of war criminal, mass-murderer Tony Blair? It was all too much to bear. I had to lie down before I put pen to paper in a letter to Channel 4 News –

Your treatment of Jeremy Corbyn was bad enough. However your portrayal of the Russian role in this dilemma with NATO & Ukraine has got the stench of Zionist skulduggery all over it. You know Russia never invaded Ukraine yet you allowed that snivelling little rat Burnham to portray Russia & Putin as the aggressor when the truth is WE ARE THE AGGRESSOR! Your duty is to report the truth to the people of this country – not out-&-out Zionist lies!

Cameron has for no good reason made an enemy out of a super-power, thus needlessly risked the lives of every single person in this country & instead of you lot grilling him & even accusing him of Treason, you perpetuate the entirely erroneous myth that Russia is up to no good. If Russia cared about Ukraine so much why did they grant it independence 24 years ago?

Don’t do this. Why are you working for the best interests of Zionist crooks who are responsible for not just this grief in Ukraine but the entire fictitious war on terror? Shame on you. You’re selling the people of this country down the river. As for Guru-Murphy – you sir have become an absolute disgrace. Your ego may be somewhere in the stratosphere but in my eyes you’re not worth a bar of soap!


Here’s the link & if you so desire the show –



  • Sam

    What a sickening display, I am seething with rage!
    Have to keep our nukes so we can keep Putin in his place?? Surely they know one Russian sub could destroy our entire country in 5 minutes! They are all parroting that same shit about Russian aggression, Burnham even said they had annexed Ukraine! That chap has enviable self control I must say! we mustn’t say anything about blame for Iraq until Chillcott reports, except in support of Bliar of course who definitely didn’t deliberately mislead us, he’d never do that…. And NATO provocation? But we are the good guys! Aaaarrrrghhhh!!!

  • Sam – what can I say. Often I go through life knowing the truth & I look around & all I see are gormless people who don’t realise they’re being led. What does it take for one newsreader to rip up the script & ask real questions. It’s obvious Corbyn is being set up. The media will never report how popular he is up & down the country while they trip him up at every opportunity on TV. If I was his campaign manage I would have refused to go on TV with those 3 shits & I’d have put it down to the negative campaigning. If I was Corbyn I’d have said “if you want to interview me & talk about the real issues the people care about, then fine.” What really gets me though is it is obvious this whole debacle was set up by those whose allegiance is to Israel. They have the power to do this & the reason why nobody is trying to stop them is because few people are smart enough to realise such a thing is going on!

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